As spring quickly approaches, it may feel as though an interior refresh is in order!  The amazing news is that updating your space does not have to be costly.  In fact, focusing on a few spring upgrades can provide an exciting and enjoyable project to reinvigorate your living space all while keeping costs to a minimum.  Fortunately, there are a wealth of DIY ideas to update spaces beautifully, yet, inexpensively.  Let’s explore a few ideas in preparation for spring!




Shop Your Home

Before stepping foot into a store to purchase items for a refresh project, why not begin shopping in your own home?  Items that have been tossed aside or placed in storage because they no longer blend well in evolved spaces might prove transformative in a different area of the home. Viewing past items with a new perspective could be all that is needed to refresh a space.  Try transferring decorative items between rooms in combination with newer items. Consider swapping throw pillows or exchanging rugs between spaces to make a significant decorative impact.  Repurposing current home items provides a wonderful, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to elevate your space without spending a dime!

Replace Hardware

A truly transformative, but relatively low-cost option for elevating a space is to replace cabinet hardware.  Whether a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom complete remodel or just a quick refresh, updating hardware can make a huge impact.  According to At Lane & High, modernizing hardware is “most important for having a beautiful cohesive look to your home.”  However, with so many options, where to begin?  Fortunately, Wendy, the author and creator of provides a comprehensive guide, “Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2022” to assist in navigating the newer options. In addition to updating cabinet hardware, consider upgrading faucets to match in order to increase cohesiveness in the room.

Add a Statement Wall

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Sometimes it might be difficult to imagine but a single statement wall can truly revolutionize a room!  Painting a wall in a bold color or using wall paper to accent an area could impart a tremendous wow factor!  At around $30 a gallon, paint offers an extremely budget-friendly revitalization method.  However, if the budget allows, why not consider going vertical with flooring to create an incredible style statement.  Currently, the parquet flooring style, made popular and displayed throughout many of Europe’s most elegant homes, is making a big comeback.  Placing the parquet style, vertically, in a modern herringbone pattern, for example, could increase texture and interest elements; adding warmth and balance to cool-toned spaces.

Update Window Treatments

Curtains really do have the potential to make or break the look of a room as they make a space feel more finished.  In addition, the placement of curtains seems to possess a magical quality in transforming an interior.  Various styles and curtain arrangements can create the illusion of higher ceilings and can be utilized in highlighting views to a beautiful outdoor landscape. In addition to placement and style, consider replacing heavy or outdated window treatments with minimalist designs using light, airy, natural materials to create a new and updated ambiance.  Or, change up a neutral palette by going bold with bright colors to impart a distinctive styling statement.

Add New Throws and  Throw Pillows

Changing or adding new throws and/or pillows is a great way to add color and texture.  They are particularly useful in instantly and inexpensively creating a fresh new look. Additionally, consider changing or replacing throws and pillows according to the season. Swapping heavy, dark pillows and throws that were cozy in the winter with light and fresh versions in the warmer months can elevate and brighten a room instantly. Focus on textiles to create depth such as layering something soft with something more firm, or, something shiny placed atop something matte. For budget-friendly options, try shopping Target, Home Goods, or Hobby Lobby as they are just a few of the retailers who stock wonderful selections of pillows and throws at fantastic prices!

Bring in a New Rug

Adding or transferring rugs between rooms can instantly increase coziness, warmth and texture. The color scheme that is selected should blend well with throw pillows, furniture and other decorative items in the room. However, if new to decorating or unsure of a decorating style, it is likely most beneficial to choose rugs that are neutral in shade as they will work and blend well with any color scheme for years to come.


Now, on to the fun part, it’s time to shop…..just don’t forget to “shop your home” first!