Updating and Upgrading an Indoor/Outdoor Space

Updating and Upgrading an Indoor/Outdoor Space

Summer is here, as is the wacky weather; one day it’s searing hot, the next day it’s flash floods. Welcome to Northern Virginia! The impossible-to-predict weather makes many homeowners decide to build an all-season’s room, or sunroom, or an enclosed back porch instead of, or in addition to, a backyard patio or deck. This space can be utilized in all months of the year, but really flourishes best in the hot, summer months. Perhaps when you bought your house, there was already an outdoor living space, but it may need some upgrading, or, you want to merge that outdoor area into the rest of your home. Whatever the case may be, here are some key investments you can make to create that outdoor living space indoors!


Nowadays there are many style items that are available for outdoor space; you can pretty much emulate any look with seasonal accents. Patio furniture has seen a major upgrade in recent years; Childs marble 3select a higher end collection of patio furniture for your indoor/outdoor space. This furniture will get more wear and tear than the average patio furniture, and will need to be sturdier than what you would normally buy. These pieces are still quite a bit more affordable than regular furniture, and are specially made to withstand heat and humidity.


Adding live plants will marry the outside with the outside well, but don’t select any average house plant. Choose more tropical plants that really like the sun or may be a little fragile for outdoor weather. Gardenias are great indoor plants that love to see sun. If your room gets a lot of sunshine, consider also adding succulents to the room. Succulents will change color according to the amount of sunlight they receive. Plants will work with any design; talk to your local nursery about the different types of outdoor plants that could also work indoors.


The flooring you choose for your sunroom will ultimately depend on your budget. Ask yourself how often you will use the sunroom, in what capacity, and how much you can spend and on what.


When it comes to the floors, you have more than just tiles to choose from.  Carpet can create a cozy and comfortable environment. Choosing a tight weave will help repel dirt, however, carpet can fade if exposed to intense sun/heat.  Laminate flooring is popular due to the availability of finishes and colors.  You can even by laminate that looks just like real tile, wood or stone.slider-kf


Any kind of flooring can work in the right room, but it is important to discuss your room with a professional. Set up your appointment with one of our designers to review what you have, and what you want the room to look like!

Flooring Options For Your Indoor/Outdoor Room!

Flooring Options For Your Indoor/Outdoor Room!

Northern Virginia is generally known for having long springs and summers, warm falls and short winters (this last winter would prove me wrong!) Since there weather here doesn’t really get that cold, you’ll find many have covered decks, four seasons rooms or conservatories as either a part of their home or as an addition. If you are planning on closing in an outdoor space, or have one you want to update, here are our suggestions on the best types of flooring to use.


One of the most popular types of flooring is indoor/outdoor carpet. This type of carpet has a pile that’s very short and compact, making it easy to clean, and absorbs noise (plus, it feels good underfoot). When selecting the carpet, look for one that is made to resist UV rays and is able to handle moisture. Regular carpet may cost slightly less, but it will fade quickly and possibly develop mold and mildew.



tilesbgcropIf carpet isn’t what you envisioned, try porcelain tile. Tile gives the room a more sophisticated look and is quite popular as well. Porcelain comes in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Choose a tile that is meant for outdoor use, such as porcelain. Porcelain tile is denser than normal tile and will be more resistant to moisture. Also, ceramic retracts and expands with the temperature changes meaning it could break during frigid weather.


If you are updating a deck and turning it into a covered space, use a concrete board on top of a wood porch to give the tile enough of a foundation to keep the sub-floor (decking) from cracking and breaking.



You may or may not already have wood flooring in your new room; if you don’t and you want the look of wood, consider wood laminate. Wood laminate will give you the look of hardwood floors at a much lower cost SAMSUNGand less maintenance. Wood laminate comes in several different color looks grains and styles. If wood laminate isn’t the look you want, but you like the idea of laminate, consider the dizzying array of styles. You can literally choose any look to go with whichever theme or idea you’re going for!


Ask one of our professionals to help you choose the best flooring for the room you have. Let our professional designer know what you already have, or what you envision, and they will help you find the best for your lifestyle and your room! Invite us into your home, to truly get the best idea of how your room will look with the flooring you want!