Five Growing Hardwood Trends for Your Spring Remodel

Five Growing Hardwood Trends for Your Spring Remodel

Spring is the official season of remodels-the weather is getting warmer which means more work can be done on the house, and if you’re prepping for a big tax return, many of you plan to reinvest it into your home. No matter how you and when you plan your remodel, there are some major trends that we think are here to stay in the Northern Virginia area that you should consider.


Ultra-Dark/Ebony Woods


Dark stains such as ebony, dark walnut, and warm Jacobean can make a bold statement in your design, giving your home a contemporary appearance. Dark hardwoods such as oak, walnut, and cherry are also Francisco pic 4 225x300 - Five Growing Hardwood Trends for Your Spring Remodelideal for more traditional or classic homes. Either way, the colors you choose for the walls and design you select to tie the room together will ultimately determine the look you’re going for.


Lime-Washed Woods


You can also contrast bod hues in your home with a faint lime finish. This stain mutes dark ebony, oak or ash to create a more vintage, weathered look. You can choose to keep the soft, muted tones throughout your home, or contrast the floors with a bold design. The possibilities are endless!


Wide Planks


Northern Virginia seems to be in love with wide planked hardwood floors and for good reason. We are lucky enough to live in an area rich with history, and homes of our past only had wide planked floors. Wide planks range 5”-7” as opposed to the traditional 3 1/2” planks. These planks can create the illusion of space in a small area and are ideal for smaller living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms.


Gray Woods


With the help of Joanne and Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, the charm of Urban Farmhouse Chic has swept the nation and become the most popular look of homes today. Gray flooring has found its place in modern and contemporary homes because of this. Gray floors come in a variety of shades from faint to dark and finishes from sleek to rustic. The versatile look is also great at hiding dust and scratches making it DC pic 4 300x200 - Five Growing Hardwood Trends for Your Spring Remodela wonderful addition to a busy home.


Making the Old New Again


We’ve also seen an influx of customers wanting to bring the original charm of their old floors back by way of salvaging them. Techniques like hand-scraping and wire brushing can add value to your hardwood floors. Have them stained to reveal the natural grain and rustic character. With all of the beautiful old homes we have in the area, it’s easy to take advantage of what’s already there.


Take a moment to sit down with one of our members of the design team. We will walk you through the processes to help you decide what you want and when you want it done. Take advantage of the spring season and get started on your remodel today!

Selecting the Right Flooring Company for You

You’ve made a decision: you’re finally going to upgrade the flooring in your home, and now you’re going to spend some time researching the perfect look for your space. Design is only a part of the overall project, of course. Selecting the right company to lay the flooring is also very important. The flooring contractor should share your vision and be able to offer suggestions as well. Most importantly, the flooring company should have certain characteristics that put them above all others and the perfect company to start your flooring project.



Are they licensed and insured? It’s an easy question that doesn’t get header-aboutUsasked enough. If they say they are licensed and insured, ask them to email you a copy, this goes for any other subcontractors you may have working on your home doing other projects as well. If the flooring company isn’t insured and licensed and something happens on your property, you could be held liable for any injuries.


Do they have examples of work that look similar to what you want? This gives you two things: one, you can see whether or not you would like that flooring in your home after seeing it in a real world setting and two, what their finished work looks like. Your flooring company should have many samples of different flooring they’ve laid in the past to give you a varied idea of what their work looks like.


Do they have references? It’s not just about the pictures, you want to talk to their clients too. The flooring could be lovely, but if the client they did the floors for says it took months to finish, and had to come back and finish it, or left things damaged afterwards, you need to know this. No picture can tell you the story that went behind what you see.


If you’re not home, will someone be there to supervise? This is extremely important. You need to know who is in your home and what they’re doing, but it’s impossible for you to stand jose-pic-5over them the entire time they’re there. There should be a supervisor on site the whole time the floors are being put in and you should have the contact information for the supervisor to make sure you have some point of contact if something goes wrong.



Answer these questions, and make sure you feel comfortable with the company, after all this is going to be an intimate relationship for at least a little while, and you want to trust the company that will be making quite the impact on your home. Also, after you’ve done your research, and had your questions answered, be sure to choose the company that most matches you, not the one that’s the cheapest. Your home is important to you; basing a decision on cost alone will end up costing you more in the end.


We would love to be the company you select to put your flooring in! Schedule your appointment with one of our designers and let us show you how we can be the perfect company to upgrade your home!

5 Ways to Design the Perfect Breakfast Nook

5 Ways to Design the Perfect Breakfast Nook

A cozy and inviting breakfast nook is a welcome addition to any kitchen! Many kitchens have them built-in since it enjoyable to have a spot for casual dining or a relaxing cup of coffee with the newspaper in the morning. It is easy to add a breakfast nook to a kitchen without one; an awkward alcove or small corner works perfectly! Use these tips to design a breakfast area in your own kitchen!

