3 Common Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Hardwood Floor

Every household has their own ways to keep the house functioning. But sometimes it’s worth rethinking the stuff you do in your home so that you can take better care of it. When it comes to a hardwood floor, you especially want to make sure that it’s well taken care of. That way your housing value stays high and your floors stay beautiful. Unfortunately, many households have some habits that can actually damage your floor. Here are 3 common mistakes that will ruin your floor.

Dragging the Furniture/Not Using Felt Pads

Dragging furniture on your hardwood floor leave you at dangerous risk of scratching. Some hardwood floors can handle some dragging more than others, but if you’re constantly moving furniture around, sooner or later you will see a visible deterioration on your hardwood floor.

Next time you’re too lazy pick up a piece of furniture, or too frugal to buy felt pads, think of the risk that poses to your floor and ask yourself if that permanent damage is really worth that extra few minutes of effort.

Wearing Shoes Indoors

We understand that it can be a tough habit to get into, but the rewards are easily worth it. Your shoes carry a lot of dirt and pebbles that can often scratch your floor. And if it’s raining or snowing, you also risk bringing water damage to your floor.

The benefits of leaving your shoes at the door are huge. Your floors can last over 3+ extra years just by making this small change. Not only that, but your house will also be a lot cleaner and easier to clean.  

Using Wax or Cleaning Products that Promise a nice “Sheen”

This is one that not many people know about. When you’re looking for something to clean your hardwood floor, you want a regular hardwood floor cleaner. A cleaner that promises something fancy and especially ones that give an extra sheen to the floor can actually damage it.

That sheen comes from a layer of wax it adds on to your floor. It doesn’t last long meaning you would have to put the cleaning product on again and again. Every time you do that, the product deteriorates the floor a little.

The worst part is that you can’t do a screen and recoat (the proper way to restore your hardwood floors) if you use these products just once. The layer of wax gets in the way, preventing us from getting the polyurethane to adhere properly.

Don’t let these household mistakes keep you from keeping your floor looking beautiful. Making just one small change in the house can keep your floors looking flawless for many years to come.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful investment but need proper care to stay nice! Rainy spring weather and messy shoes from grass clippings or mud do more than get your floors dirty. The tiny, hard pieces in dirt scratch up your wood, dulling the shine. Follow our tips here to keep your hardwood floors beautiful, and clean!


  1. Clean up dust and dirt regularly! Sweep, dust mop with a tool such as Swiffer or microfiber mop, or vacuum at least once per week to maintain the floor finish and appearance. This will pick up particles that get tracked through your home as well as animal fur if you have pets. Dust and dirt has a sandpaper effect on floors and can wear down the beautiful finish on hardwoods so it is important to keep up with this chore.
  1. Protect your floors from spring rains! Rugs and mats at entryways, the end of steps, and bathroom exits will extend the life of your floors by protecting them from harmful moisture. All rugs should allow the floor to breathe so rubber-backed rugs and mats should be avoided. Regularly shake out and vacuum rugs frequently to prevent trapped dirt from transferring to the hardwood floor.
  1. If the flooring in your home has a lot of dirt buildup, you may consider using a wet mop to clean them. Cleaning agents are often not necessary for hardwood floors but if you do choose to use them, check the labels carefully for hardwood floor suitability. We have a few we can suggest to you, just give us a call. If you do have a brand you plan to use, just be sure to check all package labeling carefully. 160f8260475cd1e777f3d404f542b8d1 300x200 - 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors

Otherwise, use a very small amount of water and wring out the mop carefully to prevent damaging the floors with too much moisture. The mop should be barely                  damp, more water is not necessary. If it is very humid, use a floor fan or run the ceiling fan to help the floors dry quickly.

  1. Take off your shoes! Keep a boot rack or shoe rack at entryways to store shoes and have a special mat or storage place for wet shoes. If your spring wardrobe includes peep toe high heels, make sure to take these off as well since high heeled shoes can damage the finish of hardwood floors. Also check out your pet’s feet. Wipe paws at the entryway after dogs have been outside and keep pet nails trimmed to prevent scratches on the floor.
  1. If you are changing décor or furniture with the new season, consider the impact on your floors. Carefully pick up and move furniture rather than dragging to avoid scratches in the finish. Lightly set the furniture down and attach felt pad floor protectors to the bottom of furniture to prevent damage.

