Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartments

Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are increasingly popular as many people enjoy living in the city or close by with easy access by public transportation. While usually a smaller space, studio apartments combine all the essentials such as a kitchen, living room, and bedroom in one large room. A studio apartment usually has one full bathroom and a closet, you may get lucky and have a small washer/dryer unit!

Since a studio apartment is one space with multiple functions, it can be hard to choose a one-size fits all flooring solution. You could choose the same type of flooring for the entire room or combine materials to help divide up the space, for instance a tile floor kitchen and bath while the rest of the apartment is carpeted or hardwoods. Flooring in a studio apartment can be tricky, but a flooring specialist can help you decide on the right option for your budget and preferences. A landlord who is renting an apartment versus someone who owns their own space may have separate needs as well.


Carpet is a popular option due to being easily replaceable as well as budget friendly. Carpet does tend to show wear and tear quickly, as well as attracting and trapping dust and dirt. It can be difficult to keep clean, particularly if you have 9 7 pic 11 300x225 - Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartmentschildren or pets. Dark-colored carpet in a tight weave may be better than plush, light-colored carpet, particularly if you are a landlord renting the apartment and expecting turnover between renters. Carpeted spaces can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms for individuals who suffer from these conditions without regular, thorough cleaning.


Laminate flooring is versatile, budget-friendly and can be customized to mimic the look of tile or wood. It is easy to clean and can tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Installing it is very simple and it is appropriate for the majority of the apartment, although laminate does become excessively slippering when wet and may be a poor fit for the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry area if you have one.


Hardwood floors are beautiful and will definitely elevate the look of your apartment. Choosing a dark, wide plank can give your studio apartment a modern vibe while a lighter colored wood will make your space feel larger. Hardwoods, 8 20 pic 2 300x225 - Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartmentshowever, are very expensive, although for a smaller space there may be a budget-friendly option. Pets and moving furniture around can damage hardwoods and may need polishing or refinishing when you are ready to move.


Tile flooring is more expensive than laminate or carpet but works well throughout the entire home since it is moisture-resistant and can be used with ease in the kitchen and bathroom. Tile will last for a long time and holds up well to children and pets.

Five Ways to Give Your Floors Character

Five Ways to Give Your Floors Character


Whether they’re dark, light, wide plank or narrow, wood floors are a beautiful update to any room or home, offering modern and classic style in one. Installing wood floors is a big step if you’re transitioning from carpet or tile, and isn’t limited to one room or another. However, you choose to have your floors installed, no one can disagree that everyone wants their floors to be unique. How can you bring a unique look to your home? Here are some tips that will work regardless of your design.


  1. Wide Plank

Wide plank floors offer a uniqueness that’s special to their design. Whereas most homes showcase a narrower plank, the wide plank will make a small space feel bigger and match the scale of larger rbennett-pic-2ooms as well. The grain in the flooring lends itself to either a rustic or sophisticated design.


  1. Varied Width

Your floors are a way to express yourself, and what better way than to add a creative touch? Although standard single width is the most conventional way to have floors laid, consider wood floors that are designed with random widths; it’s character is easy to see, and with careful design will look stunning in your home.


  1. Patterns

Add extra character to your floors by having them laid in a pattern such as Chevron, Herringbone or Versailles. These looks make a room come together and feel more finished while also providing the characteristics of a wood floor. You can choose to mix and match different colored wood to create a design in your floors to really stand out.


  1. Distressed

Distressed floors come in various plank sizes and colors; most importantly the distressed look adds a depth of character to your overall design. Pine flooring, due to the softness of the wood, is susceptible to distressed marking. You can also choose to have flooring that is specifically distressed for you. If you feel this may be too expensive of a task, there are multiple styles to choose fromIMG_3005 in luxury vinyl tile. The look is uncanny and can work with most budgets.


  1. Rustic

Rustic wood flooring can go from reclaimed wood stained to a rich finish, to wide plank pine with knots, to even luxury vinyl tile. The aged look of this type of flooring works beautifully in any room in your home, and gives your home that warmth and coziness you’re looking for.




If you aren’t sure what type of look you want, schedule an appointment with one of our designers. Discuss the look you have in your home, or the overall look you want to achieve. We will help you select the perfect look!

Making Wood and Tile Work Together

Making Wood and Tile Work Together

Adding flooring to your home doesn’t always mean replacing an entire home’s worth. Sometimes you have to update one room while another room remains with the original flooring. The contrast can be quite beautiful and increase your home’s value if done well. Keep in mind when wood floors are laid beside tile, there is a crucial second step that must be considered.


When wood flooring is laid next to tile there is a small, unavoidable gap between the two types of flooring. This is typically called a grout line or a grout gap and will be filled in order to achieve a Meltzer_stair_pic_4-15-16seamless look between the two types of flooring. This narrow seam is not only natural, its necessary for there to be a smooth transition from one type of flooring to another. So, who fills in this gap?


Many people assume when a flooring company comes in to replace their flooring, and it is incorporated into a space that also has tile, that the flooring company fills in the gap. Unfortunately, that’s a common misconception. After the flooring company is done laying the flooring, the tile company must then come back to grout this space. Why, you ask? Because the tile company that installed your tile will have a record of the exact type and color of tile and grout used in the original installation., Using the original grout color will maintain consistency and hide the new grout line.


