Wide plank flooring is all the rage currently if you haven’t noticed from the home makeover shows and magazine spreads.  This Old-World look makes you feel like you’re in a luxurious barn, or a pirate’s ship depending on your imagination, and is highly sought after. The wide planks come hand-scraped, distressed, and white-washed lending a warm feel to your industrial chic décor.


Traditional plank flooring s generally 6” wide or more, is hand scraped and has a slight gap between the board. These floors were originally sawed into shape at the mill, hand-scraped or planed and nailed down. This rough-hewn texture gives wood flooring an element missing from today’s wood floors making them seem more antique and natural.


Before purchasing a whole house worth of wide plank flooring, consider the price. This isn’t the sort of flooring you can choose from a showroom and take home. It’s a specialty item and requires a long lead time, not to mention, it’s also quite expensive.  Also, although the wide gaps and uneven texture seem interesting, it may not fit your everyday life, especially if you have children.


There are alternatives to the traditional wide plank flooring if you like the look but don’t want the issues it brings. There are laminate flooring options that duplicate the material, making it a better option for a busy family.


Some things to consider before choosing wide plank flooring: Wider planks are more susceptible to shrinkage and swelling than narrower boards. Controlling your home’s humidity and temperature is important; choosing more solid woods such as western red cedar or teak will also help.


Lastly, when choosing the wood, be sure the dimensional change coefficient of the wood is lower than .00300. You can compare different kinds of wood based on this number to find the balance between the look you want and the stability you need.


Ask our professionals which type of wide plank would go best with your overall décor, your home’s needs, and the type of home you have. Wide plank flooring isn’t for every home, so be sure to discuss in detail your vision-we’ll do the rest!