How to Find the Perfect Rug

How to Find the Perfect Rug

Finding the right area rug for your room is one of the most important decisions you make for your home’s interior design. A well designed room is filled with lots of different pieces of furniture, each with their own personality; they need something like an area rug to tie all of these pieces together. 

Choosing the perfect rug is a tough decision, and many homeowners make major mistakes when choosing an area rug. That’s why we’re here to help. We’re going to share tips on getting the right size and style rug that fits your lifestyle. 

So let’s jump in with our guide on how to find the perfect rug. 


Most rugs are too small for their room. Finding the right size rug is tricky because the right size is often bigger than you think. You want the rug to take up a good amount of space, and you also need the rug to help define space. 

There should be 10-20 inches of floor between the edges of your rug and your walls. Depending on the size you can go a little less if the room is especially small, or a little more if your room is excessively large. 

You also want to make sure that the rug is centered on the floor. Keeping an equal amount of space between the rug and the wall around every corner. 


You also want to use your rug to help define and segment space, especially if you have an open concept area. An open concept home doesn’t mean that there are no walls per se, it just means that you don’t see the walls. You still need to divide the room and create imaginary walls to divide the space. Otherwise, open concept idea ends up just looking like one big mess. A

And rugs are a great way to segment that space. Find where your imaginary walls are, and then get a rug that still grants 10-20 inches of space between the edge of the rug and your imaginary wall. And then you have a beautifully segmented and organized open space. 


Finding the right style rug is almost as important as finding the right size. You want something that matches the furniture, but also matches yourself and your personality. 

We have a few tips that can help you, but ultimately you have to choose the aesthetic that works for you:

  • Use Persian or European style for a classic traditional look
  • Use low pile and flat weave for a rug that will get a lot of wear and tear. If you want something fancier, then move towards something softer with a higher pile. 
  • Don’t use white if you have kids. That goes for anything, but especially for rugs. Same also goes if there are adults who act like kids. 
  • First and foremost, go with whatever makes you happen. 


A lot goes into finding the perfect rug. But when you consider size, space, and style you can find the perfect fit for your home and your lifestyle.

4 Unique Floor Designs that Make Your Home Stand Out

One of the most fashionable trends in the flooring world is the desire to be unique and stand out. It’s a way to express yourself and your love of design in your living space while also adding a lot of personal and physical value to your home.

Here are some of the more unique designs that you can play with to make your home entirely you. These are not patterns you can copy anywhere else, but instead ways you can customize your flooring project to really take it to the next level.

Intricate Carpet Patterns

Carpets are making a comeback! And they’re coming back strong! But they’re also nothing like the carpets we used to know. Gone are the days where you have one single (and often unappealing) color. Now we have carefully designed patterns.

They often have some sort of light/dark contrast in the color and they can be either very complex, floral like designs or they can be simple geometric shapes. They can also be custom designed to have a frame around the walls.

binded carpet 225x300 - 4 Unique Floor Designs that Make Your Home Stand Out

Mixed Width and Color

If you’re going for hardwood, this is a wonderful way to play around with the variety of hardwood available. Usually households would opt for just one type of wood plank, but you can also mix and match them so that you have rows of different colors and different widths.

97E22AA75997E22 620x450 300x226 - 4 Unique Floor Designs that Make Your Home Stand Out

Mixed Herringbone

You can take it one step further and mix up the herringbone. It’s a bit harder to do the mixed width, but you can definitely play on color contrast with this mesmerizing and unique pattern.

herringbone lasse moller 1168992 unsplash 200x300 - 4 Unique Floor Designs that Make Your Home Stand Out

Mixed Tile

Notice a trend here? Mixed tile is another way to go. It follows the same concept as mixed width and color planks for wood but instead with tile. This way you can play even more with deep color contrasts and get some more primary color play on your floor.

Mixed Tile simon launay 417368 unsplash 300x200 - 4 Unique Floor Designs that Make Your Home Stand Out


All of these patterns have the same core concepts in common that make them unique and fashionable. They all focus on contrast instead of blend, usually relying on some sort of light versus dark contrast with what are often regal colors (i.e blue and gold).  


The point is not to make sure everything matches but to create as much color contrast as possible. The uniformity is created by the minimalist patterns and shapes, and can be emphasized through the furniture.


4 Interior Design Tips for Your Home

4 Interior Design Tips for Your Home

With 2018 coming to close and 2019 rushing in, it’s not a bad idea to think about design projects for your home. Lots of homeowners have these projects on the backs of their minds so why not dedicate some resources to getting it done? If you’re thinking about doing some interior design work, try these four tips to help you out.

First Impression

One of the most important concepts to understand in interior design is the first impression. When guests walk in from the front door, what is the first thing they see? First impressions play a huge role in building effectiveness in your design, so you want to make sure that the first impression, the first thing people see when they walk, is picture perfect.


A good general idea is to look for symmetry. That doesn’t mean that every room should have an exact mirror point, but that they are balanced. So for example, if you took all the of objects on the left side of the room and you take all the objects on the right side of the room, would the scale be even? Or would it tip towards one side? Try your best to make sure that each side has an equal amount of eye-catching stuff.

Busy vs. open

This is an important concept when talking about floors or walls. Do you want the design to be busy? Or do you want it to be more open? For example, grated tiles, brick, or wallpaper? Busy. There’s a lot going on in those intricate designs. But one color paint is open.

