Sounds counter intuitive, right? Why would you use dark floors to lighten or brighten a home? It’s not that far of a stretch if your home is feeling dull or boring.  Sometimes light floors can bring too much shine to a room and wash out all of the other pieces like the furniture, the wall color, or the décor. Dark floors can be used in contrast, popping out those pieces and bringing in that wow factor.


Sanchez pic 6There’s a sophistication aspect to dark floors. A general coolness that makes it a great addition to any color or theme scheme you may have.  Consider Dark floor that contrast neutral tones like whites, grays, beige, light blues or any other muted shades you may have in your room.  The dark floor will make the other colors look crisper as well.


If you’re thinking you have to choose dark hardwood, you’re wrong! There are so many choices in tile that add texture and color. You can combine the look with a lighter carpet, or use it in a bathroom where you may want to bring a more mature look to the room.  Speaking to one of our designers about the overall look you want to achieve will help you decide on tile or hardwood. The use of the room; the flow into other rooms, are part of the many factors that go into your ultimate choice.


In saying this, know that when choosing dark flooring, it doesn’t mean you have to go with an ultra-modern look. On the contrary, there are many traditional looks you can achieve with dark brownSanchez pic 2 wooden planks.  Think of dark brown, hand scraped floors, or vintage looking tiles that evoke a Craftsman Era. Warm, dark wood warms up a library or sitting room, adding a level of worldliness.  Again, the ultimate goal is to bring interest to a room that may otherwise have nothing to add to the rest of your home. You want that wow factor, and dark floors, whether hardwood or tile will bring that interest with timeless style!


Our designers are ready for your questions about how to use dark flooring in your room(s). We will help you choose the right type of flooring, whether for a foyer, a room, a whole floor, or certain type of room-regardless of size! There are many ways a small room can even look larger with dark floors!