Protecting your Home from the Holidays

Protecting your Home from the Holidays

Holiday decorating is merry and bright but can also wreak havoc on your home! Parties and festive decorating can take a toll on the surfaces in your home, but these tips can help minimize any damage!

1.Protect your Flooring

A no-shoes policy in your home will protect your flooring from snow, ice, and salt tracked in on shoes. High-heeled shoes can also leave tiny dents in the floor.

LR image 300x224 - Protecting your Home from the HolidaysTry not to drag any decorations, especially a metal Christmas tree stand across your wood floors. Doing this can scratch up your flooring or leave small dents where heavy objects were dragged. If you are moving any furniture to accommodate holiday decorations or guests, try to have someone help you pick up the pieces to move them rather than push them across the floor.

Keep a protective pad or mat underneath a Christmas tree, particularly a live tree that you will be watering. Water easily damages hardwood floors, plus live pine trees end to drip sap which is sticky and hard to remove from hardwoods or carpet.

Have a plan in place for cleaning up fallen pine needles from live trees. Plan to sweep or vacuum around the tree at least once a day to prevent needles from being dragged all over your house.

2. Safeguard Your Mantel

Fireplace mantels are usually wooden and can be scratched or damaged by holiday decorations. Nailing stockings to them is a bad idea, use a decorative stocking hook instead. Make sure any heavy objects are properly balanced on the mantel, these items could fall off and hurt someone, break, or dent the flooring beneath them.

3. Protect Your Banisters

Greenery or holiday lights are lovely when wrapped around a banister, but can damage the banister when nails are used to secure them. Wrap garlands or lights securely but not too tightly to prevent damage. Tape and other fasteners 69 300x225 - Protecting your Home from the Holidayscan leave sticky residue or difficult to remove from banisters, test a piece of the tape you plan to use in an inconspicuous area to be sure it won’t cause damage. Use clear tape or fasteners when possible since anything colored can transfer to the wood.


Protecting Your Wood from Holiday Decorations

It’s a very festive season, and it’s almost coming to an end. The decorations that have been hung, placed, or tacked on to walls will show the potential damage they have done after they come down. Keep your walls and floors protected following our tips so that it still looks as grand before and after the season is over!


Messed Up Mantels


Decorated fireplace mantels are like the centerpiece of the home-the décolleté if you will. Because most mantels are made of wood, they’re also susceptible to a lot of damage. Nails used to hang Mitchell fireplace afterstocking or other seasonal decorations can leave sizable holes especially if your decorations are slightly heavy. Instead of causing noticeable damage, use weighted hooks. Many come in very decorative styles too.



Scary Staircase Railing


If you have a hardwood staircase, there are two important things you must do to avoid damage: no shoes, and no nails! Shoes can track in dirt that gets ground into the wood, high heels leave impressions on the stairs, and hands full of sticky residue from holiday sweets can set the stage for a host of irreparable damage and stains. Remind guests to take their shoes off before they walk through your home, especially if they will be going up and down stairs. Also, consider using removable tape to Woods-runnerhang garland or wrap your stair railing with ribbon and garland instead to avoid nasty holes from nails.



Haggard Hardwood Floors


Like we said, it’s not rude to ask your guests to take their shoes off before walking through your home. The damage shoes make to your floors, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worse, is nearly impossible to repair. The salt that protects us from ice and snow is tragic on floors, so do your best to keep your foyer as clean as possible to avoid damage in front of your front door as well.


After the holidays, you’ll most likely want to bring that Christmas tree down and either store it if it’s fake, or toss it if it’s real. In either case, don’t drag the Christmas tree, regardless of how heavy it is. This can scratch up the finish on your floors and leave it dull.



Deck your halls and express your Christmas Spirit any way you wish! Just be sure to keep in mind your furniture, mantel, staircase, and floors should be taken care of before and after the season is over.


If your wood has been damaged (or tile, or carpet) contact us to come in and give you an estimate for repair or replacement. We’ll come in January after all has settled down, and everything has been stored to help you bring that luster back into your home again!

Tips On Moving Heavy Furniture

Tips On Moving Heavy Furniture

Before the holidays, many of us go through a ‘nesting’ phase. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, new flooring, or new furniture. Maybe a few changes in a room by moving furniture, adding, or taking out furniture is also in your plans. Don’t scratch up those beautiful floors (whether they’re new or not!) Follow our tips on how to move your furniture safely and easily.


Tip One: Take It Out, Take It ALL Out


One of the biggest reasons your dressers are heavy are because of what inside of them. Take all of the drawers out to lighten the dresser, or whatever it may be that your moving. If your dresser has arlington-pic-6a mirror attached, take a few minutes to unscrew the screws and set the mirror aside. An added bonus to taking out all the contents of your furniture? Avoiding the possibility of any of them falling out and injuring you or the flooring.


Tip Two: Soften Up


If you’re moving the heavy object from one room to another, or within the same room, and all of the flooring is hardwood, you may be in luck. Use folded towels carpet remnants or moving sliders to easily slide the piece of furniture to wherever you desire! Place them under the feet or at the base to keep the floors safe, and your back pain-free!


