Holiday décor has gone up and come down, snowy slush has been tracked through the house by winter boots, and the cozy, warm house is starting to feel cramped. Thankfully, spring is almost here and with it comes more daylight and a sense of renewal. Home décor can be changed in many ways, both small and large, to welcome this delightful shift in seasons.

A deep, spring cleaning can freshen the feel of the home and will really jump start the process of bringing spring inside. Shake out throw rugs, thoroughly vacuum the carpet, and sweep up the dirt! Stash clutter away from the focal points of the home, taking care to remove out of season items such as snow gear and forgotten holiday decorations. Don’t let unnecessary items deter from the style and purpose of the space. Clean and clear floors are an excellent starting point in a beautifully decorated and planned space.

DC-pic-4Longer hours of daylight call for opening up a room to let the natural sunlight inside. Instead of heavy drapes, consider a lighter window treatment such as sheer panels to increase the light in the room.  While hardwood floors make a home feel so cozy and inviting during the winter, the grain and texture of the wood shines beautifully when bathed in natural sunlight.

Other small changes for the season can be made easily, such as replacing chunky knit throw blankets with lighter fabrics and switching out accent furniture and accessories. Choosing furniture in a finish that is different from the flooring creates visual interest and helps define the vertical space. Decorative accessories such as throw pillows, bowls, or vases in purples and blues look amazing when brought into a space with gray flooring or gray undertones in the wood. Fresh flowers and greenery also add color to a space and can regularly be swapped out with a different arrangement.


Major updates for spring take more time and effort but it is the perfect season to make a change to the most visually interesting aspects of the space. Walls and floors are the largest focal points of a space. An updated paint color on the walls or an accent wall can help refresh and change the feel of the space. Cool wall colors such as blues and violets beautifully complement wood floors with Sanchez pic 3cool undertones. Flooring with warm undertones looks striking when paired with a warm wall color such as yellow or red. Updated wall art can also refresh a space for spring; delicate floral or juicy citrus prints are fitting for the season while geometric prints are on trend and complement the clean lines of the boards in a hardwood floor.

If these tips are not enough to update the room in question for the season, another option is to “spring” for new flooring. The style and quality of a room’s flooring can define the whole space, regardless of the rest of the décor. Our company can work with you every step of the way to help you choose the flooring option that is right for your space. Contact one of our specialists today!