Advantages of Wood-Looking Tile Over Natural Wood Floors

Advantages of Wood-Looking Tile Over Natural Wood Floors

Due to the myriad of options as of late, many consumers are opting out of real hardwood floors and choosing porcelain and ceramic tile that looks like wood instead. For families that want a sophisticated look without the upkeep of hardwood, this may be a good option.




Meltzer_stair_pic_4-15-16Wood flooring will look beautiful and shiny when it’s first laid and if you take very good care of it, that look will last a long time; however, if your family is hard on your hardwood, it won’t be long before there are scratches, cracks, chips and dents, causing your floors to need a refinish and reseal every couple of years.


Wood-looking floors are quite easy to maintain and to clean. When tile is damaged, a single or multiple tiles can be removed and replaced, which should be the most you’ll have to do as far as maintenance. You may want to consider a new sealer every 3-5 years to keep moisture from seeping into the tile or grout.


Cost Difference:


Contrary to popular belief, hardwood floors and tile are close to the same price per square foot, depending on what you choose. The real difference in price is in installation and maintenance. Tile is not as labor intensive as wood planks, making them the lesser expensive option. Technology in the tile industry is so far advanced that you’d have to get up close and personal with a plank of wood to see if it’s the real thing. Knots, grain, shade, and other wood details are possible with tile, meaning even exotic, expensive wood looks are available at a more reasonable tile price.




It goes without saying; tile can give the same warmth and welcoming look of wood without the destruction of a single tree. The material tile is made out of will most likely last longer than the trend of the times, making it a truly long-term investment.




Customizing a unique look or pattern on a wood floor can be quite expensive. With tile, you can mix and match colors, grains, and sizes to create your own unique design.Larson pic 2




Wood is really best to be used in rooms with little to no moisture, making it tough to get that seamless look if you want to extend your hardwood into the bathroom or kitchen. Because of the nature of tile, you can get that seamless wood—grain look and have it follow every room in the house.


Make your appointment today to see all the choices in hardwood looking tiles. Discuss with our designers which rooms you plan to install flooring in, and we’ll share the best and newest flooring options there are!


Creating The Ultimate ‘Puppy Pad’

Creating The Ultimate ‘Puppy Pad’

We all love our pets, don’t we? We would do anything for them, and they for us. There are arguably no more loyal pets than the family dog and giving him or her an ultimate space truly makes them feel at home and as part of the family. How do you incorporate your pet into your overall home design?


Nowadays, there are so many ways to cohesively design your dog’s area to seamlessly match a home’s décor, for example, selecting a dog bed in the same pattern, color, or fabric as your couch or your bed spread is a great way to add style and class to function. Finding a quiet, little used area to store your dog’s bed is another option if you don’t want the bed in view.


hutchison_pic_2There are some more clever ways to incorporate your pet as well, for example, a custom cabinet with a cut-out for your dog’s bed, and a few shelves for their toys and treats can be a standalone option that you can coordinate colors textures, fabrics and overall design with the rest of your décor.


Dogs may seem to only sleep but they have to get up to eat too! If you have an island in your kitchen, you can create a custom area for your pet’s dog food and water dishes.  If you don’t have that option, you can get your pet very stylish bowls to eat from that match your overall look-for example, if your home has a contemporary feel, then get funky bowls that portray that. If your style is more traditional, there are bowls that evoke that feel as well. Explore options and think outside the traditional dog food bowl. Any bowl can be eaten out of so get creative!


When it comes to décor and your dog, wood floors are always best. The sturdiness of wood floors makes them easy to clean with simple vacuuming or mopping. Remove dirt, dust, pet dander and other allergens fairly easily. Why wood over tile? Just as tile or hard surfaces can do a number on our knees, the same goes for dogs. Wood floors are easier on those paws of theirs, and warmer to the feel too in some cases.


Help your pup out and give them some of those creature comforts (pun intended!) that will make them feel like home. Schedule your appointment with one of our designers and let them know Ford pic 3what kind of dog you have and how many to create the ultimate in doggy décor for them that’s suitable to your lifestyle as well!

Creating a Kitchen For The Ultimate Chef

Creating a Kitchen For The Ultimate Chef

Everyone has a hobby, right? Your hobby happens to revolve around food, and boy, do others reap the benefits of it! You enjoy cooking, and probably enjoy cooking for others, delighting in the ooh’s and aah’s of the crowd. Trying to cook in a less than stellar kitchen can be stressful and disenchanting though, so we’ve put together some tips on how to design the ultimate Chef’s Kitchen.


Lawyer pic 3To start, think about the appliances and work surfaces you would like to have. Do you prefer stainless steel over butcher’s block? Maybe granite over silestone? Think about the size of the appliances and what special accommodations they may need; a special brick oven, or a sub-zero refrigerator?  What is your top priority, and what fits into your budget? Once you’ve determined these items, you can build your space around it.


Now consider the space you have. Space is everything for a chef, and counter space is at the top of that list. If you don’t have a ton of space, consider how you can use the space you do have by controlling clutter, creative organizing, and accessible tools of the kitchen.


