It’s a new year, which can mean a lot of things. For some, it’s the start of healthier choices, for others it may mean starting new business ventures. For us it means the beginning of our new blog! We will be exploring the world of flooring, home décor, and trends to help you decide what’s best for your home!


For many, especially in this area, the New Year also brings orders for military families. By February, many know where they are moving to and planning begins for their new venture. A turnover in rental properties begins and if you own an investment property, it’s important you present your best product to garner the maximum in rental income. Or maybe you’ve decided you want to sell; regardless, the first thing people will notice is the flooring, and the option you choose could make a big difference. How do you decide what the best type of flooring there is for you?


Bellisimo_basement_3bStart with the market value of your property.  Higher end homes should have equally high end floors. Most likely you are at the top end of the renters market and will recoup the expense quite quickly. Install hardwood instead of laminate; plush carpet as opposed to builder’s grade, and higher end tiles such as marble. This market requires your home to look unique, yet pleasing to the general eye.



If your investment property is a mid-rage rental that sees a lot of turnover, chances are it takes a lot of abuse as well. You don’t want to have to change out the flooring every time someone leaves, so choose floors that are durable. Hard tiles are best for high traffic areas. They don’t scratch or stain and are easy to maintain. Avoid carpeting if you can; it easily stains, and retains odors and has to be replaced more often than other flooring options. If you would like wood or a wood look, try laminate or engineered hardwood as options including solid hardwood. 02


The function of the room and the location of your property also impact the type of flooring you should use.  Take these into consideration when making your choice.


Remember, changing or updating your flooring is as much a benefit to your renter as it is to you. A major transformation occurs when the flooring changes, making a space seem larger, or more comfortable; it will give the space a clean and well maintained feel as well.


You know you want to change out the flooring of your investment property, but you don’t want to spend a lot; meet with us to find the best options for you to both save money, and get the maximum amount of income for your home!