Keep Your Floors Clean During Your Fourth of July Party!

Keep Your Floors Clean During Your Fourth of July Party!

Summer party season is here! The Fourth of July is the biggest and best reason to throw a summer shindig. Big parties cause big messes!  Be prepared to deal with messy kids from running through the sprinkler, lots of guests tracking dirt in and out from the outdoor BBQ to the indoor space, along with spilled drinks, apple pie, hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ ribs. Kruper Flooring has you covered with some handy tips to clean up spills for many different types of flooring.

There will be a lot of traffic in between the backyard and the kitchen or living room for your Fourth of July party. One of the best tips to keep any type of flooring clean is to place door mats on both the inside and the outside of the exits. This will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris that’s tracked onto your floors. Door mats are easier to clean, and much cheaper to replace. Encourage guests to stay outside as much as possible, and if they have to come in, request that they take off their shoes.

CERAMIC TILE – Wipe up spills quickly on ceramic tile, especially acidic foods like BBQ sauce. The tiles will not soak up any stain, but the grout can! Use a soft damp mop to clean. String mops are the best kind 5 1 7 225x300 - Keep Your Floors Clean During Your Fourth of July Party!because the strands can get into the grooves to clean the grout where the dirt really tends to stick. Make sure not to use any abrasive cleaners or tools because they could scratch the glaze on the tiles.

VINYL – Vinyl floors are quick and easy clean up! Get those spills cleaned up as soon as possible with paper towels. Once the excess is cleaned off, hit it was either a cleaner specific to vinyl, or a gallon of hot water mixed with a cup of apple cider vinegar.

6 13 10 225x300 - Keep Your Floors Clean During Your Fourth of July Party!HARDWOOD – Your hardwood floors need special care to stand the test of time. If you need a quick clean up, use your broom to clean up debris with a broom or a vacuum with the floor brush attachment. Never use the beater brush on your hardwood floors, as this can cause damage. Clean up those messy spills as soon as possible so that the stain doesn’t set. Then use a commercial grade wood floor cleaner. Make sure not to put too much excess water on the floor, this can cause water spots or warping. Wipe up excess water with a soft towel.

CARPET – Similar to any other flooring types, spills on your carpet need to be cleaned up right away to prevent them from setting in. If a party guest spilled and you didn’t notice it until much later, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stain. After letting it sit for 3-5 minutes, dab it (do not rub it in) with a damp cloth to absorb any of the spill.

SLATE – For slate floors, an easy paste of baking soda and water works wonders for acidic stains like ketchup, juice, BBQ sauce or wine. For more stubborn stains, try scrubbing with a soft bristled brush and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

No matter what type of floor you have, Fourth of July parties are going to bring lots of people and potential spills and dirt into your home. Help combat stains and damage by placing mats at entrances, encouraging guests to take their shoes off, and cleaning up any spills or dirt as soon as they occur. If you’ve got some stubborn stains or any questions about cleaning your floors, contact us right away!

Make Your Entryway Say Wow!

Make Your Entryway Say Wow!

Your entryway is  your first opportunity to make a good impression on your guests, and potential home buyers. Not every home has a proper foyer to make that kind of impact, however, with a little imagination, any entryway can earn that ‘wow’ factor and set the stage for the rest of your home!


1Taking your foyer from blah to beautiful can be done in a few easy steps; consider the wall color, home accents, décor, and flooring. Changing any one or all of these will offer enough interest to make those who enter your home feel impressed.   For example, you can cover your entryway walls with art, and hang a small light fixture above a decorated table. Adding a chair will make your guests feel welcome as well. If the area is tight, choose furniture and décor with slim lines.


If adding furniture (or too much) is not possible, consider bringing color into the room. Adding a pop of color to the interior of your exterior door adds contrast and interest to an otherwise bare area. Find a unique rug to follow the pop of color and lead into the rest of the house.


For homes that may not have a proper entryway, you can create one by adding a bench. The bench will break up the entrance and a living room and make it seem as though this is a given space. You may want to dedicate a small area to a different type of flooring for this portion of the entrance to further cement a separated space between the front door and a living room.


If you have a proper entryway that is somewhat cut-off from the rest of the house, why not paint the walls a pop of color that welcomes guests with impact! White accents will draw the color out Zambrano new 2even more.