Consider the chef’s triangle when planning your space. You should be able to seamlessly move from fridge, to stove, to sink, to trashcan. Once you’ve determined what you would like, how you would like it laid out, select the lighting you will need to help you plan the perfect kitchen.


Once lighting, countertops, useable cabinets, and a great workflow are established, it’s time to move to floors. The flooring you choose have an impact on the comfort and ease of cleaning and maintenance.  Wood floors seem like a natural choice and are fairly comfortable underfoot than tile or stone. If your kitchen sees a lot of water though, it may not be a good fit.

Durable flooring like luxury vinyl tile and ceramic tiles look nice, but are cold to the touch. If this isn’t a problem for you, these are viable options for flooring and design as they are both quite Waymire 4simple to maintain and do better than wood with moisture.

If you choose to go with planks, choose planks that are at least 8” wide. The size of the seams are minimal and make it more difficult to collect dust, dirt, or other bi-products of cooking in between the boards.


Ask one of our designers to help you through each step and process to create the ultimate kitchen! Put as much love and care into your kitchen as you do in one of your signature dishes-your guests will not be disappointed!

Spring Cleaning Floors

Spring Cleaning Floors

Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means? Spring cleaning time! It shouldn’t be a difficult chore or too time consuming to clean your floors if you’ve been maintaining them properly over the winter, but it is a good idea to give them a deep cleaning now that the threat of snow and ice are behind us (or, at least we think they are!) We know it can be overwhelming, but it’s important to break these tasks to manageable bites and try to do them over a couple of days to make the cleaning as stress-free as possible.


Here are the different types of flooring and the best ways to clean them.



Vaccuming and sweeping your floors are usually enough, but if you have stains or spills you may need to use a mop. Use a mild detergent mixed with a little bit of water. Don’t soak the floors; too much water can leak Weinberg pic 4between the planks and cause damage. Go over your floor with the mixture then finish by mopping with plain water to avoid leaving a film of detergent on the floors. If you worry about crawling babies or pets, you can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water. The vinegar may smell strong in the beginning, but the smell will dissipate quickly, leaving you with beautiful, shining floors!



You should always start with a good quality vacuum cleaner and keep the filter clean after every use. This makes all the difference when you’re cleaning the carpet. Spot clean by trying to remove the stain with water first and blot rather than rub to keep the stain from sinking in deeper.




This type of flooring is the easiest to keep clean, so sweep or vacuum regularly to keep it clean on a day-to-day basis. Mop with water mixed with a mild detergent for a deeper clean, but just as is the case with wood, don’t drench the floors. The moisture will dissolve the glue and warp the floors. If you want to maintain the shine of vinyl flooring, coat it with a thin coat of acrylic polish.




Daily maintenance is necessary to keep these tiles at their sparkly best, but if you don’t have the time for that, you can avoid the buildup of mildew and grime by cleaning with plain water or mixingtilesbgcrop a small amount of mild detergent with water and clean with a non-abrasive mop or fabric.


Do you have a special tip on how you do your best spring cleaning? Leave us a comment and share your tip here!

How To Choose The Right Floors

How To Choose The Right Floors

Hardwood floors are the largest and most noticeable part f your home, next to the walls. Granted, changing wall colors cost a whole lot less than changing the look of your floors, making the choice of how to design those floors that much more complicated. How do you choose flooring that exemplifies your style, stays within your budget, and compliments the design of the home and of your décor?


There are 5 important points to keep in mind when choosing flooring.  The foundation of your design lays in how you answer these five questions. This is also a great time to keep in mind the reality of what you want, and what you will most likely get.


Weinberg pic 6Wood Color:

What type of wood flooring would look best with what you already have? If you’re furniture and walls are already dark, it wouldn’t make sense to add dark hardwood floors to your home-it would look more like a cave, than a sanctuary! Adversely, if you have white walls, and white or cream furniture, the light colored flooring will most likely wash out and make the room look sterile.  Keep in mind the style of your home and whether you want the flooring to be stained, natural, shiny or matte.


Wood Texture:

Perhaps you like smooth flooring with little graining. Maybe you’re attracted to a hand-scraped rustic look, whatever your style, think about what type of texture you are most attracted to.


Wood Grade:

Having a formal flooring put into a casual home will not only bust your wallet, it probably won’t bring as much value to your home as you would like. Match the grade to the style of your home; if it’s a rustic home, formal, or casual, consider the style before choosing the flooring.


Wood Style:

This is pretty important, and should be considered above all other points. Do you want engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl plank flooring, or reclaimed wood? Think about the style, and chances Weinberg pic 1are that what you choose will make the other choices that much easier to make.


Wood Dimensions:

This decision may be an easy one depending on the style of your home. How wide and long do you want the boards to be to suit your space? Wide-plank hardwood is quite popular; however, it may not work well with your space. Think about how narrow or wide you would want the flooring to be to merge with the style you already have in your home, or the finished product you hope you achieve.


If making these decisions on your own seems like too high of a task, certainly call and make an appointment with one of our design specialists. They will walk you through each of the five points to help you choose the perfect flooring for you!