Selecting the Right Flooring Company for You

You’ve made a decision: you’re finally going to upgrade the flooring in your home, and now you’re going to spend some time researching the perfect look for your space. Design is only a part of the overall project, of course. Selecting the right company to lay the flooring is also very important. The flooring contractor should share your vision and be able to offer suggestions as well. Most importantly, the flooring company should have certain characteristics that put them above all others and the perfect company to start your flooring project.



Are they licensed and insured? It’s an easy question that doesn’t get header-aboutUsasked enough. If they say they are licensed and insured, ask them to email you a copy, this goes for any other subcontractors you may have working on your home doing other projects as well. If the flooring company isn’t insured and licensed and something happens on your property, you could be held liable for any injuries.


Do they have examples of work that look similar to what you want? This gives you two things: one, you can see whether or not you would like that flooring in your home after seeing it in a real world setting and two, what their finished work looks like. Your flooring company should have many samples of different flooring they’ve laid in the past to give you a varied idea of what their work looks like.


Do they have references? It’s not just about the pictures, you want to talk to their clients too. The flooring could be lovely, but if the client they did the floors for says it took months to finish, and had to come back and finish it, or left things damaged afterwards, you need to know this. No picture can tell you the story that went behind what you see.


If you’re not home, will someone be there to supervise? This is extremely important. You need to know who is in your home and what they’re doing, but it’s impossible for you to stand jose-pic-5over them the entire time they’re there. There should be a supervisor on site the whole time the floors are being put in and you should have the contact information for the supervisor to make sure you have some point of contact if something goes wrong.



Answer these questions, and make sure you feel comfortable with the company, after all this is going to be an intimate relationship for at least a little while, and you want to trust the company that will be making quite the impact on your home. Also, after you’ve done your research, and had your questions answered, be sure to choose the company that most matches you, not the one that’s the cheapest. Your home is important to you; basing a decision on cost alone will end up costing you more in the end.


We would love to be the company you select to put your flooring in! Schedule your appointment with one of our designers and let us show you how we can be the perfect company to upgrade your home!

Bathroom Flooring-Thinking Outside the Tile

Bathroom Flooring-Thinking Outside the Tile

When you think of a bathroom floor, it’s hard to imagine one without tile. Tile flooring have been the go-to covering for as long as indoor plumbing has been around and for good reason. Tile is water resistant and easy to care for making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. If recent years have been any indication of what lies in the future, we’ve seen conventional choices turned onto their heads, and the things that we once found to be mainstream are used in very unconventional ways. If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom, consider these alternative Woods-1flooring options.


Pebble Flooring: You can bring the outdoors indoors with natural stone pebble flooring.  A special epoxy coating makes the flooring durable, water resistant and beautiful. The texture is great traction for your feet and gives your bathroom the feel of an upscale spa.


Cork Flooring: Cork is naturally water resistant and antibacterial making it a great choice for your bathroom flooring. Cork can be stained and comes in sheet form, tiles, and pieced mosaics or as round disks. Cork is generally installed using mastic and grout with an addition of recommended sealing to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.


Quartz Flooring: Crystal quartz looks like a high-end designer and surprisingly affordable. An epoxy coating is generally applied and adheres to the subfloor or foundation; the quartz is sealed with a clear coat creating a crystal look, and creating a water-resistant, long-lasting, maintenance-free floor.


Bamboo Flooring: Environmentally friendly and very contemporary, bamboo flooring is both easy to care for and looks quite high-end as well. Bamboo comes in both narrow and wide planks Larson pic 6and is water resistant. Choose from a variety of patterns and natural color variations from variegated tiger stripes to mottled burl looks.


Concrete: If the rest of your home has a very industrial look, why not translate it into your bathroom? You can’t get more durable than concrete, and as you may know, it’s quite simple to care for. Special dyes can be mixed into concrete to create a custom look or pattern as well.


Marble Flooring: Classic and sophisticated, marble is water resistant and very easy to maintain. Available in a multitude of colors, marble is on a higher price range than other types of flooring. If you’re looking for a look that just wows your guests, marble is an excellent choice!


Talk to one of our designers about the ultimate look you want to achieve with your bathroom, and we’ll help you select the perfect flooring!

What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trends

What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trends

We still have a few months left in the year (it feels like it just began, doesn’t it?) Hard to believe, but there will be new trends unfolding in the next few months. The trends themselves seem pretty solid, but there are a few surprising additions. Our highly technological world has influenced many of the trends we’re seeing. If you’re planning to renovate or build something new, take a look at what you should consider adding to, or subtracting from your design.


IN: Terracotta

OUT: White Tiles


As the world becomes more advanced in technology, design is getting closer to the earth. We’re seeing more and more earthy, muted colors on walls, natural wood floors, and matte terracotta tiles used as feature walls maxresdefault - What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trendsor around fireplaces.

What we’re not seeing any more are white subway tiles. These tiles are featured in nearly every space design, from bathrooms to kitchens, to every trendy restaurant in town. Trade the cold for the warm as you look ahead into the future of your space.

Tip: To stay on trend, and give way to a classic look, stay away from tiles that look too rustic or shiny.


IN: Black Steel and Burnished Metals

OUT: Copper and Rose Gold


Didn’t copper and rose gold just come into style? Unfortunately, unless you’re drinking a Moscow mule, copper doesn’t have a place in a modern home’s design any longer. The super polished look of both elements may continue to be on trend for the rest of this year, but come spring, it will make room for the more industrial feel of black steel and burnished metals.


