In order to make sure your home and yard are beautiful and functioning all year round, you must always first take initiative. It goes without saying that all areas of the home desire look and maintenance every-so-often to make sure things don’t get too chaotic. While the summer is in its waning stages, that certainly doesn’t mean your proactivity needs to waver.

Of all seasons, the fall is one of the greatest time to jump out ahead in your yard and home tasks. The temperature is inviting enough, and it’s also perfect time to peruse the inside of the home. Once winter arrives, things can get really brutal and all it takes is one unprepared mistake. So, this fall, try taking things into your own hands early and often.


Heating: There are plenty of options that can help keep your home warm as well as keep money in your pocket this winter. It is critical you take care of your main player, your heating system. The fall is the prime time of the year to check the air filters and clean all the vents blowing into the home. Try turning your system on for at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of winter. Should you notice any loud noises or odd smells, that may be a strong sign your system will need the eye of a professional.

Alarms: When dealing with the topic of heating, also remember your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the home. It is estimated that over two-billion US dollars are lost every year to preventable home fires. Take a walk around your home and make sure your detectors are in good working order. If yours beeps sporadically or flashes a red light, it may need a new battery.   

Flooring: The fall may also bring a need to make a few remodeling changes inside the home, especially as it pertains to your floor. Floor remodeling is a genius way to give the inside of your living space a comfortable and attractive appeal. Though many perceive it to be a large task, replacing or putting in new flooring options is an attainable task. First, start by deciding what area will be remodeled and what style you will look for in that area. Wood flooring can be timeless option that looks specifically classic during the winter. Also, the addition of a chic floor rug can really be the piece that ties a room together.


Branches: Any overhanging/overgrown tree branches are a definite liability for any homeowner they are found on. Cutting any excess branches can be an easy DIY project for any homeowner. Make sure any and all branches that extend over into other yards or, more importantly, over rooftops are safely removed and disposed of. This will help prevent any costly roof repairs in the future as well as dangerous accidents that may occur.

Raking Leaves: Forlorn and possibly forgotten, this is the task not many volunteers for when the time comes. However, it is largely essential. There is a direct connection between doing a quick fall leave clean-up, and the health and vitality of a lawn (including gardens and plant beds.) During the winter, mounds of leaves suffocate the grass below by not allowing water or sunlight to reach down. In addition, leaves can keep water stagnate for long periods of time resulting in mold. That mold can easily transfer into the soil below and cause a complete mold to spread.

The last thing you want as a homeowner is an unplanned venture into the cold of your yard or home to work on something that could’ve been completed in advance. Be sure to keep safety in mind when handling any DIY project around the house. If you take these tips into consideration this fall, those hardships will be less likely to befall you.



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