Selecting the Right Flooring Company for You

You’ve made a decision: you’re finally going to upgrade the flooring in your home, and now you’re going to spend some time researching the perfect look for your space. Design is only a part of the overall project, of course. Selecting the right company to lay the flooring is also very important. The flooring contractor should share your vision and be able to offer suggestions as well. Most importantly, the flooring company should have certain characteristics that put them above all others and the perfect company to start your flooring project.



Are they licensed and insured? It’s an easy question that doesn’t get header-aboutUsasked enough. If they say they are licensed and insured, ask them to email you a copy, this goes for any other subcontractors you may have working on your home doing other projects as well. If the flooring company isn’t insured and licensed and something happens on your property, you could be held liable for any injuries.


Do they have examples of work that look similar to what you want? This gives you two things: one, you can see whether or not you would like that flooring in your home after seeing it in a real world setting and two, what their finished work looks like. Your flooring company should have many samples of different flooring they’ve laid in the past to give you a varied idea of what their work looks like.


Do they have references? It’s not just about the pictures, you want to talk to their clients too. The flooring could be lovely, but if the client they did the floors for says it took months to finish, and had to come back and finish it, or left things damaged afterwards, you need to know this. No picture can tell you the story that went behind what you see.


If you’re not home, will someone be there to supervise? This is extremely important. You need to know who is in your home and what they’re doing, but it’s impossible for you to stand jose-pic-5over them the entire time they’re there. There should be a supervisor on site the whole time the floors are being put in and you should have the contact information for the supervisor to make sure you have some point of contact if something goes wrong.



Answer these questions, and make sure you feel comfortable with the company, after all this is going to be an intimate relationship for at least a little while, and you want to trust the company that will be making quite the impact on your home. Also, after you’ve done your research, and had your questions answered, be sure to choose the company that most matches you, not the one that’s the cheapest. Your home is important to you; basing a decision on cost alone will end up costing you more in the end.


We would love to be the company you select to put your flooring in! Schedule your appointment with one of our designers and let us show you how we can be the perfect company to upgrade your home!

Transforming Your Teen’s Bedroom

Transforming Your Teen’s Bedroom

The time has come for your teen to move away from the princess/dinosaur bedroom they’ve had since they transitioned from a crib to a bed. It’s not as easy of a transition when they want a more grown-up room; for starters, they want to have more of a voice in their design, and why not? Designing a room that reflects their life or personality is their first step towards adulthood. It’s a great bonding time for you and your teen to learn more about what they like, what they don’t, and what their overall vision is.


IMG_1475To achieve a room that will be easy on your budget, and fulfill their desire for a more mature look, start by emphasizing storage. A desk with drawers or shelves, a bed with under storage, or floating shelves to both store their items in a more streamlined way, and get what’s on the floor up and out of the way. Not having to think about cleaning their room every other day will be a stress reliever for both you and your teen.


Speaking of less stress, teens need nine or more hours of sleep to distress and recharge daily. Create an environment that promotes better sleep, and comfort.  Keep electronics out of their room, and add blackout window treatments if they don’t already have them. If you have a houseful of children, consider a noise machine to give your teen a way to block out and conk out.


Flooring is important to a teen’s overall design, and the carpet they’ve had for the past ten years may have seen better days. If you chose a colored carpet to match the childhood theme they onceIMG_22351 had, it’s time to take it out and add a more mature flooring. This teen will likely be out and off to college in a few years, so choose a flooring that either matches the rest of your home, or will work with a future flooring change (meaning, if you plan to add hardwood to all bedrooms, change the teen’s flooring to the hardwood shade you would likely change the rest of the rooms in in the future). Cork flooring is a great option as well, with the soft underfoot feel and easy cleanup.


Lastly, add décor to the room to pull the look together. Your teen will want to highlight their style and have fun with their new room. If they are artists, display their art on the walls. Create a gallery wall with thrift store pieces, or, use frames you pick up from the thrift store to place their artwork in. Add other elements like cool vases or vintage cameras-whatever their interests area, and make their room reflect who they are. Many of them are fascinated by the highly designed rooms they see on TV and in magazines. Make their vision come to life!


Ask one of our designers to help you and your teen choose the right flooring to fit the theme of their room, and the overall design of your home!

Wide Plank Flooring-Is This Trend Right For You?

Wide Plank Flooring-Is This Trend Right For You?

Wide plank flooring is all the rage currently if you haven’t noticed from the home makeover shows and magazine spreads.  This Old-World look makes you feel like you’re in a luxurious barn, or a pirate’s ship depending on your imagination, and is highly sought after. The wide planks come hand-scraped, distressed, and white-washed lending a warm feel to your industrial chic décor.


Traditional plank flooring s generally 6” wide or more, is hand scraped and has a slight gap between the board. These floors were originally sawed into shape at the mill, hand-scraped or planed and nailed down. This rough-hewn texture gives wood flooring an element missing from today’s wood floors making them seem more antique and natural.


Before purchasing a whole house worth of wide plank flooring, consider the price. This isn’t the sort of flooring you can choose from a showroom and take home. It’s a specialty item and requires a long lead time, not to mention, it’s also quite expensive.  Also, although the wide gaps and uneven texture seem interesting, it may not fit your everyday life, especially if you have children.


There are alternatives to the traditional wide plank flooring if you like the look but don’t want the issues it brings. There are laminate flooring options that duplicate the material, making it a better option for a busy family.


Some things to consider before choosing wide plank flooring: Wider planks are more susceptible to shrinkage and swelling than narrower boards. Controlling your home’s humidity and temperature is important; choosing more solid woods such as western red cedar or teak will also help.


Lastly, when choosing the wood, be sure the dimensional change coefficient of the wood is lower than .00300. You can compare different kinds of wood based on this number to find the balance between the look you want and the stability you need.


Ask our professionals which type of wide plank would go best with your overall décor, your home’s needs, and the type of home you have. Wide plank flooring isn’t for every home, so be sure to discuss in detail your vision-we’ll do the rest!