Top 3 Tips for An Environmentally-Friendly Home

Top 3 Tips for An Environmentally-Friendly Home

The home improvement industry uses a lot of resources. Not all of these resources, even if they are natural, are procured in an environmentally friendly way. Manufacturers are starting to become more aware of the impact that these practices are having on the environment and on us.

Cork – This is one of the most popular environmentally friendly flooring options available right now. Cork is harvested by taking the bark off of cork trees, which is very safe for the tree. A cork tree grows a completely new bark every 9 years, so a farm can continue to harvest bark and then let the trees grow the bark back again. When the bark is harvested, it’s used for wine corks, and then any excess cork is ground up and then pressed into cork boards or flooring. This beautiful flooring is environmentally sustainable and creates a warm, comfortable space for your home.

Bamboo – Bamboo is technically considered a grass that grows incredibly quickly. The major benefit to the environment in 1 4 pic 8 225x300 - Top 3 Tips for An Environmentally-Friendly Homeusing bamboo flooring is that it’s easily sustainable. Compared to trees, which take years and years to grow to a large size, bamboo grows very quickly and is easy to replant. Bamboo is also extremely durable and looks just like wood.

Reclaimed Wood – Instead of cutting down new trees to make the boards for your flooring, recycle by using reclaimed wood! By taking wood from barns, warehouses, or factories that aren’t being used anymore, lumber mills can process the wood and retreat it to give it another life. These old boards can often look rustic, giving your floor more character. Additionally, reclaimed wood can often be wood that was farmed from trees that were older and stronger than wood farmed in recent years.

There are many amazing environmentally friendly materials you can use in your home. Cork, bamboo, and reclaimed wood are just three of the most popular ones. Even home buyers are looking for these elements in homes that they purchase, and new home 3 28 pic 5 e1522241903851 225x300 - Top 3 Tips for An Environmentally-Friendly Homebuilds are looking for more ways to incorporate environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Kruper flooring would be happy to reduce your carbon footprint and increase the environmentally friendly value of your home today!

Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

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With so many choices for your bathroom tile and floors, it’s hard to pick! Kruper’s experts can help design the best fit for your needs. When making your decision, keep the upcoming trends in mind. This will help you pick the best flooring that will stay popular for the longest amount of time. Here are some of the trends we think will be huge!

White has been a very popular color for bathrooms over the years. Recently, darker colored flooring, furniture and walls have started to emerge in kitchen and living room design. This trend is going to stretch into farmhouse style - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!bathroom design and be super huge! Try easing into the trend by slowly adding darker accents like matte black plumbing, or one dark accent wall. Or take the plunge and pick out a dark shade of flooring to give your bathroom tons of depth.

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flooring materials. They are easy to keep clean and can stand up to the extra moisture in bathrooms. But sometimes, the tile can be cold on your bare feet. Whichever tile you pick, you can get a great heated floor by installing an underfloor heating system. These systems are getting increasingly affordable and will really take the edge off of the chilly floor this Fall.

Another big trend is uniquely shaped or designed tiles. Modern technology allows ceramic tile to be cut into intricate shapes like hexagons, diamonds and chevrons. You can choose from neutral shades and designs, or intricate patterns and textures. For another great design, take basic tile shapes and lay them in an interesting pattern. Herringbone tiling is also huge right now. Another great aspect of tiling in the bathroom is that 12 12 pic 3 225x300 - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!you can integrate the flooring with the tub or shower area.

Updating your bathroom is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Stay on trend with dark accents, heated floors, uniquely shaped or designed tiling, or a combination of all three. These trends are going to be huge, so get started planning your bathroom upgrade at Kruper today!

Design Tricks To Make Your Floors Look Unique

Design Tricks To Make Your Floors Look Unique

Flooring done right will last a long time. Picking the right design for your space and your personal style is incredibly important to ensure that you will like your floors the day after installation along with the years after. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will come straight to your space with samples and great design advice. If you’re looking for a flooring design that is unique and interesting, here are some great ideas!11 27 pic 3 225x300 - Design Tricks To Make Your Floors Look Unique

One of the biggest demands that home buyers make is an open floor plan. Picking hardwood floors to span throughout your lower floors is extremely popular right now. While this trend leaves your main space feeling larger and open, flooring transitions may still need to occur, especially if the open floor plan includes your living room and kitchen. Consider going bold with your transition space by having a unique shape like honeycomb, or custom cut tiles to transition from hardwood to tile.

5 1 8 225x300 - Design Tricks To Make Your Floors Look UniqueContinuing the hardwood trend, there are many designs that can make your hardwood floors unique. Consider varying the lengths or colors of each board for an interesting look. Freshen up your existing hardwoods with a sand and refinishing or make it even more unique by staining them in alternating colors.

