Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

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With so many choices for your bathroom tile and floors, it’s hard to pick! Kruper’s experts can help design the best fit for your needs. When making your decision, keep the upcoming trends in mind. This will help you pick the best flooring that will stay popular for the longest amount of time. Here are some of the trends we think will be huge!

White has been a very popular color for bathrooms over the years. Recently, darker colored flooring, furniture and walls have started to emerge in kitchen and living room design. This trend is going to stretch into farmhouse style - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!bathroom design and be super huge! Try easing into the trend by slowly adding darker accents like matte black plumbing, or one dark accent wall. Or take the plunge and pick out a dark shade of flooring to give your bathroom tons of depth.

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flooring materials. They are easy to keep clean and can stand up to the extra moisture in bathrooms. But sometimes, the tile can be cold on your bare feet. Whichever tile you pick, you can get a great heated floor by installing an underfloor heating system. These systems are getting increasingly affordable and will really take the edge off of the chilly floor this Fall.

Another big trend is uniquely shaped or designed tiles. Modern technology allows ceramic tile to be cut into intricate shapes like hexagons, diamonds and chevrons. You can choose from neutral shades and designs, or intricate patterns and textures. For another great design, take basic tile shapes and lay them in an interesting pattern. Herringbone tiling is also huge right now. Another great aspect of tiling in the bathroom is that 12 12 pic 3 225x300 - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!you can integrate the flooring with the tub or shower area.

Updating your bathroom is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Stay on trend with dark accents, heated floors, uniquely shaped or designed tiling, or a combination of all three. These trends are going to be huge, so get started planning your bathroom upgrade at Kruper today!

Planning to Sell? These Changes Add the Most Value

Planning to Sell? These Changes Add the Most Value

Some home renovations pay off much better than others! Home improvement projects geared towards a homeowner’s tastes have the least positive effect on asking price. A specially designed art studio will not appeal to most buyers but projects like kitchen and bath renovations will! Home buyers love to see a brand new kitchen, gleaming appliances, hardwood floors, and beautiful landscaping.

Buyers also care about features they can’t necessarily see from a home listing like a new siding and a new furnace, but they place value on these repairs.

Many home improvements add value both for the current homeowner and for when it is time to sell. Installing hardwood floors in a home increases home value significantly but are also a beautiful aesthetic for the current owner, along with being easier to clean and maintain than other flooring types like carpet. It is easy to refinish or change the color of a hardwood floor. Carpet is a home improvement that a homeowner is more likely to consider right before selling their house. Carpet is harder to keep clean and freshly installed carpet may be more appealing to a buyer than carpet that is several years old or older.

Your budget may help you decide where to spend your money on home improvements. If you are going to be in your house for longer, your preferences may decide this but if you are selling soon you may lean towards improvements that increase the visual appeal of your home. A dated kitchen or bathroom, dingy paint, or stained carpet may be where you start first!

Renovations with Best Return on Investment

9 26 pic 2 225x300 - Planning to Sell? These Changes Add the Most ValueHardwood Floors

When polled, a survey of buyers much preferred hardwood floors in the living room and dining room and slightly preferred hardwoods to carpet in bedrooms (55% to 45%). Hardwood floors are also slightly favored in the kitchen over tile floors. Younger buyers vastly prefer hardwood floors

Major Bathroom Remodel

Everyone loves a new bathroom! Bathrooms tend to have an 85% return on investment, while also bringing improved function to the current homeowner. Dual vanities, a deep soaking tub, and storage are all valued by buyers!

Replacement Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has an 89% return on investment. It may not be the first thing a buyer notices but it adds a lot to a home’s asking price, typically $8,000 more.

Major Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen remodels are very expensive, but tend to add a lot to your home’s asking price. A kitchen remodel can bring heightened function, style, and organization to the current homeowner along with generally having an 81% return on investment.5 15 17 pic 1 200x300 - Planning to Sell? These Changes Add the Most Value


Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartments

Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are increasingly popular as many people enjoy living in the city or close by with easy access by public transportation. While usually a smaller space, studio apartments combine all the essentials such as a kitchen, living room, and bedroom in one large room. A studio apartment usually has one full bathroom and a closet, you may get lucky and have a small washer/dryer unit!

Since a studio apartment is one space with multiple functions, it can be hard to choose a one-size fits all flooring solution. You could choose the same type of flooring for the entire room or combine materials to help divide up the space, for instance a tile floor kitchen and bath while the rest of the apartment is carpeted or hardwoods. Flooring in a studio apartment can be tricky, but a flooring specialist can help you decide on the right option for your budget and preferences. A landlord who is renting an apartment versus someone who owns their own space may have separate needs as well.


Carpet is a popular option due to being easily replaceable as well as budget friendly. Carpet does tend to show wear and tear quickly, as well as attracting and trapping dust and dirt. It can be difficult to keep clean, particularly if you have 9 7 pic 11 300x225 - Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartmentschildren or pets. Dark-colored carpet in a tight weave may be better than plush, light-colored carpet, particularly if you are a landlord renting the apartment and expecting turnover between renters. Carpeted spaces can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms for individuals who suffer from these conditions without regular, thorough cleaning.


