Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Hardwoods

Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Hardwoods

Redecorating a room from the floor up is very exciting! It feels great to freshen your space, update your décor, and change the look of your home to fit your current style and personality. Now that you have beautiful hardwood floors, think about adding the perfect rug! A rug can add some color, showcase the beauty of the hardwoods, and bring a sense of comfort to a space.

Here are some guidelines to follow for choosing a rug!

1.Think Big

The most important rule is to choose a bigger rug! Bigger is always better when it comes to a rug, a sizable rug in a moderate space will actually make the room feel bigger. Small rugs will feel undersized, with the short edges creating 9 7 pic 1 300x200 - Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Hardwoodsbreaks in the floor. These breaks draw the eyes down and disrupts the flow of the room. A large rug does the opposite, with long lines and a cohesive appearance will balance the room. A large rug also makes an excellent anchor point for anything else you plan to put in the room.

2. Consider Your Space

High ceilings and large open floor plans are popular design trends, but it can be difficult to tell what are the different parts of the home. Rugs can be used to separate clear living and dining zones without disrupting the visual flow of your open floor plan. Choosing a larger rug will give you the opportunity to experiment with layouts.

3. Who Will Be Walking on Your Rug?

Consider the foot traffic for the area you will be putting the rug. Areas with high foot traffic or homes with small children or pets may do better with a rug that is resistant to stains and easier to clean. Rugs with a shorter pile are also better for homes where tripping hazards may be a concern, such as an aging adult or small children. Wool rugs are a good option since they are highly durable and easy to clean.9 26 pic 6 1 225x300 - Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Hardwoods

4. Your Style

Once you have determined the general size and material you are looking for, it is time to settle on your design! Are you looking for a bold rug that stands out or a neutral to blend in? If you want the rug to be a unifier for the design of the room, choose a tone that already appears in the room for your rug. Pick a texture that is soft, simple, and minimal for a timeless, classic look. Neutral colors like soft beiges, blues, and greens look beautiful with warm-toned hardwood floors. A bold rug is also tasteful and can really make your beautiful flooring pop by drawing the eyes downward! An unusual weave or surprising colors adds visual interest! A bold colored rug looks especially interesting on darker hardwood floors.


Can’t Pick Just One? Mixed Wood Flooring Styles

Can’t Pick Just One? Mixed Wood Flooring Styles

Selecting the right design for your space or for your entire home can occasionally be a challenge when you like more than one type of flooring. Some rooms look amazing with dark floors, while others look incredible with light floors, but maybe you like traditional oak, but not so much that you want an entire home full of it. The choices can be dizzying, which is why we provide you with a designer who will help you every step of the way. Here are some tips on how to blend your favorite flooring to create a unique look!


Size Matters:


Combining different tones of flooring is fine if you stay with one plank size. Wide plank floors make a space feel more open, and by reducing the number of seems will showcase more of the beauty of the wood. The direction of the planks will align with the longest side of the space, and set the stage for the different types of flooring.


Shade Matters Too:


IMG_3005Keep the contrasting colors of the flooring close enough to one another where they are complimentary, not fighting one another. For example, white and gray wood floors bring enough interest without making it looking like a fun house. Keep the shade difference at one tone below or above the other.


Pattern May Need To Take A Backseat:


Patterned wood floors such as chevron or other interesting designs may bring a unique level of style, but with the contrasting colors in the floors, it will make the room look busy and smaller.


If what you want is more along the lines of using one shade of flooring in one room, and a different shade in an adjacent room, the above mentioned still stands. Additionally, you’ll want the transition between the two rooms to happen in a straight line at the threshold of the room.


Contrasting Furniture Makes a Difference:


If you’re not brave enough to commit to mixed flooring, create contrast with your furniture. The look of gray floors against dark kitchen cabinets, or dark flooring against white or light-colored DC-pic-2furniture is quite sophisticated and may give you enough of that interest you’re looking for in your overall design.