  1. Assess your space! Does your kitchen have a built-in breakfast nook or is there a spot you can add one in? A small bistro table can easily fit in to a tight space. Get out your measuring tape to help you decide what you have room for. Designating the area in front of a window for a breakfast nook is very inviting but this is not always possible.bennett-pic-3
  2. Choose your dining surface! A small bistro table for a couple or a larger rectangular or round table for the family. Have the measurements of your space with you while you shop for furniture! Breakfast nooks tend to be small so it is important to choose a piece of furniture that fits.
  3. Decide on your seating! A table and chairs is traditional but a table with stools can be an option. Think about the number of people who will be using the space. A couple can use a table with two chairs but if the whole family will be having breakfast, you may need more seats. A loveseat or custom window bench is a great way to cozy up the space while also adding room for additional people. Throw pillows in complementing colors can be added to make your nook visually pleasing and welcoming! Check that the height of your seating allows people to comfortably sit at the table.Waymire 7
  4. How are your floors? Kitchen floors are often tile but hardwood or laminate is a popular choice in modern homes. Protect your floors from scratches from furniture and food spills with a rug. The right area rug can really make the breakfast nook stand out. A brightly colored rug adds a pop of color and energy to the room! Don’t be hesitant to try a different texture or design then you may Are your floors in good condition? Call us for a consultation if you are looking for a change!

5. Add in the extras! A vase of fresh flowers can add some color and warmth to the room. If there is extra room, consider a baker’s rack or hutch for extra storage. A hutch could be turned into a coffee bar with extra mugs as well as flavored syrup, sugar, and cinnamon. Make this space welcoming for your family with cheery prints on the wall and a chalkboard for notes. Consider using a mismatched set of vintage teacups or cartoon character juice classes; whatever makes you happy! The traditional “rules” for dinnerware get thrown out the window in a cozy, family gathering spot like the breakfast nook

Making Wood and Tile Work Together

Making Wood and Tile Work Together

Adding flooring to your home doesn’t always mean replacing an entire home’s worth. Sometimes you have to update one room while another room remains with the original flooring. The contrast can be quite beautiful and increase your home’s value if done well. Keep in mind when wood floors are laid beside tile, there is a crucial second step that must be considered.


When wood flooring is laid next to tile there is a small, unavoidable gap between the two types of flooring. This is typically called a grout line or a grout gap and will be filled in order to achieve a Meltzer_stair_pic_4-15-16seamless look between the two types of flooring. This narrow seam is not only natural, its necessary for there to be a smooth transition from one type of flooring to another. So, who fills in this gap?


Many people assume when a flooring company comes in to replace their flooring, and it is incorporated into a space that also has tile, that the flooring company fills in the gap. Unfortunately, that’s a common misconception. After the flooring company is done laying the flooring, the tile company must then come back to grout this space. Why, you ask? Because the tile company that installed your tile will have a record of the exact type and color of tile and grout used in the original installation., Using the original grout color will maintain consistency and hide the new grout line.


The good news is, if you hired us to do your tile AND your flooring, you’re in luck! However, if you did not hire us to do your tile, it’s a good idea to schedule the tile company to come after the installation. Talk to us about when to schedule them to come out; the wood will need a little bit of time to cure. Of course, if we’ve done your tile, we will schedule the grout application when we schedule your installation.


Talk to us about your new project, and where the flooring will meet tile. We will help you select the flooring that will best match the tones in your tile so that both types of flooring pair well withDubas pic 3 each other. It’s a common mistake to choose a flooring that clashes in color with the existing flooring, and when it comes to floors, it’s not easy to hide a mistake!


Don’t spend additional, unnecessary money; talk to our professionals and we’ll have your room flow look seamless and spectacular!

Bringing The Fall Indoors

Bringing The Fall Indoors

The leaves are changing color and everything is pumpkin spiced; fall is here! A change in seasons can be a great inspiration for refreshing your home décor, both inside and out. Outdoor spaces like an entryway can be refreshed with a seasonal wreath. Speaking of the outdoors, now is also a great time to check on outdoor floodlights and walkway lights, both for your safety with the sun setting earlier and for that of trick-or-treater’s visiting your house!

During the autumn, the morning air is brisk and daylight fades earlier so it is likely that your family will be spending more time indoors. Everything cozy and comfortable is back in season in your wardrobe so bring these same themes into your living spaces. Simple swaps such as adding thicker throw blankets and pillows in warmer tones like burgundy or chocolate can make a chilly room bennett-pic-3more comfortable. Plaid patterns or materials like flannel and fleece are perfect for the season. Fresh flowers like mums and miniature pumpkins or gourds can be added to decorative bowls, side tables, or fireplace mantels bringing the colors of the season inside. Rearranging seating furniture can refresh the room while creating cozy spaces for conversation. Natural afternoon sunlight can be replaced with a well-placed lamp.

You might notice that major updates are needed to your indoor living spaces, such as new flooring or wall color. Flooring with warm tones such as walnut or cherry help to make a room feel cozy in addition to being beautiful; particularly when paired with walls painted with lighter shades. Beige or gray wall tones complement these floor choices well and do not clash with seasonal accent items. Deep red, orange, gold, and brown tones in accent pieces go well with warm-toned flooring and light-colored walls. Accents in these rich fall colors will also add visual interest and texture to a room with neutral toned walls.

Scraped wood floors and faded-looking floors are a big trend we’ve seen in the past couple of years, and still see going strong moving forward. Both of these types of floors are found in hardwood and in luxury vinyl tile. Both types of flooring can really transform the look of the room according to the season. For the fall, pull inspiration from your scraped wood floors and add mustard or warm brick colors to your décor. With the faded-looking floors, you can work off of the gray tones and add deep purple or oxblood to your room to really cozy up the space. As for metals, use bennett-pic-2copper or burnished bronze to bring a bit of richness and depth to your room. Any of these styles can easily and affordably be done with the help of our designers.


We’re coming into the holiday season; a great time to have the discussion with one of our designers about the condition of your floors, or the possibility of having them replaced. Give us a call today to get started on your new fall space.