Tip Three: Clean It Up


It seems natural to want to clean the furniture, or the area you moved it from since you’re rarely able to clean back there anyway, but an added bonus to cleaning the floors or the furniture is to get small pieces of dust or debris build up off the floors and furniture to keep them from unintentionally hurting the floors.


Tip Four: Hello, Dolly!


Sometimes the two of you (or the three of you, or the four of you) just can’t maneuver that big piece of furniture. That’s ok, dollies are excellent at moving heavy objects, and are mostly ok to use onSlack rails before hardwood floors. Just make sure your dolly has inflatable rubber wheels, not hard rubber. Hard rubber can damage your floors when coupled with the weight of your furniture.


Tip Five: Be a Wheel Watcher

Just because something is on wheels doesn’t mean it’s safe for your floors. As we mentioned above, hard rubber wheels can be dangerous to your floors when carrying a large piece of furniture. Place a piece of ¼” thick cardboard on your floor and roll the wheels over it to ensure no damage is done to those beautiful hardwood floors.


If the damage is already done, give us a call. We can assess the damage and consult you on how best to repair or replace the flooring. Happy moving!

Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday Party

holiday room black white and red - Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday PartyWhat a wonderful time of year; the lights, the festivities, and all of the decorations, are probably our favorite parts if it all (including the sweets)! All faiths come together in this one month of celebration, and everyone celebrates with their own traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Yes, it’s a wonderful time of year, especially for Kruper Flooring!


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to bring good cheer to your home; there are many ways you can decorate and set an inviting tone to celebrate the month of holidays!


When friends and family arrive at your home, make your entryway festive and inviting. Decorate with holiday wreathes, garland, and lights with your favorite colors. Don’t be afraid to use what 2Q== - Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday Partyyou may already have such as flower pots, or other decorative touches. Simply dress them to fit the occasion!


We know how easy it is to go overboard with décor, but when your guests walk in, you want them to drink it in slowly; not be hit by a wave of red and green. Keep the décor of your entryway/foyer simple and neat; maybe a simple garland, or festive pillows on a bench, and save the major decorations for larger spaces. Use festive plates to display snacks and feature a festive punch. If your guests are bringing children, use holiday themed gifts to keep them entertained so parents can relax.


People will naturally walk around with food and drinks, so take care to add extra coasters where needed, and be mindful of spills on your wood floors or carpet. Keeping cleaning supplies nearby will help negate stains. Also, if you feel bold, you may ask your guests to remove their shoes. Heels can do a lot of damage to a floor; if your guests are comfortable with taking their shoes off, you may want to have an area available for them to store their shoes until they leave.


t1e7b529e32888b576 - Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday PartyIf you haven’t thought if it yet, you may want to make sure the protective felt under the feet of your furniture is still intact, and if they’re worn down, make sure to replace them.


If damage has been done to your floors, or you planned to wait until after the party to have them replaced anyway, give us a call for a quote before you have the party. We can help you decide what you will do with your old floors, how to care for your not so old floors, and what new floors you should transition to. Yes, it is a great time of year! Enjoy the Holidays stress-free!



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Updating or Creating a Space For Guests

Updating or Creating a Space For Guests

As Thanksgiving has proven, the holiday season is a time to spend more quality family time, and to host out of town guests and family. It’s not an easy thing to do when you don’t have a designated space for your guests, and can become a point of contention when all they want is to spend time with you, and all you want is to give them some of the creature comforts they have at home. Without spending a ton on remodeling or adding an addition to your home, you can create a guest space that is both functional to your guests, and can still serve a vital purpose to you after they leave.


IMG_22291If there is space for an actual guest room, you’re already ahead of the overall goal, but if you don’t have an extra room, it’s certainly possible to create one with a little imagination. When you think about what you want in a guest room, think of what you would expect if you were staying in a five star hotel. You would want comfortable sheets, thoughtful amenities, and a quiet place to relax, starting with the bed. Choose a comfortable, quality mattress within your means, or if you can’t afford a new mattress, settle for an air mattress that can be placed on a box spring, over a sofa bed or on the floor.


Beyond the bed, make sure the pillows are comfortable, the linens are luxe, and the comforter is a cozy down. Provide extra blankets and pillowcases as well. Spritz a lavender or lemon spray to freshen the sheets and give them that extra thoughtful touch. Put out extra towels, and extra linens in case it’s a long stay, or, for accidents.


Clear a space for their luggage, and make it comfortable. Add a luggage rack or a small table/bench to the room so they don’t have to bend over (plus it gives that extra hotel room touch!) Even IMG_22301adding a chair or a place for them to sit is a great addition (plus, there are many people who don’t sit on beds, and you want your guests to have the chair as an option).  If you have space for a small table, add a light for bedtime reading and an alarm clock. Add a small nightlight too just in case!


Your guest shouldn’t have to work around your collection of beanie babies, or try to make space in the closet you store all the clothes that someday may fit you. Give them space, and make sure there are hangars too. A simple hook behind a door is an added thoughtful touch to make them feel like home!


If you want the room to really be fitting of guests, consider changing out the old flooring for something that may fit the style of your home better; consider a plush carpet, or hardwood that blends with what you currently have. Our design team will work within your budget to give you that great guest space, big or small, high-end or budget-friendly, just book your appointment to get that room ready for the holidays!