Call us to schedule your appointment with one of our designers. We will help you realize your vision and do it within your budget as well!


Décor Touches To Welcome in The Autumn Season

Décor Touches To Welcome in The Autumn Season

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of October, and snowy days are just ahead of us! If you haven’t already begun to decorate your home for the fall season, we have some suggestions for you to incorporate your flooring with the colors of the fall!


Recent-job-1The great thing about this season is the multitude of textures available in décor. Burlap, fur, fleece, and other elements can be tied in to any type of room with most any type of flooring. For example, If your floors are a light pine or bamboo color, black and orange blend in beautifully. Try a dark wooden bowl at your entrance, along with burnt orange pillows on your sofa. Dark eggplant purple looks great here too. Try leather pillows for a luxurious look, or a fur throw.


Summer and spring lend themselves to light and airy style elements, whereas fall and winter do well with heavier materials. Use copper and bronze, or stainless steel and wrought iron. Gold is big this season. Try swapping out your dining chairs for wrought iron, or a gold centerpiece. Oak floors are a great compliment to any metal you use and give your home a rustic feel. If you have a large floor vase, add wheat stalks or metal decorative rods to blend the styles together.


Distressed wood floors already lend themselves to a warm, inviting feel.  Bring that up to your furniture and use suede stools, vintage items, and textured wall panels to build a room that can be swapped out with each season. Patterns can be used in small spaces or to highlight one large wall. Don’t worry though, these aren’t looks that only pertain to the colder months. With just a few tweaks, you can bring your designed room in to spring, and transition into summer as well. It’s all about the little things, and when you bring in the flavors of fall, the floors will warm up and present a whole new look to itself.


Your floors are the largest design element of your home. Whether you choose flooring that’s modern, vintage, clean or traditional, the other style elements you choose whether it be in furniture or Woods-2décor will lend itself to an inviting feel for whatever the season may be. Let our stylists help you with certain style elements to see how your room can transition with each season.

Get That Vintage Look With Our Tips!

Get That Vintage Look With Our Tips!

Vintage is a big look in today’s home; the greatest draw about achieving this décor is it’s homage to a classic look with a modern twist, making it a design choice that could last a lifetime.

Woods-runnerNorthern Virginia is riddled with homes built in the 1970’s; the classic split level homes, and the non-descript colonials dot the area. Pockets of homes with true character are few and far between. If you live in one of these run of the mill homes, it’s still possible to bring character and a vintage touch without breaking the bank.

Recent-job-4Virginia has a great selection of antique stores in nearly every city, big and small. Between antique stores and Goodwill, it’s simple to find the design looks you want to achieve your vintage look. Find vintage glass and apothecary bottles to store knickknacks, or to serve as a centerpiece. Take old bottles of differing sizes and mix with tall and short candles in a display tray for design. You can also find an array of antique cameras that can be used as a design element. Place them together in a corner you wish to draw the eye.

Was your grandmother into needlepoint? Honor her memory by taking striking, modern fabric and ‘framing’ it with needlepoint frames. Hang large and small ones on a wall for an unexpected touch.

With a little elbow grease, vintage furniture can find new life as well. Repurpose an old dresser as an entertainment center, or an ornate crib as a settee. Find your inspiration in those antique shops where the owners will sometimes repurpose or upcycle an item.

Walls in neutral tones are a great backdrop for this look as well; go with off-white, greige (a gray-beige) or other gray undertone colors. The gray undertone softens the look of décor, and helps Waymire 2colors in your design pop.

Of course, a big vintage style element is reclaimed wood floors (or floors that mimic the look!) Distressed wood flooring is a great backdrop to finish the look you want to achieve.  Of course, reclaimed wood floors or real distressed wood flooring is much more of an investment than an apothecary bottle, however the return is immeasurable, and much greater than said bottle. If your budget doesn’t allow for the extravagance, consider luxury vinyl floors, or distressed looking wood. Our selection of floors and our expert team will help you achieve the look you want within the budget you need!