Trendy Tiles 2021

Contemporary tiles are becoming all the rage nowadays. Starting back in the early 2000’s, tile has really become the new hot new thing on the block while being able to beautifully replicate hot new wood trends and taking on new avenues of creative shapes, styles, patterns, and looks. Instead of having just a basic flooring, having a festive tile is like a new fresh coat of paint.

Below are some new tile designs to bring out your artist side:

Art Deco:

This vibe all started back in the 1920’s branching off into killer geometric shapes. This style is all about polish, shine, and bold contrasts with a touch of gold conveying the energy and optimism of the era. So let’s roar into the 20’s in your new office. 






These mosaic tiles scream symmetry, intricacy, and color. Gives you all the feels of boho meets modern. Add this into your bathroom, living room, pretty much anywhere in your home to transport you to a beautiful vibrant place. They are crafted using regional clays and glaze pigments using time-honored handcrafted techniques. The signature Moroccan look is made up of complex geometric patterns and vivid jewel-toned colors.




This trend was actually brought about through commercial spaces. You may have stumbled upon terrazzo tile in the grocery store or mall and you didn’t even realize it. Yet, terrazzo tiles have come a long way in the design world. Cool thing is, that it’s also recycled materials like chips of marble, glass, and concrete to give it that unique look. So it’s environmentally conscious and creative. 




This tile is super intricate and a real showstopper with its unique tile shape and design. It’s really making everyone caulking crazy. Its curved design feature elevates the tile to add elegance and flair to any room. For a bold standout statement, add this to your entryway to wow all of your visitors. 



Dive into a new design to elevate any home into a posh raving want to be hangout spot for your friends and family.