There are so many architectural details to consider when designing or updating your home. You know what you want overall, but how do you pull it all together? There may be some looks you’ve seen and been inspired by that are along the lines of what you want in the end, but have you ever considered using your ceiling as part of your overall design?


These days, people are more creative and personalized than ever before. Even if a person chooses a design piece that is considered mainstream, either the way it is used or the color or some other accent makes it unique to the owner. We’ve listed some inspirational options that will get your creative juices flowing!


bf727dcca10038f48e56dabb63160897 - Using Your Fifth Wall as InspirationBeams: Whether you already have beams or want to add your own, beams made from thick pieces of pine or antique wood give a nice touch for vintage or rustic homes. Note that if you have average height ceilings (8’), you can add beams that are only 2-3” thick and still have a real rustic feel.


Molding: Molding is one of those design accents that can be used in a multitude of ways. Create a coffered like ceiling with thin strips of molding.


Styrofoam Tiles: Not the kind you see in offices across America. There are many elegant designs available to give your space either a luxe or modern feel


Beadboard: You can either nail up white beadboard for a clean 79be29b2c2fe301489e08d614eb9f9b4 - Using Your Fifth Wall as Inspiration look, or paint them in light blue and green for a more beach-y look.


Stencil: Jo-Ann Fabrics and A.C. Moore have many different styles available to help you achieve a stenciled ceiling. You can go with fun and bright, or more sophisticated and contemporary. Use the current style of the room as your focus.


Wallpaper: With wallpaper you can really design the ceiling around the core details of the room. There are also great wallpaper designs that look like stencil (which takes the work (and fun) out of a stenciled ceiling). Determine the style of the room and select the wallpaper that gives it the most wow factor.


Wood Planks: Wood isn’t just for floors! Create a herringbone 8a9e356928116ef109bd8944ee07420b - Using Your Fifth Wall as Inspirationdesign with wood planks, or use wide planks of luxury tile that look like wood to give your room a contemporary or rustic look. Wood on the ceiling can be used in a multitude of ways-really, the only limit is your imagination!


We aren’t just a flooring company, meaning, we don’t just do floors. You can use wood and tile in a multitude of ways. Use it to bring interest to your walls or to your ceilings. Our trained designers will help bring your creative touch to life!