To refinish or replace? That is the question. Old floors can be tough to figure out. You want to make sure it’s sturdy and damage-free. But you also don’t want to spend any money you don’t have to. How do you know whether to refinish your floor or replace it? If you know your floor needs a change, but not sure which one, then this guide is for you.

When to refinish

When we talk about refinishing, we’re talking about sanding down the top layer of your floor and adding a new layer of laminate to make your floors look as good as new. You know refinish your floors when:

Your budget is tight

Refinishing your floor costs about half the price of a new floor. It’s a much cheaper alternative that fully utilizes the life of your floor. If your floor has no or minimal damage in a concentrated area, then you shouldn’t need to spend the extra money on a new hardwood floor, unless you’re looking for a new design or material.

Minimal or no damage

If your floors are damaged to a certain extent, they need to be replaced. Damage can come from water, termites, or intense aging. A good sign of damage is if you can see at all into the subfloor between the wood planks, or of the floor is bumpy and uneven.

When to Replace

Conversely, replacing your floor involves removing your current floor and replacing it with something new. Here are a few reasons why you might want to replace your floor instead of refinishing it.

Damaged Floors

Refinishing floors are more for the type of flooring that’s old. It’s not for covering up damages. If your floor has any amount of water damage, termite damage, or anything else that permanently affects the floor, it might need to be replaced.

Subfloor Needs Work

One of the issues with subfloor is that you can’t fix something on it without removing the floor that’s already there. If you have in issue with your subfloor, then it might have affected your floor as well. It’s best to then remove the floor, fix the subfloor, and start again from scratch.

You want a New Look

Sometimes floors go out of fashion and you want a change. There’s nothing wrong with that! Of course, refinishing only adds life to the floor you already have. The only way to change the material or style is to remove the current floor and replace it with another one.

If you need further help deciding whether to refinish or replace your floor, you can call us or peruse our blog database for more posts on the subject!