The home improvement industry uses a lot of resources. Not all of these resources, even if they are natural, are procured in an environmentally friendly way. Manufacturers are starting to become more aware of the impact that these practices are having on the environment and on us.

Cork – This is one of the most popular environmentally friendly flooring options available right now. Cork is harvested by taking the bark off of cork trees, which is very safe for the tree. A cork tree grows a completely new bark every 9 years, so a farm can continue to harvest bark and then let the trees grow the bark back again. When the bark is harvested, it’s used for wine corks, and then any excess cork is ground up and then pressed into cork boards or flooring. This beautiful flooring is environmentally sustainable and creates a warm, comfortable space for your home.

Bamboo – Bamboo is technically considered a grass that grows incredibly quickly. The major benefit to the environment in 1 4 pic 8 225x300 - Top 3 Tips for An Environmentally-Friendly Homeusing bamboo flooring is that it’s easily sustainable. Compared to trees, which take years and years to grow to a large size, bamboo grows very quickly and is easy to replant. Bamboo is also extremely durable and looks just like wood.

Reclaimed Wood – Instead of cutting down new trees to make the boards for your flooring, recycle by using reclaimed wood! By taking wood from barns, warehouses, or factories that aren’t being used anymore, lumber mills can process the wood and retreat it to give it another life. These old boards can often look rustic, giving your floor more character. Additionally, reclaimed wood can often be wood that was farmed from trees that were older and stronger than wood farmed in recent years.

There are many amazing environmentally friendly materials you can use in your home. Cork, bamboo, and reclaimed wood are just three of the most popular ones. Even home buyers are looking for these elements in homes that they purchase, and new home 3 28 pic 5 e1522241903851 225x300 - Top 3 Tips for An Environmentally-Friendly Homebuilds are looking for more ways to incorporate environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Kruper flooring would be happy to reduce your carbon footprint and increase the environmentally friendly value of your home today!