Flooring Ideas For Your Dining Room

Flooring Ideas For Your Dining Room

Halloween is over, and we’re now in full holiday mode. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and that dining room that you’ve been using as a place to store things, or for the kids to play in is soon going to be used to host your family. It’s time to start considering an update to the room that brings everyone together.


Start your design plan with the rest of your home in mind. You may currently be on the farmhouse bandwagon, but if the rest of your home is decorated in a contemporary or traditional fashion, the two different styles won’t make sense. Unless you plan to do a full house redux, stick to the same design as in the rest of your home as a starting point for your dining room.


Waymire 1When it comes to color therapy, there are some colors that scintillate the senses, and some that turn them off. Gray for instance, isn’t much of a hunger trigger, but yellow and orange are (hence why all the fast food restaurants of yore would use those colors to subconsciously make you choose and want their food).  You can use gray with either tone if you want to inject that in décor or seat covers, just not in your overall look.



Blue is a calming color, so you may want to use it in small doses as well. Green evokes nature and health. This is a great color to pair with blue or yellow. Whatever colors you choose, try to stay within a three-color scheme. Too many colors will make the room look busy and not very appetizing.


It’s time to start thinking flooring! Hardwood floors look elegant and sophisticated in your dining room, whether you choose dark, light, or anything in between. Hardwood is durable and easy to clean.

If hardwood is a little out of your budget, you can choose a lower-cost alternative such as laminate flooring. There are so many different choices and patterns to choose from, you’ll certainly find one that matches your overall design.


Carpeting is warm and inviting, and insulates sound. A patterned carpet looks luxurious and attractive in a dining room. A patterned carpet is also good at hiding stains.


Do yourself a favor and check out all of the different style choices in cork flooring. It’s as durable as hardwood, yet softer underfoot and gives your room the warmth you may want to evoke. 3Because of its unique look, it may be difficult to blend with the rest of your home, unless you’re going for a distinct and different design.


If you’re not sure where to start, schedule an appointment with one of our designers. We will walk you through step by step in selecting the right look for your room to give your guests over the holidays something to really talk about!

Top Home Trends for Summer 2016

Top Home Trends for Summer 2016

Summertime is a truly inspiring time; after all of that spring cleaning,  you may be ready for a big (or small) change! Here are the trends we’ve seen in homes in the Northern Virginia area, and from professionals in the home industry.




We’ve seen a lot of changes in how a kitchen is perceived this year. Not a whole lot of high end, matchy-match cabinetry, flooring, or even countertops here. Black Stainless Steel appliances are Skulski after pic 1taking over the gleaming silver appliances look and give today’s kitchen a modern and sophisticated look without a perceived pretentiousness.


We’re also seeing cabinetry in a mix of colors and material. Lower and upper cabinets that complement one another give the kitchen a more eclectic feel. Countertops are moving away from granite to marble and other types of material.








When you enter a home, you want it to be warm, and inviting, right? Heated floors are being brought to the entryway to welcome guests and homeowners with a toasty floor. Perhaps this isn’t the kind of feeling you want over summer, but by making this change before the season is over, you’ll be prepared for the colder months!



Dining Rooms


Formal spaces are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier to see the whole family sitting at the dinner table once again. Converting these rooms into offices and media rooms seem to be a thing of the past, and we’re also seeing there is as much care being put in to the type of flooring as there is in to the type of furniture that goes into these rooms. Rich hardwood or luxury vinyl has taken center stage in this once little used room!





People have really caught on to the fact that the two most important rooms (and the two biggest investments you can make) are the bathroom and the kitchen. Using a statement mirror as opposedRecent-job-4 to a basic construction mirror, along with adding luxe rugs, even a fun chair brings a look of luxury at a low-end price tag to your bathroom. Fun tiles in interesting colors or shapes further enhance the concept.





Fireplaces are also experiencing a comeback. Gone are the days of covering these up or using them as anything other than what they were meant for. People are making this room the hub of the home and creating lovely frames for the fireplace, or adding warm flooring to tie the house together.



Weinberg pic 4If you’re looking to make changes to your home, but aren’t sure where to start, or if you can fit it into your budget, make an appointment with one of our designers! We will help you pull together the look you want and do it within your budget as well!

Transitioning a Formal Dining Room to a Playroom

Transitioning a Formal Dining Room to a Playroom

The layout in your home may not always work for your family’s needs. Today’s young families largely prefer open layouts but often own older homes with a more traditional floor plan. Your home should work for you and your lifestyle; it is hard to dedicate a room to only being used just once or twice per year. If you find yourself needing space for your kids to play, why not look into Weinberg pic 6transitioning a formal dining room into a playroom? Children can be easily supervised while meals are being prepared with the close proximity of the dining room to the kitchen and toys will be out of the main traffic areas.

While the oversized table and fancy china may have to come out, many of the elements of a traditional dining room function well in a playroom. Hardwood floors that shone beautifully  in a formal dining room work well in a playroom since they are so easy to clean. Adding plush area rugs in a playful geometric print or a bold color will help cushion crawling baby knees and add visual interest to the room. Darker wood flooring which looked chic and elegant in a formal dining room will continue to shine with fluffy white rugs or an accent wall .Built-in shelves or a buffet can be restyled with colorful bins and baskets for toy and book storage. Try mixing less-expensive plastic bins with some nicer canvas containers for texture. A labeled bin for each type of toy will help children learn to keep the room tidy.

A playroom can be styled to match the decor of the rest of your home but with fun accents to help the kids feel like it’s their space. A traditional chandelier can be an interesting focal point for the room or can be swapped out with a playful pendant light. Comfortable seating like a cozy kids’ size reading chair or floor pillows don’t have to be covered in cartoon characters to be kid-friendly. Bright purple or aqua hued upholstery pop against muted gray walls or floors while marigold and celery colors lighten up a room with dark wood flooring. A children’s play table and chairs for crafts, coloring, and snacks will complete this space. If Wanderer pic 4the floors are dark wood, choose wooden furniture at least a few shades lighter to keep the room from feeling stuffy and heavy. Alternatively, dark furniture complements lighter wood floors perfectly. Centering the table and chairs on top of an area rug can keep it from sliding on the floor.

Contact us today for help with creating the playroom of your dreams! We are here to help with all of your flooring needs.