If you feel like your rented home or apartment is too cramped or doesn’t offer the features you most want, there’s good news! Today, Kruper Flooring & Design shares a few simple ways to transform your living space to suit your unique needs.

Update Your Home Office 

Are you currently working off your kitchen table or your living room couch? If you regularly work from home, you need a dedicated work area to help you stay organized and productive. If you have the space, a separate room is best. However, if your home doesn’t include enough space, you can get creative with your transformation. For example, consider using standing screens or curtains to section off a corner of your living room or den.

Include a desk and a comfortable, supportive chair in your home office. Consider using a gaming chair instead of an office chair, as they generally provide more support. If your chosen desk doesn’t offer enough storage space, get a filing cabinet, a standing cabinet, or shelving to help you keep your work items organized. And don’t forget to allow in as much natural light as possible.

Redesign Rarely Used Rooms

If you have a formal dining room or guest bedroom, consider putting those rooms to better use. For example, instead of using a formal dining room, utilize your eat-in kitchen or place your table in the corner of your living room, and convert the dining room into a home office. Transform your guest bedroom into a workout space, and include a fold-out couch or trundles in your other bedrooms or in the living room to accommodate overnight visitors.

Create a Playroom 

Consider creating a playroom for your children in one of those rarely used rooms described above. This is an especially great idea if your children share a bedroom since shared rooms can quickly get cramped with toys, clothing, and furniture.

Spacejoy suggests including organizational furniture for your children’s playroom. Children’s bookshelves, toy boxes, and cube shelving are excellent ideas. Child-sized furniture, such as tables or couches, can help your kids feel more at home in their new room.

Find a New Home or Apartment

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you need to upgrade your living space to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a new rental, online listings can make your search significantly easier. Narrow down your listings by including your desired number of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Also, Realtor Magazine says to consider which of the most popular amenities you want to have in your new home. An excellent idea is to rank your desirables from most important to least important. For example, a fenced-in yard and front porch may be necessities for you, whereas a home office might be nice but isn’t mandatory. Use websites such as Redfin, Realtor.com and HomeFinder to help you find your new dream home.

Transform Your Living Space Today

If you feel like your home doesn’t provide the features you need most, you’re not alone. You can use the tips above to help transform your living space to suit your unique needs today.

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