Bring The Beach Home All Year Long!

Bring The Beach Home All Year Long!

August is otherwise known as Beach Season! Being that we’re in the thick of August, the beach seems like a natural part of the season. What do you do when the season changes, but you’re not ready to break up with the beach? Bring the beach style décor into your home with a few key pieces (including a special type of flooring) to enjoy the beach all year long!


Ford pic 3Beach-style accents are abundant, especially if you get them FROM the beach. It’s a fun way to make your whole family a part of the styling process. Have the kids go shell hunting and see how many shells they can collect! Bring home buckets of the beach and start decorating. Using hurricane vases, fill the vases with shells and use as table décor.  You can also fill a shallow bowl with shells to serve as a great centerpiece.


Sea glass and driftwood are great in décor as well. Place sea glass in a shallow, rectangular bowl and decorate with candles for a lovely coffee table centerpiece. Driftwood can be used in a multitude of ways as well. Cut one in half and use as bookends; drill holes and add hooks for a unique key holder, or jacket holder. Hang with twine and then cleverly hang pictures as a unique way to display your favorite snapshots!


Color theme is key when it comes to ‘beaching’ your home. Soft turquoise and blue along with creamy whites, and beige work well on walls and even ceilings.  Think of what kind of waterfront you want to invoke; do you like the southern California look, a lakeside cabin, the Florida Keys or the Maine Coastline. The colors of these very different waterfronts should serve as inspiration for your overall color scheme.


If you’ve been to our showroom, you’ve gotten a glimpse of our whitewashed or distressed driftwood looking hardwood floors, which are also available in luxury vinyl tile. Use this flooring DC-pic-4throughout y our house to fully evoke the beach house vibe, or use in just the space you want to really embrace the beach décor in.


Our designers will help you during the design process to help you bring the beach home in a way that transitions into the colder months without a thought. The idea of having your décor as a backdrop for your beautiful home is our focus! We will help you choose the right kind of flooring to give you the type of waterfront look you want!

Understanding Hardwood Flooring Cut Types

Hardwood flooring may seem to be a ‘seen one, seen them all’ kind, but in reality, the myriad of choices goes beyond width and stain options. Sure, you can choose to go with wide plank, or narrow; any shade between black and white, and of course there’s different types of wood from oak to bamboo, but there are different cuts that are also important aspects of the end quality of your hardwood. The various sawing methods available can create many different flooring options all from one species of tree. How it’s cut and how it’s dried are just as important as the width of the board or stained, if not more so. The cut affects how the flooring will be installed, which makes a huge difference in the long run on the life and maintenance of your floors.

 rings2 - Understanding Hardwood Flooring Cut Types

Plain Sawn:

This cut is also known as flat sawn. Most old homes built in the early and mid-1900s and is what most people think of when they think of common oak floors.  Plain sawn is the most popular type of cut, and involves the least amount of waste. Due to the large yield of lumber with faster milling times, this cut provides the most affordable lumber.


Quarter Sawn:

When a log is cut into quarters, the annual growth rings are at 90 degrees to the surface. White Oak is a popular type of wood to be cut in this way because of the vibrant flecks and tight wavy grain pattern it creates.  More physical labor and time are required for this piece of lumber, creating a more unique grain pattern. Of course the labor drives the price of these boards; however, the cut is more stable than plain sawn.

quartersawing rift sawing and plain sawing explained 01 - Understanding Hardwood Flooring Cut Types

Rift Sawn:

This cut has annual growth rings angled around 45 degrees.  This cut is best for tables, chairs, and furniture legs that require a straight lined cut. Certainly flooring can be cut in this fashion as well, but it products a great deal of waste and requires a decent amount of labor, making it a pricy flooring option.


Make your appointment today to learn more about cuts of wood, and what yearly rings can do to the look of your boards. Find out what flecks and rays are in a plank of wood, and discuss what grain patterns you will find with the different type of wood species. The more you know about the wood you put down in your space, the easier it will be to choose the one that’s right for you; and, the more you’ll appreciate the hard work that goes into those hard floors!

Creating the Perfect Space For The Last Days of Summer

Creating the Perfect Space For The Last Days of Summer

Can you believe we’re in August? It feels like summer is slipping between our fingers, just when we were getting comfortable with the lazier part of the season. Swim season is over and many of us are planning our beach vacations. It’s the perfect time to create a summer nook that can transition into the colder seasons to enjoy a glass of iced tea, or a hot mug of cocoa when the time comes!

Think about what you want for your nook; do you want to look out the window? Do you want it to be in a quieter part of the house? Do you want it to be more cave-like than sunny nook? What you want from your private space will determine where you place it. Some examples of space is a corner in the basement, a quiet part of a sunroom, an unused closet, a part of the outdoors that sees a hutchison_pic_3lot of shade, or an unused portion of your dining room beside a window.

