4 Trendy Hardwood Floor Patterns

4 Trendy Hardwood Floor Patterns

Welcome to 2019. This year is about bringing more style and personality to your home. Your floors make a big difference in the impression your home gives, and traditional patterns can make your home seem, well…boring.

If you’re looking for ways to make your living space more enjoyable and worth living in, you might want to look at the state of your floor. It’s the ground you walk on every day, so why not keep it healthy and in style?

We have 4 trendy patterns that will take your floor to the next level.


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Herringbone is the pattern where planks are switching direction. One row of planks are facing right, and then the one above is facing left.

This design is ideal for anyone looking for a traditional style that’s a little busier and eye-catching. It’s perfect for larger, more open spaces.


Wide Planks

11 29 pic 6 1 150x150 - 4 Trendy Hardwood Floor PatternsAs the name implies, a wide plank refers to…wide planks. This design is often done in smaller spaces to make them look bigger.

This design has been very popular in the past year, partially because of the increase in smaller living spaces. The desire to make a space look larger played a big role in this pattern’s popularity.



12 18 1 150x150 - 4 Trendy Hardwood Floor PatternsAnother self-explanatory name. While most planks run parallel to the wall, these planks are diagonal. Again this design is great for adding business without too much detail. It’s great for a large space and making your room look fresh.




Mixed Width

97E22AA75997E22 620x450 150x150 - 4 Trendy Hardwood Floor PatternsFinally, we have our most unique and least common pattern. This one’s for the true hipsters at heart. For anyone who needs the explanation, mixed width refers to planks with different widths. This gives a sense of randomness and excitement to the floor.

Another great one for large spaces because it makes full use of the space and is so versatile.


When redesigning your home, consider one of these patterns to give your floor some unique personality and elevate your home into a place worth seeing every day.

Five Ways to Give Your Floors Character

Five Ways to Give Your Floors Character


Whether they’re dark, light, wide plank or narrow, wood floors are a beautiful update to any room or home, offering modern and classic style in one. Installing wood floors is a big step if you’re transitioning from carpet or tile, and isn’t limited to one room or another. However, you choose to have your floors installed, no one can disagree that everyone wants their floors to be unique. How can you bring a unique look to your home? Here are some tips that will work regardless of your design.


  1. Wide Plank

Wide plank floors offer a uniqueness that’s special to their design. Whereas most homes showcase a narrower plank, the wide plank will make a small space feel bigger and match the scale of larger rbennett-pic-2ooms as well. The grain in the flooring lends itself to either a rustic or sophisticated design.


  1. Varied Width

Your floors are a way to express yourself, and what better way than to add a creative touch? Although standard single width is the most conventional way to have floors laid, consider wood floors that are designed with random widths; it’s character is easy to see, and with careful design will look stunning in your home.


  1. Patterns

Add extra character to your floors by having them laid in a pattern such as Chevron, Herringbone or Versailles. These looks make a room come together and feel more finished while also providing the characteristics of a wood floor. You can choose to mix and match different colored wood to create a design in your floors to really stand out.


  1. Distressed

Distressed floors come in various plank sizes and colors; most importantly the distressed look adds a depth of character to your overall design. Pine flooring, due to the softness of the wood, is susceptible to distressed marking. You can also choose to have flooring that is specifically distressed for you. If you feel this may be too expensive of a task, there are multiple styles to choose fromIMG_3005 in luxury vinyl tile. The look is uncanny and can work with most budgets.


  1. Rustic

Rustic wood flooring can go from reclaimed wood stained to a rich finish, to wide plank pine with knots, to even luxury vinyl tile. The aged look of this type of flooring works beautifully in any room in your home, and gives your home that warmth and coziness you’re looking for.




If you aren’t sure what type of look you want, schedule an appointment with one of our designers. Discuss the look you have in your home, or the overall look you want to achieve. We will help you select the perfect look!

Playing With Patterned Flooring

Playing With Patterned Flooring

Decorating with patterns is not so difficult to do when we’re talking about pillows, throws, or other home décor, but do you feel brave enough to decorate with patterns on your floors? You would be surprised how much interest patterns can add to a room, even make a small room seem larger! Experimenting with different types of flooring and colors that compliment your already in place scheme (or completely changing the furniture as well) will give you a showroom feel and create a truly unique look!



hutchison pic 2 300x225 - Playing With Patterned FlooringIf you prefer hardwood, you can choose to go with a pattern; a chevron style is very unique, and very popular in today’s design. If you choose to go with a pattern with your hardwood however, we recommend you choose narrow planks; wide planks don’t translate well into that design, and will give the floors a clunkier feel.



There are great carpets that you can choose from that have either a tone on tone design (if you want to stay neutral) or flashier designs that evoke different feels. Speaking to one of our designers will help you in selecting the right pattern for your room. Bring pictures or invite our designers into Meltzer stairs 3 3-10-16your home to get a good idea on the space, design of the room, and the overall look you want to achieve.



Any kind in of tile you choose can be used in either a patter, or are patterned themselves. There are many different types of tile, and to narrow down what you want can be daunting! Start with magazine clippings of looks, styles, and designs you are drawn to. Think about the colors you love most, and what would work best with your existing Tile-pic-4furniture. Narrow it down further by selecting the era or ‘theme’ of your room (there are tiles that work quite wonderfully with whichever style you are drawn to most). Last, discuss all of these, and bring samples to your appointment with the designer to help you narrow it down even more. Take samples into your room or space and see if you can envision it!


If you’re not ready to marry a pattern, but a certain pattern struck you in a carpet, you can choose to have a custom carpet cut for you as a rug and complete the patterned look in your room without having to change all of the flooring to that pattern!


Don’t think that you have to use the same type of flooring throughout your entire home. Play with patterns and find the look that defines your space!