Sothebys-after-1Following the trend of what’s familiar and closer to the earth, black steel appliances and fixtures are going to make a huge statement that leads the way for other burnished metals as well. Future design will carry a more earthy texture, and the shininess of copper and rose gold will clash with this look.

Tip: Use these elements in small doses such as in door knobs on white doors for a truly dramatic effect.





IN:  Cork, Concrete, Silestone

OUT: Granite, Marble


Again with the nature trend, it seems only fitting for countertops to follow suit. Natural elements are making their way into kitchens lending a more earth-friendly touch to your home. These options are also quite a bit less expensive, last considerably longer, come in many options, and bring warmth to the heart of your home.


Granite has had a considerably long run, and it is still in high favor for many young home buyers, but if you want something that will still be on-trend 10 years from now, do yourself a favor and choose a different countertop. The coldness of Granite and Marble have had their run; now1ce71c27ddbd2990f17ce96bb6e7a1b2 - What Will Be In (and OUT) In Future Design Trends it’s time to bring a little bit of softness back into the kitchen.


There are a multitude of options for your home these days that go beyond these predictions. Jewel tones and tufted furniture; dedicated decompression spaces in your home, and the end of the open-space design are just a few more details you should expect to see in the coming years. See one of our designers and discuss what you would like to see in your new space, and how you can bring your ideas to life.

Best Flooring Ideas for High-rise Homes and Condos

If you’ve looked around the Northern Virginia area lately, you see lots and lots of new buildings and condos going up nearly every day! There are new townhomes and buildings dotting the landscape all over the interior of the loop, and it doesn’t look as though it’s slowing down anytime soon. Years ago, you didn’t get the same kind of high-end details in a condo, townhouse, or high-rise apartment that you would in a detached home. Nowadays, those high-end details are front and center in the multitude of options new owners have in customizing their space.


Flooring may not seem to be a major factor in the overall design of your home, however, what you choose could not only up the value of your space, it will make your neighbors happy as well. Let’s explore a few different types of flooring options.




Hardwood is going to be your most expensive option, however the durability and sound it creates in your space is worth it. Hardwood will make your space appear larger, is easy to clean, and has soft acoustics (which is important if your space is more loft-like).



Tile is pricy like hardwood however if used in small spaces such as a bathroom or kitchen it’s quite worth the cost. High traffic areas like a doorway can also fare well with tile, and create a more dedicated space for a foyer if your space is very open-concept. Tile can be very loud to walk on (the acoustics are hollow) and cold under feet.



Carpet is widely popular as a choice for flooring, and the cost can vary depending on the type you get. Carpet feels soft and gives a soft feeling to a room as well. Because of the padding, it’s quiet to walk on and is simple to install. The only downfall to carpet is how easily it stains. Be careful with it, and it can last you for many years.




Laminate flooring has become quite popular in the last few years for its durability, affordability, and huge selection in options. Because laminate does not fare well with water, we don’t recommend it in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, however, if you choose to go with laminate that looks like tile or hardwood, you’ll get a look that is so much like the real thing; it’s hard to tell the difference. When walking across it, it echoes a soft, hollow.


With so many flooring choices to choose from, it’s difficult to know what the best direction to follow is! Have one of our designers visit you in your new condo or high-rise to help you decide which one is the best for you!

Flooring For Tiny Houses

Flooring For Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are all the rage right now. With so many people wanting a more transient life that’s more sustainable, we’re seeing more and more of these. Everything about a tiny house must be rethought, and restructured, including the floors.  So, what are the best types of flooring to use when you have so very little space to showcase them in?


The selection process for your tiny home shouldn’t be any different than Pavillion Condos foyer 1- 8-8-15-640x853choosing the best flooring for a small room. You want the space to feel large, regardless of how tiny your home is. To do that, you need to trick the eye to make the home appear bigger.


First and foremost, carpet will give the look and feel of coziness, which normally is fine and a desired aspect in flooring, but it’s not what you want in your tiny house. Stick with hardwood or tile to give the look of airiness and space. If you really want carpet, save it for the loft area, or the space where the bed will be.


When selecting the width, and if you select hardwood,  select planks instead of strips of wood (boards that are narrower than 3” are considered strips, whereas 3” and greater are considered planks). Wide plank flooring makes a room look bigger with the appearance of fewer seams. The open pattern looks less busy.


How the flooring is laid will also trick the eye into thinking the space is larger. The boards can be laid parallel to the longest wall and/or laid on a diagonal. If you choose to go with larger tile, these really give a visually hutchison_pic_2stunning look when laid on a diagonal. Wide hardwood planks also create visual interest, tricking the eye to appreciate the style, as opposed to the size, of the home.



Speaking of wood, don’t be afraid to use darker wood floors. If the rest of your space is light and bright, darker flooring will actually make the room look bigger! Crown molding in white colors, and cool shades on the walls will attract the eye to the corners of the home making it seem larger.


Lastly, be consistent. It may be tempting to use a different type of flooring in the kitchen or the bathroom, however doing that will only make the space seem cut up and small. If you have to change flooring material, stay within the same color if possible to make the floors seem consistent and seamless.


Choosing to live the Tiny House lifestyle is no small feat (pun intended). Making your home seem as much like a normal sized home may be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.  Meet with us to discuss your tiny home needs, or, if you don’t have a tiny house but do have a tiny space, we will use the same methods to help you stretch the space out and make it seem much more spacious!