Selecting the Right Flooring Company for You

You’ve made a decision: you’re finally going to upgrade the flooring in your home, and now you’re going to spend some time researching the perfect look for your space. Design is only a part of the overall project, of course. Selecting the right company to lay the flooring is also very important. The flooring contractor should share your vision and be able to offer suggestions as well. Most importantly, the flooring company should have certain characteristics that put them above all others and the perfect company to start your flooring project.



Are they licensed and insured? It’s an easy question that doesn’t get header-aboutUsasked enough. If they say they are licensed and insured, ask them to email you a copy, this goes for any other subcontractors you may have working on your home doing other projects as well. If the flooring company isn’t insured and licensed and something happens on your property, you could be held liable for any injuries.


Do they have examples of work that look similar to what you want? This gives you two things: one, you can see whether or not you would like that flooring in your home after seeing it in a real world setting and two, what their finished work looks like. Your flooring company should have many samples of different flooring they’ve laid in the past to give you a varied idea of what their work looks like.


Do they have references? It’s not just about the pictures, you want to talk to their clients too. The flooring could be lovely, but if the client they did the floors for says it took months to finish, and had to come back and finish it, or left things damaged afterwards, you need to know this. No picture can tell you the story that went behind what you see.


If you’re not home, will someone be there to supervise? This is extremely important. You need to know who is in your home and what they’re doing, but it’s impossible for you to stand jose-pic-5over them the entire time they’re there. There should be a supervisor on site the whole time the floors are being put in and you should have the contact information for the supervisor to make sure you have some point of contact if something goes wrong.



Answer these questions, and make sure you feel comfortable with the company, after all this is going to be an intimate relationship for at least a little while, and you want to trust the company that will be making quite the impact on your home. Also, after you’ve done your research, and had your questions answered, be sure to choose the company that most matches you, not the one that’s the cheapest. Your home is important to you; basing a decision on cost alone will end up costing you more in the end.


We would love to be the company you select to put your flooring in! Schedule your appointment with one of our designers and let us show you how we can be the perfect company to upgrade your home!

Bathroom Flooring-Thinking Outside the Tile

Bathroom Flooring-Thinking Outside the Tile

When you think of a bathroom floor, it’s hard to imagine one without tile. Tile flooring have been the go-to covering for as long as indoor plumbing has been around and for good reason. Tile is water resistant and easy to care for making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. If recent years have been any indication of what lies in the future, we’ve seen conventional choices turned onto their heads, and the things that we once found to be mainstream are used in very unconventional ways. If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom, consider these alternative Woods-1flooring options.


Pebble Flooring: You can bring the outdoors indoors with natural stone pebble flooring.  A special epoxy coating makes the flooring durable, water resistant and beautiful. The texture is great traction for your feet and gives your bathroom the feel of an upscale spa.


Cork Flooring: Cork is naturally water resistant and antibacterial making it a great choice for your bathroom flooring. Cork can be stained and comes in sheet form, tiles, and pieced mosaics or as round disks. Cork is generally installed using mastic and grout with an addition of recommended sealing to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.


Quartz Flooring: Crystal quartz looks like a high-end designer and surprisingly affordable. An epoxy coating is generally applied and adheres to the subfloor or foundation; the quartz is sealed with a clear coat creating a crystal look, and creating a water-resistant, long-lasting, maintenance-free floor.


Bamboo Flooring: Environmentally friendly and very contemporary, bamboo flooring is both easy to care for and looks quite high-end as well. Bamboo comes in both narrow and wide planks Larson pic 6and is water resistant. Choose from a variety of patterns and natural color variations from variegated tiger stripes to mottled burl looks.


Concrete: If the rest of your home has a very industrial look, why not translate it into your bathroom? You can’t get more durable than concrete, and as you may know, it’s quite simple to care for. Special dyes can be mixed into concrete to create a custom look or pattern as well.


Marble Flooring: Classic and sophisticated, marble is water resistant and very easy to maintain. Available in a multitude of colors, marble is on a higher price range than other types of flooring. If you’re looking for a look that just wows your guests, marble is an excellent choice!


Talk to one of our designers about the ultimate look you want to achieve with your bathroom, and we’ll help you select the perfect flooring!

Linoleum vs Vinyl: The Comparison

Linoleum vs Vinyl: The Comparison

In the search for the perfect flooring for your space, it can become a little overwhelming with the myriad of choices. Now that Linoleum and Vinyl flooring have brought their products to the same level of style, form, and fashion as its more stylish counterparts, it’s widened the competition for which type of flooring you select to represent your home.


Both types of flooring have seen vast improvements making them strong competitors to both ceramic tile and hardwood flooring but there are still many questions our customers have on the difference between the two types of floors.  First, it’s important to understand what these two products are. Linoleum is made from natural products; because of this, it requires more maintenance than its counterpart, vinyl. It’s more environmentally friendly, however, Vinyl is PVC-based, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain (easier to install as well). One thing they do have in common, however, is that they are both resilient and have some degree of elasticity.


Dubas pic 4Linoleum was once the top choice in commercial spaces like hospitals and schools, however, it’s now found a new audience in those looking for a green alternative to vinyl. Its lifespan is three times that of vinyl, recyclable, and biodegradable. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, and less expensive. It’s also less sensitive to different cleaning agents, and because it’s synthetic, it’s available in basically any style you like. Vinyl also allows for installation of padding, helping insulate a room.


