How to Bring Luxury to Your Home on a Budget


Staying in a luxury hotel or resort while traveling is a fabulous treat. These hotels are clean and comfortable, decorated beautifully, and lack the clutter and to do list of our everyday lives. There is no reason though to not feel like we live in a clean, comfortable and luxurious space every day, no matter your budget. With some simple tips and tricks, your home can feel like a luxurious retreat too!

  1. Create An Inviting Entryway

IMG 3013th e1473948519700 225x300 -A nice hotel lobby is well appointed and welcomes you to sit down and relax as you wait to check in or while you are waiting to meet up with someone. You can create this luxurious, welcoming feeling in the entryway at your home. Keep the entryway of your home uncluttered by hanging up coats and putting away shoes as soon as you reach home. If you have the space, a small entryway table with a mirror above it looks welcoming. Add a lamp and décor to the table, a decorative bowl or tray to hold keys would work well. If there is additional space, a chair or small bench where your family and guests can sit to remove their shoes would all feel very inviting.


  1. Improve Your Bedroom


A clean and airy bedroom with a comfortable bed is a hallmark of any luxury hotel. This look is easy to create and maintain at home. Begin with updating your mattress and bedframe if you need to. Does your mattress sag or leave you feeling worse for the wear in the morning?  If you have room in your budget, upgrading your mattress will seriously improve how rested you feel. A hotel bed typically has luxurious pillows and bed linens. A new crisp white sheet set, some fluffy pillows, and a duvet will help you create the look of luxury in your bedroom. Make your bed each morning to achieve the feel of a hotel. Also, take some time to declutter and clean your bedroom. No one can relax when faced with piles of clutter or if they feel like the space is not clean.


  1. Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

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Walking into the bathroom at a luxury hotel can make you feel like you have entered the spa, with gleaming counters, fluffy towels, and boutique bath products. You can transform your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere with a few small improvements. If needed, give your bathroom a thorough cleaning until it shines! Replace your shower curtain and liner and old towels with fluffy, over-sized new ones. Add in some new fluffy bath rugs and some specialty soaps and your bathroom will feel like a spa in no time!


  1. Think About Your Flooring

Hotels usually have a layered look with gleaming hardwood or tile floors with area and throw rugs layered on top. This look makes a space look well-organized and thoughtfully planned. Hotel floors are also beautifully clean and sparkling! Keep your floors clean with regular sweeping. Choose new area rugs or throw rugs that compliment your décor and coordinate with your flooring. If you have room in your budget, consider flooring updates such as installing hardwood or refinishing an older floor. These changes can really improve the look of your home, give us a call if we can help you make these improvements!

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

The word ‘Vinyl’ gives many the image of cheap flooring from the 70’s or 80’s with ugly patterns and even uglier seams. The vinyl flooring of today is nowhere near the kind you grew up with. Today’s vinyl flooring is actually quite luxurious with many more options than ever before. It’s durable, its budget friendly, and can be as realistic as real hardwood, ceramic tile, and even stone.



Wanderer pic 3With luxury vinyl flooring, you have the choice of plank that mimics the look of fine hardwood such as walnut, maple, even mahogany or oak. It comes as authentic as can be with depth of color, grain pattern, texture, board length, width, and beveled edges and ends. If you’re looking to replace flooring in your home but don’t have the budget for the look you want, don’t worry! Luxury vinyl gives you the look you want, plus the durability of traditional vinyl!



If you prefer the look of natural stone or ceramic tile, vinyl also comes in tiles. The cold brittle hardness of stone and ceramic tile is replaced with the warm and soft feeling of vinyl. Plus, the softness lessens the possibility of shattered dropped items.



Luxury vinyl flooring is water and stain resistant and scratch resistant also. It also won’t trap dust, pet dander, and other allergens (which is a major issue for many families).  What makes vinyl flooring so wonderful? A protective layer of enhanced urethane makes these floors resistant to scratches and scuffs. Another clear film layer adds durability and helps protect against rips tears and gouges.


New vinyl flooring options look so much like the hardwood and ceramic you love because of high resolution imaging. This technology delivers the exact look you want to achieve! slider-kf


Ask one of our designers to show you all of the options we offer in luxury vinyl flooring, and which rooms of your home this type of flooring would benefit most from vinyl. Don’t be afraid of vinyl because of the stigma that has been attached to it for so long. Today’s vinyl is more luxurious, offers more options, and is more diverse than any you’ve seen or experienced before! Set your appointment up today!