Aram pic 2 225x300 - 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood FloorsOur relationship with our clients is not over when we are done installing your floor! If there is anything we can do to help you maintain your beautiful flooring, please give one of our specialists a call today!

Three Creative Ways to Keep Wet Shoes off your Hardwood Floors

Three Creative Ways to Keep Wet Shoes off your Hardwood Floors

Spring often means rain and lots of it! April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring dripping, wet shoes into your home and onto your beautiful hardwood floors. Do not let soggy shoes dirty up or damage your floors! Minimally, wipe shoes on a mat outside the front door, remove them when you come inside, and leave them on an additional mat or towel in the entryway. Ask guests to your home to do this as well. This plan, however, is not attractive and can also damage flooring in the long term if wet towels or mats are left on the floor for too long. There are many decorative solutions to the wet shoes problem!

Decorative Trays: Purchase an inexpensive, deep tray from a big box store or inexpensive retailer such as HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. Shoes can go straight into the tray, which will collect water droplets. Smooth il 340x270.1077022007 76r5 - Three Creative Ways to Keep Wet Shoes off your Hardwood Floorsround stones can also be purchased and added to the tray so that shoes and boots are sitting on an elevated platform, allowing water droplets to drip off and filter through the rocks. This will also prevent your shoes from sitting in a puddle of water. Look for decorative stones or rocks at a gardening center or craft store.

Galvanized Tubs: A galvanized tub can sit right inside the door or even on the front porch. Galvanized metal can be incorporated into almost any design style from farmhouse casual to modern industrial. Galvanized tubs are meant to hold water and will keep water off the floor. Consider a galvanized metal tub outside the front entry for holding the muddiest boots or one right inside the door to keep wet shoes at bay.

Wooden Crates: This is another solution that can be made to match almost any décor. Paint basic wooden crates from a craft store in a shade or tone that matches your other décor. Wooden crates can go in the corner on your front entryway, either inside or outside, and can be stacked for more storage. Boots can stand upright in a crate to help them dry faster and to keep water from pooling on top of other shoes. Wooden crates keep shoes neat and pairs together.f6eca6a4efb7014ae2af54cc6458e616 - Three Creative Ways to Keep Wet Shoes off your Hardwood Floors


Each of these shoe storage solutions are easy and inexpensive to implement. Teach small children to wipe their feet and remove their shoes at the door. Additionally, keep a small towel for wiping pet feet near the entryway to prevent their wet and muddy feet from damaging the flooring as well. Don’t have hardwood floors? Call us today for a consultation with one of our flooring specialists!

Bring The Beach Home All Year Long!

Bring The Beach Home All Year Long!

August is otherwise known as Beach Season! Being that we’re in the thick of August, the beach seems like a natural part of the season. What do you do when the season changes, but you’re not ready to break up with the beach? Bring the beach style décor into your home with a few key pieces (including a special type of flooring) to enjoy the beach all year long!


Ford pic 3Beach-style accents are abundant, especially if you get them FROM the beach. It’s a fun way to make your whole family a part of the styling process. Have the kids go shell hunting and see how many shells they can collect! Bring home buckets of the beach and start decorating. Using hurricane vases, fill the vases with shells and use as table décor.  You can also fill a shallow bowl with shells to serve as a great centerpiece.


Sea glass and driftwood are great in décor as well. Place sea glass in a shallow, rectangular bowl and decorate with candles for a lovely coffee table centerpiece. Driftwood can be used in a multitude of ways as well. Cut one in half and use as bookends; drill holes and add hooks for a unique key holder, or jacket holder. Hang with twine and then cleverly hang pictures as a unique way to display your favorite snapshots!


Color theme is key when it comes to ‘beaching’ your home. Soft turquoise and blue along with creamy whites, and beige work well on walls and even ceilings.  Think of what kind of waterfront you want to invoke; do you like the southern California look, a lakeside cabin, the Florida Keys or the Maine Coastline. The colors of these very different waterfronts should serve as inspiration for your overall color scheme.


If you’ve been to our showroom, you’ve gotten a glimpse of our whitewashed or distressed driftwood looking hardwood floors, which are also available in luxury vinyl tile. Use this flooring DC-pic-4throughout y our house to fully evoke the beach house vibe, or use in just the space you want to really embrace the beach décor in.


Our designers will help you during the design process to help you bring the beach home in a way that transitions into the colder months without a thought. The idea of having your décor as a backdrop for your beautiful home is our focus! We will help you choose the right kind of flooring to give you the type of waterfront look you want!