As Thanksgiving has proven, the holiday season is a time to spend more quality family time, and to host out of town guests and family. It’s not an easy thing to do when you don’t have a designated space for your guests, and can become a point of contention when all they want is to spend time with you, and all you want is to give them some of the creature comforts they have at home. Without spending a ton on remodeling or adding an addition to your home, you can create a guest space that is both functional to your guests, and can still serve a vital purpose to you after they leave.


IMG_22291If there is space for an actual guest room, you’re already ahead of the overall goal, but if you don’t have an extra room, it’s certainly possible to create one with a little imagination. When you think about what you want in a guest room, think of what you would expect if you were staying in a five star hotel. You would want comfortable sheets, thoughtful amenities, and a quiet place to relax, starting with the bed. Choose a comfortable, quality mattress within your means, or if you can’t afford a new mattress, settle for an air mattress that can be placed on a box spring, over a sofa bed or on the floor.


Beyond the bed, make sure the pillows are comfortable, the linens are luxe, and the comforter is a cozy down. Provide extra blankets and pillowcases as well. Spritz a lavender or lemon spray to freshen the sheets and give them that extra thoughtful touch. Put out extra towels, and extra linens in case it’s a long stay, or, for accidents.


Clear a space for their luggage, and make it comfortable. Add a luggage rack or a small table/bench to the room so they don’t have to bend over (plus it gives that extra hotel room touch!) Even IMG_22301adding a chair or a place for them to sit is a great addition (plus, there are many people who don’t sit on beds, and you want your guests to have the chair as an option).  If you have space for a small table, add a light for bedtime reading and an alarm clock. Add a small nightlight too just in case!


Your guest shouldn’t have to work around your collection of beanie babies, or try to make space in the closet you store all the clothes that someday may fit you. Give them space, and make sure there are hangars too. A simple hook behind a door is an added thoughtful touch to make them feel like home!


If you want the room to really be fitting of guests, consider changing out the old flooring for something that may fit the style of your home better; consider a plush carpet, or hardwood that blends with what you currently have. Our design team will work within your budget to give you that great guest space, big or small, high-end or budget-friendly, just book your appointment to get that room ready for the holidays!