The good news is, if you hired us to do your tile AND your flooring, you’re in luck! However, if you did not hire us to do your tile, it’s a good idea to schedule the tile company to come after the installation. Talk to us about when to schedule them to come out; the wood will need a little bit of time to cure. Of course, if we’ve done your tile, we will schedule the grout application when we schedule your installation.


Talk to us about your new project, and where the flooring will meet tile. We will help you select the flooring that will best match the tones in your tile so that both types of flooring pair well withDubas pic 3 each other. It’s a common mistake to choose a flooring that clashes in color with the existing flooring, and when it comes to floors, it’s not easy to hide a mistake!


Don’t spend additional, unnecessary money; talk to our professionals and we’ll have your room flow look seamless and spectacular!

Playing With Patterned Flooring

Playing With Patterned Flooring

Decorating with patterns is not so difficult to do when we’re talking about pillows, throws, or other home décor, but do you feel brave enough to decorate with patterns on your floors? You would be surprised how much interest patterns can add to a room, even make a small room seem larger! Experimenting with different types of flooring and colors that compliment your already in place scheme (or completely changing the furniture as well) will give you a showroom feel and create a truly unique look!



hutchison pic 2 300x225 - Playing With Patterned FlooringIf you prefer hardwood, you can choose to go with a pattern; a chevron style is very unique, and very popular in today’s design. If you choose to go with a pattern with your hardwood however, we recommend you choose narrow planks; wide planks don’t translate well into that design, and will give the floors a clunkier feel.



There are great carpets that you can choose from that have either a tone on tone design (if you want to stay neutral) or flashier designs that evoke different feels. Speaking to one of our designers will help you in selecting the right pattern for your room. Bring pictures or invite our designers into Meltzer stairs 3 3-10-16your home to get a good idea on the space, design of the room, and the overall look you want to achieve.



Any kind in of tile you choose can be used in either a patter, or are patterned themselves. There are many different types of tile, and to narrow down what you want can be daunting! Start with magazine clippings of looks, styles, and designs you are drawn to. Think about the colors you love most, and what would work best with your existing Tile-pic-4furniture. Narrow it down further by selecting the era or ‘theme’ of your room (there are tiles that work quite wonderfully with whichever style you are drawn to most). Last, discuss all of these, and bring samples to your appointment with the designer to help you narrow it down even more. Take samples into your room or space and see if you can envision it!


If you’re not ready to marry a pattern, but a certain pattern struck you in a carpet, you can choose to have a custom carpet cut for you as a rug and complete the patterned look in your room without having to change all of the flooring to that pattern!


Don’t think that you have to use the same type of flooring throughout your entire home. Play with patterns and find the look that defines your space!

Keeping Your Carpets Clean During A Memorial Day Barbecue!

Keeping Your Carpets Clean During A Memorial Day Barbecue!

Memorial Day has acquired a few different meanings over the years. Of course, it’s a time to reflect on those who’ve given their life to protect our country. To be grateful for those who’ve served and continue to serve; we are eternally grateful. It’s also a time to kick-off summer (unofficially, of course) and nearly every home in this country celebrate that with a good old backyard barbecue! It’s a great time to get together with friends and family and enjoy a nice grilled burger or hot dog. If you’ve recently replaced your carpets, however, you’re going to want to keep them clean and free of traffic dirt and any sauce spills that could threaten the flooring. Here are our tips on how to clean the biggest condiment offenders!




b2ap3_thumbnail_citrus-fresh-ketchup-stain-1-978x550Who doesn’t love a load of ketchup on their hot dog or burger? Take a big bite out of that bad boy, and inevitably a dollop squirts out from the back, dropping to the floor. Use the dull edge of a butter knife to remove as much ketchup as possible. Dab lukewarm water on the stain if it’s dried. Apply club soda to the stain and blot with a clean cloth. Spray with detergent solution and let soak for five minutes. Blot with a clean cloth.






Mustard and Ketchup seem to do the same for your grilled meat-make it taste infinitely better, and make a mess! When you discover the mustard stain, don’t scrub it! You could potentially make matters worse. Take a clean cloth and blot the stain gently to remove as much of the mustard as possible. Blot the stain with a solution of 2 cups warm water and 1 part dishwashing detergent. Mix a bit of dishwashing detergent and hydrogen peroxide to create a paste, and then use a spatula to spread the paste onto the stain. Use a steam iron on the lowest setting and hover the iron over themustard stain on carpet stain (don’t touch it!) for 30 seconds to loosen the stain. Next, dip a clean towel into cold water and blot to lift off any mustard residue, and pat with a dry clean cloth until the mustard stain is no longer visible.


Barbecue Sauce


This is what grilling is made for-barbecue sauce! It can be a real pain if your guests spill any of that sauce onto your brand new carpet. But don’t worry, follow these steps: First, mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water. Use a clean cloth to dip into solution, and then blot the stain. Repeat these steps until the stain has disappeared. If the stain is still there, mix one tablespoon of ammonia with ½ cup warm water and soak the stain by blotting with a clean cloth; sponge with cold water and blot dry.


If you’re in the market for new carpeting, wait till after your Barbecue party, but if you’ve just replaced your carpet, use this guide to keep them looking new no matter how many guests, or condiments, touch your carpet this weekend!