When selecting a flooring material for your facility, you need to take a close look at maintenance requirements, as they play a big part in the overall lifetime cost of a flooring product. Maintenance costs sometimes exceeding the upfront material and installation costs. That’s why it’s important to frame material selection in terms of long-term value rather than upfront cost. Any flooring requires regular maintenance, and certainly Sothebys before 1 300x225 -  Top Tips For Commercial Flooringthe higher the traffic, the more frequently it may need to be maintained, and ultimately replaced. Long-term value should be the goal of flooring material selection.


Beyond long term value, another important consideration associated with the selection of commercial flooring, is location application. Do you want the flooring to provide any measure of noise dampening? Frequently, in areas such as waiting rooms, or personal offices, a high quality flooring that is quiet underfoot is appropriate. Carpet will help people feel more at home, relaxed and comfortable. Extra traction, non-slip surfaces are especially important in wet areas, such as entry foyers, restaurant kitchens, garden centers, and other moist environments. Glossy tiles or marble would be elegant, but would pose a problem in areas that are high traffic and potentially moist. Mall play areas, or other locations where recreation may also include falls, may necessitate a resilient, cushioned flooring to help prevent injury.


Luxury vinyl tile, quarry tile, epoxy flooring systems, carpet tile, and polished concrete are five of the most durable, lower cost flooring available on the commercial market today. Other options are also available.2 1 300x225 -  Top Tips For Commercial Flooring Evaluate the size, location, and specifications of your flooring job with the help of Kruper’s specialists They will assist in the selection of a flooring that meets your comfort, durability, cost and maintenance requirements.