With all of the advantages these flooring styles offer, there are some downfalls. Linoleum is not totally waterproof, and a poor installation can lead to moisture damage. Linoleum is also more sensitive to cleaning agents; if you don’t use the right kind, you could permanently damage the floor.


As for Vinyl, the longevity of it is largely dependent on its protective coating. Once this coating has worn through, it may be necessary to replace the flooring. Linoleum should be swept, dusted or vacuumed regularly. Vinyl should not be exposed to excessive water. When mopping, be sure to use a moist mop, or cleaning rag.


When you come in to talk to one of our designers, discuss your concerns over these two types of flooring, and learn more about which would be the best option for your space. You can select from aStrittmatter-pic-5 large selection of designs, and realize your overall goal to update your home!

Transitioning a Formal Dining Room to a Playroom

Transitioning a Formal Dining Room to a Playroom

The layout in your home may not always work for your family’s needs. Today’s young families largely prefer open layouts but often own older homes with a more traditional floor plan. Your home should work for you and your lifestyle; it is hard to dedicate a room to only being used just once or twice per year. If you find yourself needing space for your kids to play, why not look into Weinberg pic 6transitioning a formal dining room into a playroom? Children can be easily supervised while meals are being prepared with the close proximity of the dining room to the kitchen and toys will be out of the main traffic areas.

While the oversized table and fancy china may have to come out, many of the elements of a traditional dining room function well in a playroom. Hardwood floors that shone beautifully  in a formal dining room work well in a playroom since they are so easy to clean. Adding plush area rugs in a playful geometric print or a bold color will help cushion crawling baby knees and add visual interest to the room. Darker wood flooring which looked chic and elegant in a formal dining room will continue to shine with fluffy white rugs or an accent wall .Built-in shelves or a buffet can be restyled with colorful bins and baskets for toy and book storage. Try mixing less-expensive plastic bins with some nicer canvas containers for texture. A labeled bin for each type of toy will help children learn to keep the room tidy.

A playroom can be styled to match the decor of the rest of your home but with fun accents to help the kids feel like it’s their space. A traditional chandelier can be an interesting focal point for the room or can be swapped out with a playful pendant light. Comfortable seating like a cozy kids’ size reading chair or floor pillows don’t have to be covered in cartoon characters to be kid-friendly. Bright purple or aqua hued upholstery pop against muted gray walls or floors while marigold and celery colors lighten up a room with dark wood flooring. A children’s play table and chairs for crafts, coloring, and snacks will complete this space. If Wanderer pic 4the floors are dark wood, choose wooden furniture at least a few shades lighter to keep the room from feeling stuffy and heavy. Alternatively, dark furniture complements lighter wood floors perfectly. Centering the table and chairs on top of an area rug can keep it from sliding on the floor.

Contact us today for help with creating the playroom of your dreams! We are here to help with all of your flooring needs.

Bathroom Updates You Can Do This Weekend!

Bathroom Updates You Can Do This Weekend!

We know how you are; you look at your bathrooms and know that there are things you would like to change, but who has the time or the money? What if we told you you could easily upgrade your bathroom in little time, for a very affordable cost, would you do it? Of course you would! Here are our top ideas on how you can upgrade your bathroom with a little elbow grease, imagination, and dedication!


These small-scale projects are quite simple to do on your own. Of course, there are some you will need to schedule a professional for, but they’re quick, painless, and easy on the pocket.


Update the Vanity


Recent-job-3You may not be in a position to completely knock out your existing vanity, but you’re not too keen on the look of it now. Try painting it a contrasting color, or spray painting the handles to a modern finish. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could use textured wall paper to really add interest to your bathroom!


Add Interest to Walls


Bead board is a great, classic update to any bathroom, ad super simple to achieve. Wood bead board is easy to install, however, if that feels like too much of a commitment, there’s also bead board-style textured wallpaper that gives you the same look.


If bead board isn’t possible, you could choose to cover your walls with art to change the whole look of the bathroom. If there’s one bare wall you’d like to make a contrasting wall, there are wallpapers available that peel on and off. Easy to do, easy to change your mind in the future!

Sanchez pic 5

Don’t be limited to these ideas; you can change the paint color, or add interesting design using paint as well. The possibilities are endless!


Remove Dated Shower Doors


Shower doors are extremely difficult to keep clean; installing a fresh new curtain will open up the space, and save you from all the time you spend scrubbing soap scum.


Change Hardware


Maybe your towel bar and other hardware are dated; now is a great time to change them all to a more updated look. You’d be surprised what a difference changing out the hardware can make! You can change out the lights and faucet as well for an updated look, but if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, call an electrician or plumber to help. The job is simple enough that the cost will be minimal.


Replace Floors


Since the space is small, the cost of replacing the flooring is budget-friendly. Our designers will help you find the perfect flooring for you bathroom, and will install quickly as well. Choose an Galloway shower 2updated tile, or hardwood, or go for something bold in your small space.


Is there a project in your home you want to tackle, but just don’t know where to start? Contact us to put together a short timeline, a weekend or just a couple of days, to help you achieve that ‘honey-do’ list you’ve been putting off!