A good rule to follow is to use open designs in smaller spaces to make them seem bigger, and busier designs in larger spaces to give them more focus.

Be Smart with Paint

Paint is valuable but not just for your walls. Of course, the color of your walls is crucial, but save some of that paint. It might make a great accent around your mirrors or windows to create more color contrasts.

Alternatively, lots of homes have something to hide. If you have something like an exposed pipe, you can paint it the same color as your wall to give a camouflage effect. It will be noticeable, obviously, but it then fits the room and even creates an attractive urban atmosphere.

With the right design, you can make any space look attractive!

Do these Colors Match?

Do these Colors Match?

When designing your house, it’s important to consider how different elements blend together. You want your floors and walls to match, and you want your furniture to blend in as well. You want a variety of colors and a nice blend of cool and light. You want everything to look balanced and organized, without being too bland. Figuring out what works for your living space is very tough – that’s why interior designers can be very useful. But not everyone can afford an interior designer, nor is one always necessary. You can always learn a few useful tips to make sure your furniture, walls, and floor all work together nicely.

Floor Comes First

One of the first decisions you should make is between your floor and your walls. The first rule is to always start with your floors since that’s the most permanent aspect of the room. Make sure you have a floor you love and can draw a lot of inspiration. Everything else will come from the floor.

Subtle? Or Bold?

One of the first decisions you need to make about your home is whether you want to go subtle or bold. More specifically, do you want colors that stand out? Or would you prefer everything to really blend together? Bold designs involve a lot of contrast, such as dark hardwood with light walls featuring lots of primary colors where subtle designs might be closer to light hardwood and traditional wall colors such as off-white. Talk to your family and see if you can find something where you can all agree on, perhaps you can go bold but not too much, or you’re all enthusiastic about displaying your favorite colors. Usually, these compromises create the best looks.

Find the Right Colors

When looking for the right colors to match, you want to pick one that is present but also hidden. For example, hardwood floors have one or two main colors, but they also have hints of other colors as well. Maybe you can find a hint of yellow, or blue. Look at your floors and see if you can find the most hidden color – that will be the color of your wall.

From there, look at the colors present in both the wall and the floor, and do the same process. Look around for those super hidden colors and use your furniture to bring them out. Based on how bold or subtle you want to be, you can either embrace the most different colors or try to blend them all together.

Designing your room doesn’t have to be a chore. Work out with your family about what designs and colors you want, and see what will work with what you have. Especially when kids are involved, you can make this a lot of fun, and find ways to add everyone’s personality to that room.

Planning a Spring Remodel? Here are some Hot Looks for Spring 2018!

Planning a Spring Remodel? Here are some Hot Looks for Spring 2018!

Spring is an amazing time to plan a remodel of your home. The weather is warmer, which is conducive to drying cement and paint. Longer hours of daylight also give you more time for remodeling work. You can leave the windows open in case paint aromas linger and it is unlikely that your remodeling project will be interrupted by inclement weather.

Here are some looks that are hot this spring!

Kitchen Remodels

Open kitchen-family rooms are on trend in today’s home market. A large kitchen that opens up into a family room is highly desirable and also creates a welcoming, intimate space for you and your family. An wood 3 300x252 - Planning a Spring Remodel? Here are some Hot Looks for Spring 2018!island with a breakfast bar provides more prep area as well as a casual dining space in the kitchen. Bright, well-lit open spaces with sleek, clean-lines are great for resale value while also improving your enjoyment of your home! Natural-looking floors in the kitchen look amazing in bright spaces with hardwood becoming very popular choice for the kitchen! Talk with your contractor about how you can achieve this look in your kitchen!

Bathroom Remodels

Homeowners today are more likely to choose a house with a larger shower space. A shower space that is separate from a luxurious tub is very appealing if you have the room for it. Larger shower spaces can often accommodate a place to sit down, big round showerheads, and elaborate shelving. Bathroom floors are traditionally made of ceramic tile since it is waterproof, easy to repair or replace, and easy to keep clean. In areas with a lot of moisture, tile is a great choice. Ceramic tiles come in many styles and can be adapted to almost any décor, so talk to a flooring specialist about the look that may be right for your bathroom!

Paint Colors

Grays have really been embraced in the past few years. Grays are often very versatile and take on the hues of other colors in the room. This spring has shown a shift towards bolder jewel-toned paints, ranging from emeralds and amethysts to opal-inspired neutrals. Gray is still very much on-trend and here to stay though so if you like the open, airiness look that a light neutral gray paint can lend to a room, it is a great choice.

Flooring12 20 pic 1 300x225 - Planning a Spring Remodel? Here are some Hot Looks for Spring 2018!

Flooring has really evolved in recent times from a walking surface to a major design element of your space. With it has come so many choices, many advancements in technology, manufacturing, and design. Some new trends for 2018 include installing green flooring made from materials like bamboo or cork, natural-fiber carpeting, or reclaimed wood. Talk to a flooring specialist about how these may be a great choice for your home!

Hardwood floors are here to stay and for good reason, since their beauty and durability bring timelessness to your home. New trends in hardwood floors include using varying plank widths for a one of a kind look! Historically, this is how hardwood floors were installed wince builders were more thrifty and would use every part of the tree, leading to variability in plank widths.

Distressed wood flooring is also popular since they are eco-friendly since they use reclaimed wood materials as well as complements the style of both modern and farmhouse style homes.