Hardwood floors make all homes look clean, modern, and overall welcoming. It is undeniable – hardwood floors are beautiful and bring that beauty into any space. They are a great investment and even add value to your home. To keep this investment beautiful, they need to be properly protected to prolong their life. Here are the two biggest mistakes to avoid when cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors.

Using the Incorrect Vacuum Attachment 
A vacuum is a great tool for removing dirt, dust, and other debris from your floors. Even though it is most commonly thought of as a tool for carpet and rugs, a vacuum can also be a great tool for hardwood floors. Unfortunately, not all suction tools are created equal and the wrong type of vacuum can do more harm than good to your wood floors. Over time, an incorrect vacuum head can scratch wooden surfaces and leave more pesky spaces for dust or dirt to hide, and making it harder to actually clean. If you want to effectively remove the dirt and debris from your floors without scratching the surface, make sure to use a vacuum that works well with hard flooring surfaces. Steer clear of tools with stiff bristles, as they can be too abrasive for your floors and cause scratching. Opt for an attachment that has soft bristles or even a felt component with less resistance and pressure. 

Using Too Much Water/Cleaning Solution
Wooden floors are porous – they absorb and hold moisture. So it makes sense that using a wet mop to clean is a no-go when it comes to wood flooring. The biggest risk you run into here is that water seeps down into the floors and causes warping, movement or swelling in the boards. Many are surprised to learn that even a small amount of water on their wood can cause big problems over time. Instead, consider dry mopping as much as possible. If you need a more deep cleaning, use a dry mop and a very small amount of cleaning solution. Always make sure to go back over your floors after using any kind of solution to dry them off thoroughly. It should also be a rule for all hardwood floor owners, to NEVER pour water directly onto your wood floors and all liquid spills should be wiped up immediately.