It was late coming, but leaves are finally starting to turn, making for a spectacular color show. But of course, that means the leaves will be littering our lawns soon. And once they’re on your lawn you have to pick them up and dispose of them, right? Well, not necessarily.

scott webb obKbq4Z3cuA unsplash 300x203 - Using That "Carpet" of LeavesA lot of gardeners and gardening experts recommend shredding autumn leaves. You don’t need a special tool, simply running over piled leaves with a lawnmower will do. There are machines called “leaf shredders” and you can also use a wood chipper, but those come with a big price tag.

But why even bother shredding leaves? Well, the folks at have come up with several good reasons.

If you’re planning to simply dispose of your leaves, shredded leaves are easier to bag up. Shredded leaves take up a lot less space in bags, meaning you’ll use fewer bags (and save a little money!)

You can also use shredded leaves in your garden over the winter to protect plants. Layering six inches of shredded leaves over cold-weather vegetables means you will be able to harvest them all winter.

Organic gardeners love using shredded leaves to make leaf mold or compost. advises us to put the shredded leaves into plastic bags and “After one to three years, fungus will have broken the leaves down to a special compost that smells like a walk through the woods. Leaf mold is high in calcium and magnesium and retains three to five times its weight in water—rivaling peat moss.”

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