A big splash of colored or designed flooring in a small space can create a big wow factor! Some of the best places to use flooring with a bold tile design are bathrooms and front entryways. You can also mix and match different types of tiles in the same color family for an eye-catching effect.

When you’re ready to create a space that is truly unique, set up your consultation today. We will design the perfect flooring that will make you say wow!

Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?

Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?

You may have purchased a home with hardwood floors that are in less than perfect condition or yours may be showing their age many years after installation. Should you replace the hardwood flooring or simply refinish your floors and how do you know when it should be done? Most quality hardwood flooring can be sanded down and refinished six or seven times before it would ever need replacing, but there are several factors to help you decide what your floor needs!

Replace your Floors If:

1.Flooring Seems Bouncy or Unstable

3 1 pic 2 e1519919405648 225x300 - Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?If your flooring seems weak in anyway or that the wood is less stable, it is definitely time to replace your flooring. Pine flooring has been a popular choice in the past,but this wood is softer than other hardwoods and may be leading to weakness. There could also be damage beneath the hardwood in the subfloor that may need to be fixed.

2. You Want Less Mess

Replacing your hardwood flooring is actually less messy and time-consuming than refinishing your flooring in most cases. Hardwood flooring is prefinished, with the work done outside of your home. Refinishing your flooring can easily last four to five days, with the mess and process happening inside your house that you are already living in. Furniture has to be moved and children and pets have to be kept away from the area being replaced. Refinishing your floors also produces a strong odor, while flooring that is being installed is usually pre-finished.

3. You Want a Different Hardwood

While you can stain your floors a different tone, the look you are going for may be hard to achieve depending on how dark or light the natural wood of your floors are.

4. Your Flooring is Damaged

Floor boards can chip, warp, or suffer other damage from water or termites. Sanding down the wood to refinish it will only make it worse, not better. You may be able to replace individual boards, but if more than 30% of the floor boards are showing signs of damage it is better to replace the entire floor. A large percentage of damaged flooring can indicate an underlying problem that requires attention in the sub-flooring

 Refinish Your Floors        

1.To Stay Within a Tighter Budget

Refinishing is five times less expensive than replacing your hardwood floor. If the hardwood is in good condition, choose a stain you like and work with a flooring professional to get your floors back into shape!

2. Areas of Damage are Small

Older hardwood flooring is rarely perfect, but small areas of damage can easily be fixed. Floor boards can be ripped up, replaced, and the whole floor will be stained to match.3 28 pic 7 e1522241921832 225x300 - Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?

3.You Can Handle the Mess

Refinishing your floors is dusty, messy, and has a strong smell. That said, a reputable company should work with you to minimize the inconvenience and potential for dust to enter the rest of the house.

Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

How to Achieve Farmhouse Style in your Home

Farmhouse style isn’t reserved for those who live on a farm! Decorating and styling your home with a practical mindset that often comes with living the country life is very popular, utilizing soothing color combinations, natural elements, and lots of texture.

Here are some ways to achieve a farmhouse look in your home

1.Paint Colors

Choosing neutral colors for the walls highlights the natural textures of the walls found in many farmhouses. Your home may already have planked walls, beadboard, or wainscoting or you could add these Skulski after pic 1 225x300 - How to Achieve Farmhouse Style in your Homeelements yourself to your walls. These materials look best with soft beige, cream, or possibly gray paint. Keeping the walls all within the same color scheme is calming and helps blend together the look.

2. Neutral Décor

Conventional interior design may have you mixing neutral walls with bright and bold décor, but a farmhouse look usually includes neutral décor as well. Use pops of color in small pieces, such as a colorful vase, rather than in larger focal points like a rug or sofa.

3. Don’t Shop at the Big Box Stores

Local antique and thrift stores will probably hold the greatest treasures for giving your home a farmhouse look. Mass produced items from big box stores or the mall have charm, but are not vintage pieces that will fill your home with warmth.

4. Incorporate wood

Wood flooring, wooden décor, and wooden furniture all go perfectly with a farmhouse look! Wide planked hardwood flooring is perfect for farmhouse floors, giving the impression that the flooring came from an old barn. The shade of the floor is up to you, both lights and darks work well with farmhouse décor. Low sheen floors match the farmhouse look best so avoid high shine finishes. Adding antique 1 31 pic 24 1 e1517426080992 225x300 - How to Achieve Farmhouse Style in your Homewooden signs and furniture ties the whole look together.

5. Refresh your Light Fixtures

A light fixture provides way more than function, it can also make or break a room. A light fixture should provide you with enough light to adequately see in the room but changing out an ultra-modern or outdated fixture with one with a more vintage appearance can really add to the look of a farmhouse. Since electricity and safety is involved, don’t be afraid to purchase a light fixture new, so many retailers make pieces that will match your vintage style.