To Refinish or Replace?

To Refinish or Replace?

To refinish or replace? That is the question. Old floors can be tough to figure out. You want to make sure it’s sturdy and damage-free. But you also don’t want to spend any money you don’t have to. How do you know whether to refinish your floor or replace it? If you know your floor needs a change, but not sure which one, then this guide is for you.

When to refinish

When we talk about refinishing, we’re talking about sanding down the top layer of your floor and adding a new layer of laminate to make your floors look as good as new. You know refinish your floors when:

Your budget is tight

Refinishing your floor costs about half the price of a new floor. It’s a much cheaper alternative that fully utilizes the life of your floor. If your floor has no or minimal damage in a concentrated area, then you shouldn’t need to spend the extra money on a new hardwood floor, unless you’re looking for a new design or material.

Minimal or no damage

If your floors are damaged to a certain extent, they need to be replaced. Damage can come from water, termites, or intense aging. A good sign of damage is if you can see at all into the subfloor between the wood planks, or of the floor is bumpy and uneven.

When to Replace

Conversely, replacing your floor involves removing your current floor and replacing it with something new. Here are a few reasons why you might want to replace your floor instead of refinishing it.

Damaged Floors

Refinishing floors are more for the type of flooring that’s old. It’s not for covering up damages. If your floor has any amount of water damage, termite damage, or anything else that permanently affects the floor, it might need to be replaced.

Subfloor Needs Work

One of the issues with subfloor is that you can’t fix something on it without removing the floor that’s already there. If you have in issue with your subfloor, then it might have affected your floor as well. It’s best to then remove the floor, fix the subfloor, and start again from scratch.

You want a New Look

Sometimes floors go out of fashion and you want a change. There’s nothing wrong with that! Of course, refinishing only adds life to the floor you already have. The only way to change the material or style is to remove the current floor and replace it with another one.

If you need further help deciding whether to refinish or replace your floor, you can call us or peruse our blog database for more posts on the subject!

Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?

Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?

You may have purchased a home with hardwood floors that are in less than perfect condition or yours may be showing their age many years after installation. Should you replace the hardwood flooring or simply refinish your floors and how do you know when it should be done? Most quality hardwood flooring can be sanded down and refinished six or seven times before it would ever need replacing, but there are several factors to help you decide what your floor needs!

Replace your Floors If:

1.Flooring Seems Bouncy or Unstable

3 1 pic 2 e1519919405648 225x300 - Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?If your flooring seems weak in anyway or that the wood is less stable, it is definitely time to replace your flooring. Pine flooring has been a popular choice in the past,but this wood is softer than other hardwoods and may be leading to weakness. There could also be damage beneath the hardwood in the subfloor that may need to be fixed.

2. You Want Less Mess

Replacing your hardwood flooring is actually less messy and time-consuming than refinishing your flooring in most cases. Hardwood flooring is prefinished, with the work done outside of your home. Refinishing your flooring can easily last four to five days, with the mess and process happening inside your house that you are already living in. Furniture has to be moved and children and pets have to be kept away from the area being replaced. Refinishing your floors also produces a strong odor, while flooring that is being installed is usually pre-finished.

3. You Want a Different Hardwood

While you can stain your floors a different tone, the look you are going for may be hard to achieve depending on how dark or light the natural wood of your floors are.

4. Your Flooring is Damaged

Floor boards can chip, warp, or suffer other damage from water or termites. Sanding down the wood to refinish it will only make it worse, not better. You may be able to replace individual boards, but if more than 30% of the floor boards are showing signs of damage it is better to replace the entire floor. A large percentage of damaged flooring can indicate an underlying problem that requires attention in the sub-flooring

 Refinish Your Floors        

1.To Stay Within a Tighter Budget

Refinishing is five times less expensive than replacing your hardwood floor. If the hardwood is in good condition, choose a stain you like and work with a flooring professional to get your floors back into shape!

2. Areas of Damage are Small

Older hardwood flooring is rarely perfect, but small areas of damage can easily be fixed. Floor boards can be ripped up, replaced, and the whole floor will be stained to match.3 28 pic 7 e1522241921832 225x300 - Should your Refinish Your Floors or Replace Them?

