One of the biggest reasons people buy homes is because they want to raise a family. And these considerations are at the top of their minds when remodeling the home. You want to make sure that you don’t make any decisions that you might regret when you have several toddlers running around making a mess and climbing on everything they see.


Do I have to worry about my child falling?


The good news is that any decision you make will likely be fine for your child. If you go with a hardwood floor, yes, it will hurt more when (not if) they fall off the couch. But these accidents happen no matter what and children have survived far worse.


Do I need to consider how to clean this floor?


If you’re thinking of how a child might affect your floor, you’re really going to be focused on cleaning. Your children will drop stuff on the floor and there will be stains. So how do you handle those stains?


Is carpet a good idea?


For carpet, it’s a soft surface ideal for kids that like to jump off surfaces and fall to the ground. But carpets are all pretty tough to clean. You need to get them professionally cleaned twice a year and any spills need to be treated immediately.


What’s a good alternative?


We might suggest a harder surface that’s easier to clean. Maybe a cork or bamboo floor if you want something a little softer. And then put a large rug around the room. It’s stylish but also easier to clean.


Remember that you can always call us to make sure that you get the perfect floor for your needs.