Although you may notice furniture or artwork first, flooring is the largest surface in a room and can be the inspiration for the rest of a room’s design. A room will not look “right” if the wall colors, furniture, and overall design do not go with the style and color of the flooring.

Floors need to be planned first when designing a room. Although usually installed last, long after the paint has dried and cabinets are installed, flooring decisions need to be made first in order to plan other Aram pic 4 225x300 - Using Flooring As the Inspiration for Overall Designelements of the room. The width and style of the flooring will help determine the other design elements in the room while the exact color of the flooring will be the base for choosing wall and ceiling colors, woodworking style and color as well as furniture.

There are many different flooring options but this abundance of options allows everyone to choose something in a style that fits their preferences, budget, and needs. Floors are a big investment and also one of the more difficult elements of a home to replace due to the inconvenience but also with how the overall design of a room will be drastically changed when flooring is replaced. Take your time to choose flooring that you love but will also be versatile with whatever design changes may take place over time. Furniture and wall colors are much easier and less expensive to update. It is natural for personal taste and preferences to change over time but you should not need to update flooring to match the other changes you wish to make.

If you wish to make a smaller room or home feel more spacious, wide-planked boards can give the appearance of a larger room as well as show off the beautiful natural grains of the wood. Light hued wood brightens a room by reflecting natural light and is an excellent choice for a family room or kids play area. Wood with dark tones is effortlessly elegant and cozy, making it a great option for a formal dining room or study. The flooring throughout the whole house does not have to match but it can be hard to visualize how different flooring styles may flow together. One of our flooring specialists can help you get a feel for how this may look.

A classic, timeless flooring choice such as hardwood floors can really increase the resale value of your home. Building the design of your room or entire home with beautiful flooring as the foundation will bring the 3 22 pic 1 300x225 - Using Flooring As the Inspiration for Overall Designfocus to the investment you have made in your home. Whether you are building a brand new house or remodeling, sit down with one of our flooring specialists to learn about your options and make the choice that is right for you. The flooring specialists at Kruper flooring are here to help you choose a flooring solution, contact us today to get started!