3.You Can Handle the Mess

Refinishing your floors is dusty, messy, and has a strong smell. That said, a reputable company should work with you to minimize the inconvenience and potential for dust to enter the rest of the house.

Tips on How to Help Your Floors Survive Another Year

Tips on How to Help Your Floors Survive Another Year

You may love the floors you have, but they’ve seen better days, right? You may not have the budget now to replace them or to have them refinished, but you know you need to do it in a year. So, what do you do when your floors need to last just one more year before you either replace or refinish them? We’ve put together a list of maintenance ideas we think will help prolong the life of your floors to keep them looking presentable until your budget is ready to make the change.

7 16 pic 9 300x225 - Tips on How to Help Your Floors Survive Another Year

  1. Pets, kids, and guests bring in unwanted dirt and grime that scratch up your wood and give it that dull look. Keep that debris off your already sensitive floors by asking them to take off their shoes when you can, and use rugs and mats to eliminate the opportunity of scratches.


  1. As we mentioned, dirt and debris can cause more damage to your already damaged floor. If kids, pets or guests have brought these things into the house, clean it up as quickly as you can. No one says you have to stand around with a vacuum all day, but a once a day sweep will keep your hardwood floors looking great. Add to this a quick mop once or twice a week and you’ll lengthen the life of our floors.

7 12 17 pic 7 225x300 - Tips on How to Help Your Floors Survive Another Year


  1. Certain cleaning solutions can wreak havoc on your floors, and you don’t even realize it! Make sure to use the gentlest cleaning solutions possible, or, give us a call to give you tips on what products to use. There are some organic solutions as well that we can give you.


  1. Furniture can severely damage your hardwood floors, especially chairs or tables that move consistently every day. Prevent unsightly scratches by putting felt pads on the bottom of your furniture. This will prolong the life of your floors, and keep them safe as well.


  1. If you’ve tried to make those floors last just a bit longer, but the scratches and damage is more than you can cover up with a rug, or clean with a Swiffer, it may be time to call in the professionals! We understand if you’ve put off taking care of your floors due to budgeting. Make an appointment with our team to discuss what your budget is and how we can help you stay within that budget, and have beautiful floors again! The options are endless, just give us a call!
4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinished

4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinished

Having your floors refinished or having new ones installed is an exciting time. The look new floors, or newly refinished floors give a home is breath-taking, and really transform the look of your home.


Often times, homeowners will not prepare before the project begins causing delays and other unforeseen issues. There are some steps you can take beforehand to ease the process and ensure the experience is seamless and stress-free (or at least, less stressful!)


  1. Move Furniture

The first thing you should do is clear off the floor, meaning all furniture, rugs, and other accent pieces should be stored either Francisco pic 3 225x300 - 4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinishedin another room, a garage, or a storage space. When the installers arrive, they won’t have to do anything but get started on your floors, which means your project will finish in a timely manner.


  1. Spend the Day Outdoors

Today’s refinishing and installing techniques don’t create the kinds of dust storms of the psat, however, it would make the jobs of your installers that much easier if the common area is left alone. If you have small kids, you know how difficult it can be to keep their curiosity at bay. It’s best to plan activities outside of your home to keep your project on task and on time.


  1. Take What You Need

If the room you are having the floors done in is a transition room, a hallway, or a stairway, make sure to grab the things you will need within the next 24 hours. If that room leads to a bathroom, a closet, or if you’re having your kitchen done; whatever the case may be, make sure to retrieve those daily items before we knock on your door!Enrique pic 6 300x300 - 4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinished


  1. Remove Pets

Pets tend to travel from room to room, and when there are strangers in the house for any period of time, they can be just as curious as little ones. If you can crate your dog or cat, that will keep them safe, and your floors flawless. Perhaps gate off the section in which we will be working, or, if you are having extensive work done, board the pet, or leave him with a loved one.


We want your experience to be hassle-free and worry-free. If you make a few provisions before we come in to do the installation, your project will be done quickly and efficiently. We want you to enjoy your floors 1 31 17 Pic 1 225x300 - 4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinishedas soon as you can! Call us for additional information on what you can do to expedite your flooring project!