Bringing The Fall Indoors

Bringing The Fall Indoors

The leaves are changing color and everything is pumpkin spiced; fall is here! A change in seasons can be a great inspiration for refreshing your home décor, both inside and out. Outdoor spaces like an entryway can be refreshed with a seasonal wreath. Speaking of the outdoors, now is also a great time to check on outdoor floodlights and walkway lights, both for your safety with the sun setting earlier and for that of trick-or-treater’s visiting your house!

During the autumn, the morning air is brisk and daylight fades earlier so it is likely that your family will be spending more time indoors. Everything cozy and comfortable is back in season in your wardrobe so bring these same themes into your living spaces. Simple swaps such as adding thicker throw blankets and pillows in warmer tones like burgundy or chocolate can make a chilly room bennett-pic-3more comfortable. Plaid patterns or materials like flannel and fleece are perfect for the season. Fresh flowers like mums and miniature pumpkins or gourds can be added to decorative bowls, side tables, or fireplace mantels bringing the colors of the season inside. Rearranging seating furniture can refresh the room while creating cozy spaces for conversation. Natural afternoon sunlight can be replaced with a well-placed lamp.

You might notice that major updates are needed to your indoor living spaces, such as new flooring or wall color. Flooring with warm tones such as walnut or cherry help to make a room feel cozy in addition to being beautiful; particularly when paired with walls painted with lighter shades. Beige or gray wall tones complement these floor choices well and do not clash with seasonal accent items. Deep red, orange, gold, and brown tones in accent pieces go well with warm-toned flooring and light-colored walls. Accents in these rich fall colors will also add visual interest and texture to a room with neutral toned walls.

Scraped wood floors and faded-looking floors are a big trend we’ve seen in the past couple of years, and still see going strong moving forward. Both of these types of floors are found in hardwood and in luxury vinyl tile. Both types of flooring can really transform the look of the room according to the season. For the fall, pull inspiration from your scraped wood floors and add mustard or warm brick colors to your décor. With the faded-looking floors, you can work off of the gray tones and add deep purple or oxblood to your room to really cozy up the space. As for metals, use bennett-pic-2copper or burnished bronze to bring a bit of richness and depth to your room. Any of these styles can easily and affordably be done with the help of our designers.


We’re coming into the holiday season; a great time to have the discussion with one of our designers about the condition of your floors, or the possibility of having them replaced. Give us a call today to get started on your new fall space.

Can’t Pick Just One? Mixed Wood Flooring Styles

Can’t Pick Just One? Mixed Wood Flooring Styles

Selecting the right design for your space or for your entire home can occasionally be a challenge when you like more than one type of flooring. Some rooms look amazing with dark floors, while others look incredible with light floors, but maybe you like traditional oak, but not so much that you want an entire home full of it. The choices can be dizzying, which is why we provide you with a designer who will help you every step of the way. Here are some tips on how to blend your favorite flooring to create a unique look!


Size Matters:


Combining different tones of flooring is fine if you stay with one plank size. Wide plank floors make a space feel more open, and by reducing the number of seems will showcase more of the beauty of the wood. The direction of the planks will align with the longest side of the space, and set the stage for the different types of flooring.


Shade Matters Too:


IMG_3005Keep the contrasting colors of the flooring close enough to one another where they are complimentary, not fighting one another. For example, white and gray wood floors bring enough interest without making it looking like a fun house. Keep the shade difference at one tone below or above the other.


Pattern May Need To Take A Backseat:


Patterned wood floors such as chevron or other interesting designs may bring a unique level of style, but with the contrasting colors in the floors, it will make the room look busy and smaller.


If what you want is more along the lines of using one shade of flooring in one room, and a different shade in an adjacent room, the above mentioned still stands. Additionally, you’ll want the transition between the two rooms to happen in a straight line at the threshold of the room.


Contrasting Furniture Makes a Difference:


If you’re not brave enough to commit to mixed flooring, create contrast with your furniture. The look of gray floors against dark kitchen cabinets, or dark flooring against white or light-colored DC-pic-2furniture is quite sophisticated and may give you enough of that interest you’re looking for in your overall design.

Call us to schedule your appointment with one of our designers. We will help you realize your vision and do it within your budget as well!