Using St. Patrick’s Day For Flooring Inspiration!

Using St. Patrick’s Day For Flooring Inspiration!

St.  Patrick’s Day is upon us, which means so much more than guzzling down lots of green beer! It means spring is here too-we’re going to be ‘springing forward’ this weekend too, with the time change, and all of this together also indicates it’s time to start putting away the heavy winter décor, and usher in a lighter, brighter interior design.


Whatever your inspiration may be, it’s good to find one thing that makes you feel good; something that stirs emotion or draws you. This becomes the anchor for the rest of your home design. For this week’s purpose, due to the upcoming holiday, we’re going to use St. Patrick’s Day to inspire you towards a fresh new design!




Ford pic 6 e1474314849758 300x225 - Using St. Patrick’s Day For Flooring Inspiration!Velvety, heavy drapes look great, and make your home feel cozy in the winter months, but those heavy, dark drapes hold the warmth in and are too much for a warm spring. Replace the drapes with a lighter, sheer fabric, or bring in some color-sage is a relaxing color that works well with multiple design colors.




Many of us use textiles that switch out every season-this gives our homes a feel that matches what’s going on at the moment without a major design overhaul. If you’ve covered your sofas with wool or fur throws, maybe velvet or dark pillows, it’s time to switch them up! Replace them with pillows in shades of turquoise, or a muted lime. These colors are very in right now, and continue to use St. Patrick’s Day as inspiration!




When a person walks in to your house, the first thing they see is what you have in your entryway. This is the first impression and a great place to start with making a great statement! Add plants, flowers, update hutchison pic 3 225x300 - Using St. Patrick’s Day For Flooring Inspiration!colors, switch out paintings, whatever it may be, use this area to freshen the accessories and set the tone for the rest of the house.




Naturally, as the warm weather arrives, so do our plans to remodel! Start planning your renovation project by taking some time to decide what kind of flooring you want in your home. Invest in new colors, update the look of your room, and make an appointment with one of our designers. We can take whatever your inspiration is, whether it’s a Ford pic 2 300x225 - Using St. Patrick’s Day For Flooring Inspiration!holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, your favorite cup, or your favorite designer, and make it something that is truly yours!

Home Design Inspiration

Home Design Inspiration


Decorating can be a lot of fun with a newly remodeled or updated space. You’ve taken the time to choose the right flooring, and painstakingly chosen the right tone for the room. It’s time to add your personal touches to truly bring all of your home together. Here are some of our designer tips to make your home exclusively yours!


Add Depth

DC-pic-2Mirrors can make a room look larger, lighter, or add more depth depending on how you use them. Large or small, mirrors can be incredibly versatile, and add a sophisticated style to any room.  Follow the style of your flooring to choose the right kind of mirror style.


Add Height


Low seated furniture can make a room seem taller, as does adding a light colored paint to your walls. If you are still in the updating process, select to raise your entryways  closer to the ceiling. All of these tips will ‘trick’ the eye to thinking the room is taller than it actually is. Keep the flooring shades light in particularly short or small rooms. Hang paintings high as well.


Add Interest


Adding interest to an otherwise neutral room can be achieved with a few key elements and some paint. Consider painting the trim around your windows a bright pop to create a powerful visual Sanchez pic 5impact. While you’re add it, try the 50/150 Rule to create the perfect color family. Mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker.  Use colors that complement the flooring as much as it complements the room’s décor.


Add Light

Chandeliers offer a regal look to an otherwise drab room. Take the width of the room in feet, double the number, and convert it to inches to find the minimum dimension for a chandelier. Don’t underestimate the power light fixtures have as a design element! The type of lighting you use can truly transform a space, so consider your overall design, the function of the lighting, and how you want it to work for you.


Sanchez pic 3Add Flooring


Flooring options are endless, and what you can achieve with flooring is just as limitless. Combine tile with wood flooring to create a truly unique and luxurious space!


Ask our designers to help you with any of these elements; it’s important to have the floors up to the ceiling look cohesive and make sense. Our designers will also take a look you already have in your room and show you how to turn it into what you ultimately want. Take some time today to talk to us about your vision!


Home Design Inspiration

Top Home Trends for Summer 2016

Summertime is a truly inspiring time; after all of that spring cleaning,  you may be ready for a big (or small) change! Here are the trends we’ve seen in homes in the Northern Virginia area, and from professionals in the home industry.




We’ve seen a lot of changes in how a kitchen is perceived this year. Not a whole lot of high end, matchy-match cabinetry, flooring, or even countertops here. Black Stainless Steel appliances are Skulski after pic 1taking over the gleaming silver appliances look and give today’s kitchen a modern and sophisticated look without a perceived pretentiousness.


We’re also seeing cabinetry in a mix of colors and material. Lower and upper cabinets that complement one another give the kitchen a more eclectic feel. Countertops are moving away from granite to marble and other types of material.








When you enter a home, you want it to be warm, and inviting, right? Heated floors are being brought to the entryway to welcome guests and homeowners with a toasty floor. Perhaps this isn’t the kind of feeling you want over summer, but by making this change before the season is over, you’ll be prepared for the colder months!



Dining Rooms


Formal spaces are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier to see the whole family sitting at the dinner table once again. Converting these rooms into offices and media rooms seem to be a thing of the past, and we’re also seeing there is as much care being put in to the type of flooring as there is in to the type of furniture that goes into these rooms. Rich hardwood or luxury vinyl has taken center stage in this once little used room!





People have really caught on to the fact that the two most important rooms (and the two biggest investments you can make) are the bathroom and the kitchen. Using a statement mirror as opposedRecent-job-4 to a basic construction mirror, along with adding luxe rugs, even a fun chair brings a look of luxury at a low-end price tag to your bathroom. Fun tiles in interesting colors or shapes further enhance the concept.





Fireplaces are also experiencing a comeback. Gone are the days of covering these up or using them as anything other than what they were meant for. People are making this room the hub of the home and creating lovely frames for the fireplace, or adding warm flooring to tie the house together.



Weinberg pic 4If you’re looking to make changes to your home, but aren’t sure where to start, or if you can fit it into your budget, make an appointment with one of our designers! We will help you pull together the look you want and do it within your budget as well!