Why An Interior Designer?

Why An Interior Designer?

The idea of hiring an Interior Designer for some is one riddled with fears of being forced to buy expensive items, paying for someone who bullies you into choosing what they want you to have, and ending with a product that isn’t you.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. An Interior Designer is crucial to your project; just as an Architect is for designing your home, an Interior Designer helps you design the interior and help you stay within your budget.


Home improvement shows (and channels) are really good at making people believe they can tackle a project over a weekend. It’s really not that easy. There’s budget, putting together a plan, selecting the new lights, wall colors, floors, décor, the list goes on and on! An Interior Designer will assist you in not only making sure you choose tones and elements that are within your budget and your overall design theme, they’ll make sure you stay on time by handling the orders, deliveries, and acting as the liaison between you and the contractor.


It’s not unusual for a homeowner to think they can be their own Interior Designer, but as is true in many fields, just because you have a general understanding of what needs to be done, doensn’t Larson pic 1mean you’re the person for the job (and we say that respectfully). You have a life, a career, a family, and putting the strain of tackling a home improvement job on your own will only add stress to your already stressful life. An Interior Designer has years of experience in putting elements together, and knows what’s considered trendy, what’s classic, and what’s going to stay within your budget.


It really is more complicated than a fresh coat of pain and new floors. We’ve walked through a house where the owner paired what they considered to be trendy black trim with the wife’s favorite color red for carpet, and the husband’s favorite color green sofas. Sure, these were their favorite colors and trendy black trim can look beautiful in the right setting, but the combination of the three didn’t pair as well as the owner’s imagined. An Interior Designer will help navigate through trends, favorites, and personal elements to make the space exclusively yours in a way that compliments your home.


Speaking of style elements, it’s easy for an owner to go to Crate & Barrel for décor items, but did you know an Interior Designer has access to custom design elements the average consumerRecent-job-4 doesn’t have access to? If you have funky sized rooms, windows, or entry ways, an Interior Designer will create a design and order custom items to fit.


Don’t just take our word for it; give us a call and book your appointment with one of our designers. They’ll take your favorite design elements into consideration when designing the flooring options for your room or home. You’re spending a lot of money on making the perfect space. Hiring a designer will ensure your money goes far and gets you what you want!

Wanderer pic 4Many of us look at our entry ways and wonder how anyone can get in or out with shoes, backpacks, and sports equipment laid out just inside the door! When you don’t have a transition room it can be frustrating to keep your home looking clean. Mudrooms are great additions to any home. Whether your home came ready with the space, or you need to create a mudroom with an addition or a space in your garage, you can easily turn it into a fully functional area!

When creating a mudroom, consider the needs of your family. Would they benefit from hooks to hang their coats, backpacks, and sports equipment or would shelves/cubbies serve them better? This is an area where function trumps style. Choose the look that makes the transition into the home the most efficient.

Use a bench with decorative pillows to bring some style to the space, however, if you do not have enough real estate for a bench, consider using a small stool instead.

Of course, one of the most important parts of creating a perfect mud room is the floors! Your choice should reflect the function of the room, and low overall maintenance. For example, natural stone gives you variation in Childs marble 3texture bringing style to the room, and is low maintenance. Wood floors will offer low maintenance as well, being an excellent choice for high maintenance rooms; however, wood floors will show wear and tear. For some this is a desired effect and for others it’s an eyesore.   Adding an indoor/outdoor rug will help protect the floor and add style as well.


Vinyl flooring will give you the look of wood without the hefty price, making it an excellent choice for mudrooms.  It’s not a lifetime guarantee however, so keep this in mind when making your selection.


One of our favorite looks for mudrooms (if feasible) is a herringbone or typical brick bond pattern using bricks. The ‘cobblestone’ look is one that brings a timeless look to your room, and certainly stands the test of time. If you’re not one to stick to a look for a very long time, however, this won’t work for you. Once the brick is laid, it’s difficult (and costly) to take out. Also, you can’t lay another flooring on top of it if necessary. Choosing brick is a permanent choice; choose wisely.


Let us see your space and help you design the perfect room with the best flooring option for your needs. Our designers bring years of knowledge to give you the most comprehensive experience!


Flooring Options For Your Indoor/Outdoor Room!

Flooring Options For Your Indoor/Outdoor Room!

Northern Virginia is generally known for having long springs and summers, warm falls and short winters (this last winter would prove me wrong!) Since there weather here doesn’t really get that cold, you’ll find many have covered decks, four seasons rooms or conservatories as either a part of their home or as an addition. If you are planning on closing in an outdoor space, or have one you want to update, here are our suggestions on the best types of flooring to use.


One of the most popular types of flooring is indoor/outdoor carpet. This type of carpet has a pile that’s very short and compact, making it easy to clean, and absorbs noise (plus, it feels good underfoot). When selecting the carpet, look for one that is made to resist UV rays and is able to handle moisture. Regular carpet may cost slightly less, but it will fade quickly and possibly develop mold and mildew.



tilesbgcropIf carpet isn’t what you envisioned, try porcelain tile. Tile gives the room a more sophisticated look and is quite popular as well. Porcelain comes in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Choose a tile that is meant for outdoor use, such as porcelain. Porcelain tile is denser than normal tile and will be more resistant to moisture. Also, ceramic retracts and expands with the temperature changes meaning it could break during frigid weather.


If you are updating a deck and turning it into a covered space, use a concrete board on top of a wood porch to give the tile enough of a foundation to keep the sub-floor (decking) from cracking and breaking.



You may or may not already have wood flooring in your new room; if you don’t and you want the look of wood, consider wood laminate. Wood laminate will give you the look of hardwood floors at a much lower cost SAMSUNGand less maintenance. Wood laminate comes in several different color looks grains and styles. If wood laminate isn’t the look you want, but you like the idea of laminate, consider the dizzying array of styles. You can literally choose any look to go with whichever theme or idea you’re going for!


Ask one of our professionals to help you choose the best flooring for the room you have. Let our professional designer know what you already have, or what you envision, and they will help you find the best for your lifestyle and your room! Invite us into your home, to truly get the best idea of how your room will look with the flooring you want!