You may love the floors you have, but they’ve seen better days, right? You may not have the budget now to replace them or to have them refinished, but you know you need to do it in a year. So, what do you do when your floors need to last just one more year before you either replace or refinish them? We’ve put together a list of maintenance ideas we think will help prolong the life of your floors to keep them looking presentable until your budget is ready to make the change.

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  1. Pets, kids, and guests bring in unwanted dirt and grime that scratch up your wood and give it that dull look. Keep that debris off your already sensitive floors by asking them to take off their shoes when you can, and use rugs and mats to eliminate the opportunity of scratches.


  1. As we mentioned, dirt and debris can cause more damage to your already damaged floor. If kids, pets or guests have brought these things into the house, clean it up as quickly as you can. No one says you have to stand around with a vacuum all day, but a once a day sweep will keep your hardwood floors looking great. Add to this a quick mop once or twice a week and you’ll lengthen the life of our floors.

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  1. Certain cleaning solutions can wreak havoc on your floors, and you don’t even realize it! Make sure to use the gentlest cleaning solutions possible, or, give us a call to give you tips on what products to use. There are some organic solutions as well that we can give you.


  1. Furniture can severely damage your hardwood floors, especially chairs or tables that move consistently every day. Prevent unsightly scratches by putting felt pads on the bottom of your furniture. This will prolong the life of your floors, and keep them safe as well.


  1. If you’ve tried to make those floors last just a bit longer, but the scratches and damage is more than you can cover up with a rug, or clean with a Swiffer, it may be time to call in the professionals! We understand if you’ve put off taking care of your floors due to budgeting. Make an appointment with our team to discuss what your budget is and how we can help you stay within that budget, and have beautiful floors again! The options are endless, just give us a call!