If the flooring in your home is bothering you, it may be time for a change. Carpets get dirty and worn, floor boards and tile can get damaged, and aesthetics and tastes change over time. A flooring specialist can help you make the important decisions needed so that work can begin! Some things to consider when calling a flooring specialist are…

  1. What is my budget?

Always start your meeting with a flooring specialist with a budget in mind. A specialist will help you choose a design you love and can afford! A flooring specialist can also help you identify cost-saving measures, like removing old carpet or moving heavy furniture out of the room yourself.

  1. What areas of my home need new flooring?

69 300x225 - Top 5 Things to Consider Before Calling a Flooring SpecialistWill this be a whole house project or only in certain rooms or levels of the home? What do you use these rooms for and what type of foot traffic does the room receive? If your budget doesn’t allow you to change the flooring in every space, is there an area that would be a priority for an update?

  1. What look are you going for? Is there a type of flooring that appeals to you?

While a flooring specialist can help you come up with an update you love, it is always helpful to have an idea of what you would like and what would match your tastes and design styles. Browsing home décor magazines or websites can be a great source of inspiration. Consider textures of carpeting and other features such as whether the flooring is easy to clean.

  1. What is your plan when new flooring is installed?

Consider whether you have the time and flexibility to be off from work when the flooring is being installed after you have chosen new floors with a specialist. Flooring can take anywhere from one day to three weeks to put in. Do you own any pets or have small children? Consider their needs as you ponder a large flooring project that may require extra precautions for small children and animals. Loud noises and strangers in the home can be frightening for children and pets.

  1. Plan for extra time and cost!

A flooring specialist helping you to measure and plan for new flooring in your home can only see what is above the surface. Damaged sub floor and uneven spaces will not show up until old flooring or carpet is contacr bg pic 300x199 - Top 5 Things to Consider Before Calling a Flooring Specialistremoved. Repairs will need to be made before new installation can begin so it is important to plan for extra time and cost.


If you have taken the time to consider these questions, give us a call to get started with our flooring specialists and designers today!