Walking into a cold room with bare feet is not something anyone looks forward to; especially in the winter months when the floor won’t stay warm even when the heat is blasting. If you have a room that refuses to stay warm, no matter which vents you open, it is making you uncomfortable and ultimately, it is costing you money.

Does this sound familiar to you? There is a simple solution that can help keep any basement or bedroom nice and toasty warm no matter the time of year. All you need is a new floor 😉

Many times what is killing the heat in your home is the cold working it’s way up through your floor. But installing a floor that insulates can cut this factor away making heating much more efficient and keeping your feet toasty warm.

Hardwood and tile flooring might be perfect for warmer rooms that you want to keep cool, but they will only make your cold rooms even chillier. The following are the best flooring options for keeping your cold rooms warm. Installing one of these floors will help you be able to walk around in your coldest rooms more comfortably. 

Cork – if you haven’t heard much about this amazing flooring option, it might be time to look into it. Cork is an amazing flooring product because it is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, soft and insulates better than most of the other flooring options on the market.

This natural material is made from the same tree bark that makes cork board and wine corks. Since it is full of small air bubbles, it does an excellent job of trapping heat. Another bonus – many people are pleasantly surprised by how soft it is on their joints. 

Vinyl tile – while many tile floors will actually make your room colder, a high-quality vinyl tile does have some insulating properties. If the look of tile is important to you, but you also want to keep your feet warm in the winter, vinyl is the perfect alternative.

Carpet – this is usually the go-to option for most people because of the different options available. Thickness, styles, colors and prices are endless and can fit any budget. A thick carpet can help keep away the cold and contain heat, plus it’s cozy and comfortable to walk on with bare feet.