2 1 300x225 - The Best Flooring Types for your BusinessThe best commercial flooring for your business depends a lot on the line of business you are in! Your business needs and style play a large role when making your decision.

Some questions to ask yourself as you make your choice are:

-Does the area receive heavy foot traffic?

-What is my budget?

-What is your subfloor made out of?

-Will you need to frequently clean the floors?

-What impression are you hoping to create for your clientele?

-Are you looking for durability or elegance?

Keeping these questions in mind, there are many flooring options which may work for your business. Popular options include wood, tile, carpet, or vinyl but a flooring specialist could have another suggestion to fit your needs.

Wood floors are classic and never go out style, as well as durable and easy to clean. With the right finish, wood floors can last a very long time while also providing an elevated interior look. Hardwood floors however can be very vulnerable to moisture, scratches, and dents so if your space receives heavy foot traffic or is right inside an entryway where people may be coming in with wet shoes, you may prefer a 9 14 showroom 1 300x225 - The Best Flooring Types for your Businessdifferent option that will show less wear and tear.

Tile offers many styles and colors to choose from, as well as durability and stain resistance. Tile can easily be used in high-traffic areas although it may not be comfortable for employees to stand for long periods of time on tile floors. You may also wish to consider a different material if your business is a noisy environment, since tile will not dampen sound.

Carpet is a common choice since it is budget friendly, adds insulation and comfort, and lowers noise levels. Carpet does require more maintenance in terms of cleaning and can be difficult to keep clean if the area is prone to spills or stains. You may also wish to avoid carpet if your business involves high moisture levels or high traffic doors since dampness lead to staining and mildew.

Vinyl flooring is versatile and can be installed in a variety of colors or designs. It is budget friendly and low maintenance, holding up well to high foot traffic without scratches or dents. Vinyl may not give your business the wow factor that another material might and can be difficult to remove when it is time to change your flooring again.

Sothebys before 1 300x225 - The Best Flooring Types for your BusinessWork with a flooring specialist to make the right choice for your business!