Once you determine what you want, you can then decide whether you want it to be a completely separated space, or if you want it to blend in with the rest of your home.  To blend the nook with the rest of your home, stick to the same color scheme or style. if you want to area to maintain a little privacy, use a stylish drape or unique bi-fold.

Use pillows and a bench to start, with a side table, or foot rest to use for drinks or books. Add drawing pads and even a place for snacks!

Lighting should match the mood; if you want your area to be dimly lit, choose soft lighting, maybe a stylish lamp. If you want there to be natural lighting, use a space that maximizes sunlight. If the area you are using is an actual cove, you can hang a small chandelier to give the space a lush look.

If your floors are in need of a change, you can incorporate the new flooring with your new nook! Follow the pattern of flooring up the wall or create a whole new design with flooring on the accentDave-s-basement-design-pic wall! If the design fits, you can add a different type of flooring to the area your nook will be in, which makes the space permanent and separate from the rest of the room/space.

If you have the idea, but don’t know where to start, ask one of our many designers to create the look you want with the perfect flooring, and paint color pairing.  Make your appointment today!

Home Design Inspiration

Home Design Inspiration


Decorating can be a lot of fun with a newly remodeled or updated space. You’ve taken the time to choose the right flooring, and painstakingly chosen the right tone for the room. It’s time to add your personal touches to truly bring all of your home together. Here are some of our designer tips to make your home exclusively yours!


Add Depth

DC-pic-2Mirrors can make a room look larger, lighter, or add more depth depending on how you use them. Large or small, mirrors can be incredibly versatile, and add a sophisticated style to any room.  Follow the style of your flooring to choose the right kind of mirror style.


Add Height


Low seated furniture can make a room seem taller, as does adding a light colored paint to your walls. If you are still in the updating process, select to raise your entryways  closer to the ceiling. All of these tips will ‘trick’ the eye to thinking the room is taller than it actually is. Keep the flooring shades light in particularly short or small rooms. Hang paintings high as well.


Add Interest


Adding interest to an otherwise neutral room can be achieved with a few key elements and some paint. Consider painting the trim around your windows a bright pop to create a powerful visual Sanchez pic 5impact. While you’re add it, try the 50/150 Rule to create the perfect color family. Mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker.  Use colors that complement the flooring as much as it complements the room’s décor.


Add Light

Chandeliers offer a regal look to an otherwise drab room. Take the width of the room in feet, double the number, and convert it to inches to find the minimum dimension for a chandelier. Don’t underestimate the power light fixtures have as a design element! The type of lighting you use can truly transform a space, so consider your overall design, the function of the lighting, and how you want it to work for you.


Sanchez pic 3Add Flooring


Flooring options are endless, and what you can achieve with flooring is just as limitless. Combine tile with wood flooring to create a truly unique and luxurious space!


Ask our designers to help you with any of these elements; it’s important to have the floors up to the ceiling look cohesive and make sense. Our designers will also take a look you already have in your room and show you how to turn it into what you ultimately want. Take some time today to talk to us about your vision!


Converting a Kid’s Basement Into A Space For Adults

Converting a Kid’s Basement Into A Space For Adults

When the kids are growing up, many times, the basement is used as a children’s space. Bright, colorful walls, carpeting, and toys make it a great space to divide the adults from the children and give them a place to grow and play. But after the years have passed, and the children are all grown up, you’re left with a basement that looks more like a preschool than an alternate place to entertain. Transform your space into a place you can either entertain friends, or relax in a more mature setting with just a few changes.


Most basements are lacking in light, so choose colors that will reflect the light you have by painting the walls a light color with a gray undertone. Using a color with a gray undertone will not only evoke a soothing feel to hutchison_pic_3the room, it’s also a more mature, sophisticated tone. Try blue-gray, green-gray, or beige-gray (“greige”). These colors are also great neutral backdrops to set the stage for the furniture.


If you want pops of color, choose to wallpaper one wall as an accent wall, or add bright pillows or accents.  If your flooring allows, add color through area rugs or with throws.  Hanging unique wall art will also spruce up the basement and give it a more adult hangout vibe.


Choosing furniture for your basement is slightly different than in the main area of the home. Most people want their basement to have a cozy, cave like feel to it, so choosing comfortable chairs, cushioned sofas, and perhaps a sectional. Choose soft fabrics like microfiber to give the room an even cozier feel. If you have windows, even if they’re small ones, put up curtains to give it more if an “established room” look.


Flooring is probably the single most effective way to transform a space, and with the basement, choosing something extraordinary will pull the whole room together. Choose a flooring that reflects your style, and feel Dave-s-basement-design-picfree to get a little fancy! Use two different types of flooring for separation purposes, or use one type for a clean look throughout.  Luxury vinyl tile works great in a basement as a way to make the space look more sophisticated, yet still be durable and moisture resistant at the same time.


Don’t be afraid to add accents as needed to make the space fit the overall look of the room you desire. Talk to one of our design experts who will help you pull together  the look you want and make the space adult-friendly!