Flooring options may look amazing in a magazine, Pinterest, or in the showroom, but it can be difficult to visualize how this look will translate to your own home! How do you ultimately choose the flooring that is right for your space? Here are some steps to help you make the best choice!

1. Do Your Research

Magazines and Pinterest are a great start for looks that you love, even if they are not your own home. Remember that pictures in magazines are staged and professionally lit, but that does not mean you 1 31 pic 21 1 e1517426022842 225x300 - Three Ways To Find Out Which Floors Are Right For Youcannot use them as a resource for a look you love and want to emulate in your own home. Look for photos that show a home style similar to yours. Flooring in a photograph of an urban loft may not look appealing in your brick colonial or renovated farmhouse.

In addition to appearance and style, consider the function and durability of your flooring options. Do you have small children and pets that are naturally harder on flooring? Are you redoing the floors in a high-traffic room like the kitchen or in a high-moisture room like the bathroom? These questions may help you prioritize the types of flooring you are interested in for your space such as hardwoods, tile, or laminate.

2. Visit a Showroom

Talk with a flooring specialist and visit a showroom where you can see your options. Bring photos of your space with you as well as inspirational photos that you have.  A flooring specialist can help you narrow down a good solution based on your needs, budget, and style preferences. They may have great insight over which flooring material may go best with your existing wall colors or furniture or suit the natural lighting of the room.

Ask to take small samples home with you so that you can see how the material looks in your space. Leave the sample in place for a few days so you can get a feel for how it looks in different lighting and if it seems to fit your décor. Clothes sometimes look different in the dressing room then they do once you get them home, as do paint colors on the wall versus the paint chip. It is ok to take your time and be Sothebys after 4 225x300 - Three Ways To Find Out Which Floors Are Right For Youcomfortable with your choice. Flooring is an investment and you want it to be a wise one.

You can also go further with your samples and test their durability. Drop things on them to see if the surface chips or the material breaks. Drive children’s toys over the flooring sample, spill things on them to see if they are easy to wipe clean. If you have pets, see how pet hair looks on the flooring sample. Ideally you would be cleaning pet hair off your floors daily, but if this isn’t realistic with your busy schedule then try to choose a material where pet hair is not glaring.

3.Make Your Choice

Discuss your observations with your flooring specialist and begin making your plans! We want you to be happy and satisfied with your choice and are available to offer input and helpful suggestions. We have worked in many different houses and have a great understanding of how to help you achieve a look you will love!