What types of carpet are most stylish right now? Over the years there has been a growing preference for hardwood floors over carpet. Carpet has become much more of a design statement to complement the hardwood floors, especially when they are used for stair runners and area rugs. Customers seem to have split opinions when it comes to bedroom flooring. Those that prefer carpet love the softness and warmth that they provide in the morning. There is a large correlation for carpet preference in colder environments (for the obvious reasons).

Carpet preferences and needs vary greatly based on room and the role that carpet will play in that room. For example, for bedrooms, most people are looking for softness vs their family rooms or basement, they want style and durability and for area rugs, customers gravitate towards color and want to make a statement. This is why you tend to see different trends in different areas of the home; it’s all about context.

Carpet runners & area rugs
With the rise in popularity of hardwood floors, there has also been a surge in popularity of the carpet runner for steps and area rugs. Runners are a fashion forward trend that are important for safety reasons. Usually runners and area rugs look best when they create a contrast in color (to the wood underneath). With runners, most choose to move towards a more contemporary and simpler patterns and away from traditional/oriental patterns. Most people are going for broadloom carpets that are cut and customized for their steps, rather than pre-cut runners with borders. People want the clean, fresh look and most are avoiding carpet rods as well.

Two color bold patterns – geometric and trellis patterns
These carpets have been on the rise the last couple of years. They are so stylish and very practical. They are tightly looped so durable even for the stairs. There are lots of color options, but the grays, neutrals and blues seem to be at the top of the list. Since they have subtle patters, they camouflage foot traffic and dirt.

Gray, neutral and cool tones
The more muted colors, especially taupes, and grays are the most stylish right now. Most prefer grays over beiges as they are cooler and more neutral (this also aligns with popular paint choices of grays and greige right now). They allow you to add more pops of color throughout your rooms when decorating (accent pillows, curtains, artwork).

Carpet tiles
Carpet tiles are also on a rise in popularity. They are very practical in commercial settings (since they can be easily replaced when specific sections get dirty or damaged) and over the last couple of years, they have been rapidly growing in residential homes, especially in basements and play areas for kids. They are great for areas that get a lot of foot traffic and where the family may eat food. You can easily replace carpet tiles without needing to replace the entire carpet. The tiles come in a variety of colors, so it’s a fun way to add a pop of color and some creativity to a room. They can be an easy DIY project that will save you money on installation.

Cool Blues and warmer greens (for area rugs and runners)
When it comes to colors for your carpets, you’ll notice that many of them are muted. Bold colors only seem to be used in area rugs, carpet runners and play rooms. Bold colors are not popular for wall to wall carpet, but are popular for area rugs and can used as a focal point for the room and even define the room’s style. Blue’s are the most popular non-neutral color (navy and indigo are the most popular blue shades).

Natural fibers and minimalist look
Environmental fibers (wool, sisal, and jute) have been growing in popularity. They are sustainable and great for indoor air quality, so a great option for those with asthma or allergies. These are muted, neutral colors (since they are natural fibers), and create a great contrast to wood floors, especially dark hardwood.

Soft for bedrooms
Technology on carpets has greatly improved over the years, so it’s been easier to get super soft and plush carpets at a more affordable price. Most people are looking for carpets in the bedroom, they want carpets softer and softer. An easy way to improve your carpets softness is to upgrade your carpet cushion. Not only will it help make your carpet softer, but it will help it last longer too.