Dubas pic 1Laminate floors are a great option for those wanting to upgrade the look and feel of their home without spending a fortune; they’re also great for those looking to turn a house around quickly, or for rental investments.  Laminate may be a great choice, but it doesn’t come without its own issues associated with use and installation.


Laminate floors have been known to experience peaking. Peaking happens when laminate floor boards touch; pushed together and up which results in a peak. A number of things can cause this, the most common being not enough space between the walls or molding for the floor boards to expand. Peaking also occurs when doorways or perimeter moldings are fixed to the floor by nails or screws which prevent natural expansion.


Laminate floors also buckle and warp, which can be caused by some sort of moisture or water damage.  For this reason, it’s important to never use a wet mop to clean your laminate floors. Moisture that gets into the cracks of the tile will lift the flooring, especially if the construction of the flooring is poor or insufficient. Laminate floors gap as well, which is when the boards pull away from each other. It isn’t common but it does happen when the temperature drops well below 60 degrees. It’s important to acclimate your flooring to room temperature before it’s installed.


Mold and mildew can be an issue in both residential and commercial installations.  In these cases excessive moisture will almost always be to blame. To get rid of the mold and mildew for good, you will need to find where the moisture is coming from. If you aren’t able to get this remedied, your floors will also experience expansion. Expansion is caused by water damage (it’s a form of swelling in the fiberboard). The only way to fix this issue is to replace the affected floor boards.


Aside from the damage water can do to the laminate floors,  chipped corners can occur from vacuums with the beater bar attached and Dubas pic 2running; poor installation, or careless handling of the floors before installed.


See one of our professionals to discuss the room you plan to have the laminate installed to find whether this is a good option for you. We will take your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle into consideration to give you the look and feel you want for both your room and your house!