Laminate flooring is versatile, budget-friendly and can be customized to mimic the look of tile or wood. It is easy to clean and can tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Installing it is very simple and it is appropriate for the majority of the apartment, although laminate does become excessively slippering when wet and may be a poor fit for the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry area if you have one.


Hardwood floors are beautiful and will definitely elevate the look of your apartment. Choosing a dark, wide plank can give your studio apartment a modern vibe while a lighter colored wood will make your space feel larger. Hardwoods, 8 20 pic 2 300x225 - Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartmentshowever, are very expensive, although for a smaller space there may be a budget-friendly option. Pets and moving furniture around can damage hardwoods and may need polishing or refinishing when you are ready to move.


Tile flooring is more expensive than laminate or carpet but works well throughout the entire home since it is moisture-resistant and can be used with ease in the kitchen and bathroom. Tile will last for a long time and holds up well to children and pets.

Best Flooring Ideas for High-rise Homes and Condos

If you’ve looked around the Northern Virginia area lately, you see lots and lots of new buildings and condos going up nearly every day! There are new townhomes and buildings dotting the landscape all over the interior of the loop, and it doesn’t look as though it’s slowing down anytime soon. Years ago, you didn’t get the same kind of high-end details in a condo, townhouse, or high-rise apartment that you would in a detached home. Nowadays, those high-end details are front and center in the multitude of options new owners have in customizing their space.


Flooring may not seem to be a major factor in the overall design of your home, however, what you choose could not only up the value of your space, it will make your neighbors happy as well. Let’s explore a few different types of flooring options.




Hardwood is going to be your most expensive option, however the durability and sound it creates in your space is worth it. Hardwood will make your space appear larger, is easy to clean, and has soft acoustics (which is important if your space is more loft-like).



Tile is pricy like hardwood however if used in small spaces such as a bathroom or kitchen it’s quite worth the cost. High traffic areas like a doorway can also fare well with tile, and create a more dedicated space for a foyer if your space is very open-concept. Tile can be very loud to walk on (the acoustics are hollow) and cold under feet.



Carpet is widely popular as a choice for flooring, and the cost can vary depending on the type you get. Carpet feels soft and gives a soft feeling to a room as well. Because of the padding, it’s quiet to walk on and is simple to install. The only downfall to carpet is how easily it stains. Be careful with it, and it can last you for many years.




Laminate flooring has become quite popular in the last few years for its durability, affordability, and huge selection in options. Because laminate does not fare well with water, we don’t recommend it in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, however, if you choose to go with laminate that looks like tile or hardwood, you’ll get a look that is so much like the real thing; it’s hard to tell the difference. When walking across it, it echoes a soft, hollow.


With so many flooring choices to choose from, it’s difficult to know what the best direction to follow is! Have one of our designers visit you in your new condo or high-rise to help you decide which one is the best for you!

Damaged Floors During a Move

Damaged Floors During a Move

Recently, we worked on a home whose floors had been damaged by the previous owner’s movers. It’s a tough place to be in when you’ve just purchased a home with beautiful floors (this may have even been the major factor in purchasing the home), only to find the floors aren’t in the same condition as when you bought the house. Perhaps the same has happened to you; you sell the house, ready to move, and your movers neglect to take the proper precautions for the integrity of your floors.


It may be too late now to prevent this type of damage, but for those who plan to move at the beginning of the year, take note of some of our tips to save you money and the whole repair process.


Old Hick pic 6Larger and more mainstream movers tend to use runners to prevent damage, but if you’re working with a lesser known or more affordable mover (or, you’re moving yourself), try to use runners or protective mats that can be cut into any shape. Try to find the type of runners which roll out flat and cling to your floor with a non-adhesive backing.


Make sure the movers or whomever it is moving your furniture doesn’t drag the furniture. You wouldn’t have done it living there; you shouldn’t be doing it moving out of there. If the furniture is just too heavy to lift, cover the feet and edges with a soft fabric or Velcro padding. This will protect the floors on your move out, and is a good precaution to take in the new house as you arrange and rearrange furniture in the future.


You may also want to consider a dollie; both smaller, lightweight items can be stacked on to the dollie, and heavier items can be transported on the dollie as well. Wrap in padding to protect the hardwood in case you drop the item on the floor.


Larson pic 4This is winter after all and the weather recently hasn’t proven this to be true, but if there’s snow or ice, take extra precaution to not track in salt onto your floors. Floors can be irreparably damaged by salt, not to mention the mess the snow or rain or even ice can leave, especially if gravel is involved.


Aside from the damage weather can make to your old floors, be sure to measure your new space to prevent damage to your new floors. Measuring furniture and visualizing your furniture in your new space will prevent you from scratching floors in order to fit a too large couch, or damage walls to squeeze in a large chest.


Don’t risk damaging your new or old floors. Taking a few preventative steps will make you and your buyer much happier in the end!