Kitchen Trends on Their Way Out

Kitchen Trends on Their Way Out

The kitchen is often the social hub of the household. Many families use it more than they use their family rooms or dens. Families prepare food, share meals, gather at the kitchen table for games and activities and so much more. With spending so much time in the kitchen, pick a flooring that is updated and fresh. Here are some of the flooring designs that are on their way out of popularity.

4 17 pic 3 e1523996324276 225x300 - Kitchen Trends on Their Way OutDarker wood tones are decreasing in popularity. Today’s trends focus on creating large open spaces filled with light. Cabinets and counter tops in the kitchen are trending towards lighter shades of wood. White cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of a dark wood stain, switch up your flooring in the kitchen and pick a lighter wood tone.

Traditional ceramic tiling has been around for a very long time. This look is perfect for the kitchen because it’s easy to wash and maintain. It’s recently falling out of favor because the grout can get dirty and difficult to clean. More importantly, ceramic tile that mimics the look of wood floors has gained in popularity over more traditional designs. Pick a complimentary or contrasting color of wood-look tile to go with your cabinets.

Monochromatic flooring is also on its way out the door. In 2018, flooring in the kitchen is all about funky designs, pops of color, and creating a unique floor for your design space. The unique flooring can even be created with a unique pattern, such as chevron, in the layout of your hardwood floor boards.

Dark wood tones, traditional ceramic tiling and simple, monochromatic flooring are losing popularity in kitchens in 2018. Flooring trends come and go, but the main thing is to pick8 20 pic 8 225x300 - Kitchen Trends on Their Way Out a flooring that fits your family’s lifestyle and personality.

What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trends

What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trends

We still have a few months left in the year (it feels like it just began, doesn’t it?) Hard to believe, but there will be new trends unfolding in the next few months. The trends themselves seem pretty solid, but there are a few surprising additions. Our highly technological world has influenced many of the trends we’re seeing. If you’re planning to renovate or build something new, take a look at what you should consider adding to, or subtracting from your design.


IN: Terracotta

OUT: White Tiles


As the world becomes more advanced in technology, design is getting closer to the earth. We’re seeing more and more earthy, muted colors on walls, natural wood floors, and matte terracotta tiles used as feature walls maxresdefault - What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trendsor around fireplaces.

What we’re not seeing any more are white subway tiles. These tiles are featured in nearly every space design, from bathrooms to kitchens, to every trendy restaurant in town. Trade the cold for the warm as you look ahead into the future of your space.

Tip: To stay on trend, and give way to a classic look, stay away from tiles that look too rustic or shiny.


IN: Black Steel and Burnished Metals

OUT: Copper and Rose Gold


Didn’t copper and rose gold just come into style? Unfortunately, unless you’re drinking a Moscow mule, copper doesn’t have a place in a modern home’s design any longer. The super polished look of both elements may continue to be on trend for the rest of this year, but come spring, it will make room for the more industrial feel of black steel and burnished metals.


Sothebys-after-1Following the trend of what’s familiar and closer to the earth, black steel appliances and fixtures are going to make a huge statement that leads the way for other burnished metals as well. Future design will carry a more earthy texture, and the shininess of copper and rose gold will clash with this look.

Tip: Use these elements in small doses such as in door knobs on white doors for a truly dramatic effect.





IN:  Cork, Concrete, Silestone

OUT: Granite, Marble


Again with the nature trend, it seems only fitting for countertops to follow suit. Natural elements are making their way into kitchens lending a more earth-friendly touch to your home. These options are also quite a bit less expensive, last considerably longer, come in many options, and bring warmth to the heart of your home.


Granite has had a considerably long run, and it is still in high favor for many young home buyers, but if you want something that will still be on-trend 10 years from now, do yourself a favor and choose a different countertop. The coldness of Granite and Marble have had their run; now1ce71c27ddbd2990f17ce96bb6e7a1b2 - What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trends it’s time to bring a little bit of softness back into the kitchen.


There are a multitude of options for your home these days that go beyond these predictions. Jewel tones and tufted furniture; dedicated decompression spaces in your home, and the end of the open-space design are just a few more details you should expect to see in the coming years. See one of our designers and discuss what you would like to see in your new space, and how you can bring your ideas to life.