Converting a Kid’s Basement Into A Space For Adults

Converting a Kid’s Basement Into A Space For Adults

When the kids are growing up, many times, the basement is used as a children’s space. Bright, colorful walls, carpeting, and toys make it a great space to divide the adults from the children and give them a place to grow and play. But after the years have passed, and the children are all grown up, you’re left with a basement that looks more like a preschool than an alternate place to entertain. Transform your space into a place you can either entertain friends, or relax in a more mature setting with just a few changes.


Most basements are lacking in light, so choose colors that will reflect the light you have by painting the walls a light color with a gray undertone. Using a color with a gray undertone will not only evoke a soothing feel to hutchison_pic_3the room, it’s also a more mature, sophisticated tone. Try blue-gray, green-gray, or beige-gray (“greige”). These colors are also great neutral backdrops to set the stage for the furniture.


If you want pops of color, choose to wallpaper one wall as an accent wall, or add bright pillows or accents.  If your flooring allows, add color through area rugs or with throws.  Hanging unique wall art will also spruce up the basement and give it a more adult hangout vibe.


Choosing furniture for your basement is slightly different than in the main area of the home. Most people want their basement to have a cozy, cave like feel to it, so choosing comfortable chairs, cushioned sofas, and perhaps a sectional. Choose soft fabrics like microfiber to give the room an even cozier feel. If you have windows, even if they’re small ones, put up curtains to give it more if an “established room” look.


Flooring is probably the single most effective way to transform a space, and with the basement, choosing something extraordinary will pull the whole room together. Choose a flooring that reflects your style, and feel Dave-s-basement-design-picfree to get a little fancy! Use two different types of flooring for separation purposes, or use one type for a clean look throughout.  Luxury vinyl tile works great in a basement as a way to make the space look more sophisticated, yet still be durable and moisture resistant at the same time.


Don’t be afraid to add accents as needed to make the space fit the overall look of the room you desire. Talk to one of our design experts who will help you pull together  the look you want and make the space adult-friendly!



Top Home Trends for Summer 2016

Top Home Trends for Summer 2016

Summertime is a truly inspiring time; after all of that spring cleaning,  you may be ready for a big (or small) change! Here are the trends we’ve seen in homes in the Northern Virginia area, and from professionals in the home industry.




We’ve seen a lot of changes in how a kitchen is perceived this year. Not a whole lot of high end, matchy-match cabinetry, flooring, or even countertops here. Black Stainless Steel appliances are Skulski after pic 1taking over the gleaming silver appliances look and give today’s kitchen a modern and sophisticated look without a perceived pretentiousness.


We’re also seeing cabinetry in a mix of colors and material. Lower and upper cabinets that complement one another give the kitchen a more eclectic feel. Countertops are moving away from granite to marble and other types of material.








When you enter a home, you want it to be warm, and inviting, right? Heated floors are being brought to the entryway to welcome guests and homeowners with a toasty floor. Perhaps this isn’t the kind of feeling you want over summer, but by making this change before the season is over, you’ll be prepared for the colder months!



Dining Rooms


Formal spaces are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier to see the whole family sitting at the dinner table once again. Converting these rooms into offices and media rooms seem to be a thing of the past, and we’re also seeing there is as much care being put in to the type of flooring as there is in to the type of furniture that goes into these rooms. Rich hardwood or luxury vinyl has taken center stage in this once little used room!





People have really caught on to the fact that the two most important rooms (and the two biggest investments you can make) are the bathroom and the kitchen. Using a statement mirror as opposedRecent-job-4 to a basic construction mirror, along with adding luxe rugs, even a fun chair brings a look of luxury at a low-end price tag to your bathroom. Fun tiles in interesting colors or shapes further enhance the concept.





Fireplaces are also experiencing a comeback. Gone are the days of covering these up or using them as anything other than what they were meant for. People are making this room the hub of the home and creating lovely frames for the fireplace, or adding warm flooring to tie the house together.



Weinberg pic 4If you’re looking to make changes to your home, but aren’t sure where to start, or if you can fit it into your budget, make an appointment with one of our designers! We will help you pull together the look you want and do it within your budget as well!

Common Laminate Flooring Issues

Common Laminate Flooring Issues

We speak quite highly of laminate flooring, and we stand behind this affordable option, but there are times when issues arise (as they do with all kinds of flooring) when a client has been directed towards a cheaper variety by a competitor, or been lured by a company that claims to be an expert in installation. It’s in these situations we say it pays to really know who your flooring specialist is! We take our time to inform our clients about flooring through our blog, our appointments and through consultations. We help you decide what is best for your home or room based on your daily life, how the room will be used, and whether moisture is a factor in that space. Of course, there are still times when flooring becomes problematic. Listed below are some of the most popular challenges we face with laminate flooring.


Laminate Flooring Water Damage - Common Laminate Flooring IssuesLaminate floors will sometimes peak when the boards push up against each other resulting in high points at the joints. This generally happens with there is a lack of expansion space between the laminate floor and thee walls around the perimeter of the installation or the moldings. This also happens when the moldings in the doorways or around the perimeter of the room have been nailed to the floor, preventing the floor from expanding. Laminate floors are not meant to be mailed down; these are floating floors and need space to expand and contract. Peaking also occurs when the area of flooring is too long and doesn’t have the center ‘T’ molding expansion.


We inquire what type of room your flooring will be going in because we know with laminate buckling and warping can be an issue. Excessive water or dampness leads to the edges or the center to rise up and separate from the subfloor. If your basement has high levels of humidity, or the room in which you would like the laminate installed has the potential of water damage, discuss that point with us for our designer to help navigate you away from this type of potential problem.


Another issue that arises with excessive water or high levels of humidity is mold and mildew. This has the potential of becoming a health hazard as well, one that owners of rental properties must take particular care of avoiding. Generally when there is a strong mold or mildew smell, it’s coming for the floors. 3 12 04 001 - Common Laminate Flooring Issues


Lastly, you may have taken all the necessary provisions, and we may have carefully assisted in choosing and designing your area, yet an issue still came to light. It is possible to come across manufacturer defects of which we take care of immediately. We want you to be happy with the floor you have; talk to our designers to learn how to choose the flooring that is best for you!