Before the holidays, many of us go through a ‘nesting’ phase. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, new flooring, or new furniture. Maybe a few changes in a room by moving furniture, adding, or taking out furniture is also in your plans. Don’t scratch up those beautiful floors (whether they’re new or not!) Follow our tips on how to move your furniture safely and easily.


Tip One: Take It Out, Take It ALL Out


One of the biggest reasons your dressers are heavy are because of what inside of them. Take all of the drawers out to lighten the dresser, or whatever it may be that your moving. If your dresser has arlington-pic-6a mirror attached, take a few minutes to unscrew the screws and set the mirror aside. An added bonus to taking out all the contents of your furniture? Avoiding the possibility of any of them falling out and injuring you or the flooring.


Tip Two: Soften Up


If you’re moving the heavy object from one room to another, or within the same room, and all of the flooring is hardwood, you may be in luck. Use folded towels carpet remnants or moving sliders to easily slide the piece of furniture to wherever you desire! Place them under the feet or at the base to keep the floors safe, and your back pain-free!


Tip Three: Clean It Up


It seems natural to want to clean the furniture, or the area you moved it from since you’re rarely able to clean back there anyway, but an added bonus to cleaning the floors or the furniture is to get small pieces of dust or debris build up off the floors and furniture to keep them from unintentionally hurting the floors.


Tip Four: Hello, Dolly!


Sometimes the two of you (or the three of you, or the four of you) just can’t maneuver that big piece of furniture. That’s ok, dollies are excellent at moving heavy objects, and are mostly ok to use onSlack rails before hardwood floors. Just make sure your dolly has inflatable rubber wheels, not hard rubber. Hard rubber can damage your floors when coupled with the weight of your furniture.


Tip Five: Be a Wheel Watcher

Just because something is on wheels doesn’t mean it’s safe for your floors. As we mentioned above, hard rubber wheels can be dangerous to your floors when carrying a large piece of furniture. Place a piece of ¼” thick cardboard on your floor and roll the wheels over it to ensure no damage is done to those beautiful hardwood floors.


If the damage is already done, give us a call. We can assess the damage and consult you on how best to repair or replace the flooring. Happy moving!