If your entryway is noticeable but is still quite small, choosing a type of flooring that is different than that of the rest of the house will give it the space it deserves. Choose a warm tile that accents your hardwood flooring, or hardwood flooring to compliment your carpet. Whichever you choose, giving this area it’s own voice will work as a perfect pause for your guests to enter in to before entering the rest of the house.


Ask our professionals to help you outline the best design features for your entryway. We will gauge the size of the room against the style of the rest of the house to give it a look you will love!

Best Floors To Withstand Toys

Best Floors To Withstand Toys

033-300x225You moved into a new house; it was a fixer-upper but you were ready for the challenge! So, you paint the walls, change the floors and re-do the kitchen. Now this house is completely yours but, guess what? You’re pregnant! Baby’s born, and everyone’s happy. Now, baby is a toddler, and toys have replaced your fancy art pieces. You didn’t notice it before when you went with a trendy flooring option, but now that your little one is not just walking, but is playing with toys that drag across the floor, you’re seeing the nicks and dents on that beautiful floor you painstakingly chose for your beautiful, custom home. Wish you knew before which floors best withstand toddler wear and tear?


Of course, we’ve discussed flooring options for children in a previous post, but what about their toys? It will be a while before they grow out of those plastic wheels, and bouncing balls (we mean, a very long time), so if you want to install beautiful floors for cosmetic purposes, we suggest you wait (if you want them to stay beautiful, that is). But, if you are changing the flooring out of necessity, keep in mind these choices:

Oak scores high on the Janka hardness scale, and is the standard for resistance to denting and wear. Honey Oak with all its character will disguise any light damage toys may cause over the years.


Handscraped Bamboo also provides a lot of character and is extremely hard. This eco-friendly choice is optimal for rooms with a lot of traffic-especially the toy car kind.


If you prefer a non-hardwood choice, Mora Cork is a good option. Mora Cork is quite durable, and because it is made of a sustainable material, it bounces back when impacted. Toys fall (most of the time the sharpest edge first); with a cork flooring, you’ll have less damage, and it’s pretty easy on those toddler knees too.


Many toddlers like to give their toys a bath-outside of the bathtub. If you need flooring that withstands the havoc their toys cause, plus protection from moisture, consider Cedar Vinyl. This type of vinyl actually looks like wood and does a great job of withstanding pets as well.


You love your little toddler, and love watching them play, but you love yourSlack lr before work 1 home too, and don’t want to see it get destroyed-we understand.  One of our designers will help you choose the best flooring for your needs that gives you both style and durability. In the meantime, sit back and relax; these years may be long, but they go by fast!

Got A Bad Back? It Could Be Your Flooring

Got A Bad Back? It Could Be Your Flooring

IMG_22301New floors can make a huge difference in a home-making the choice, as we’ve mentioned before, can be difficult. You know what look you want, though, and you make the choice, happy with your decision. A month goes by and your bad knee/back is really aching, and you’ve no idea why, until you realize your feet have been hurting along with all of your other aches and pains for precisely the same amount of time you’ve had new floors. Here’s you’re A-HA moment; your floors are killing your body.


OK, maybe not ‘killing’, but you’re not comfortable. Should you sacrifice design for comfort? Not always. There are plenty of flooring options out there that will help your body pain and still look stylish.


First off, forget about polished concrete floors, ceramic, porcelain or stone flooring if you have joint, back, or knee pain. These options are too hard on the body and after standing or walking on it for a long period will cause quite a bit of discomfort. Cork, however, is soft, resilient, and sustainable. It’s available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and comes in both tile and plank. Although it can get scratched and dented, you can regularly apply a protective layer of wax or polyurethane to protect it, and felt pads on the feet of your furniture to deter extensive denting.


Linoleum is also soft underfoot and more durable than Cork. Linoleum is an all-natural option made from renewable materials such as linseed oil, pine rosin, and powdered cork. Not unlike cork, by applying wax or polyurethane, you can extend the life of your floors.


Don’t be deterred by Vinyl; it’s not your grandmother’s or even your mother’s vinyl anymore. The sheet and tile formats come in an endless array of options. Being budget-friendly you can have fun with your choices. It’s not as durable as Cork or Linoleum, so it may have a shorter life span.


Similar to Vinyl is Laminate flooring.  Laminate is also budget friendly, and, due to its soft nature, has a short life span. One advantage laminate has over hardwood, however, is that it is moisture resistant. If you are looking for kitchen, bathroom, or basement options, Laminate may be your best bet.


If you prefer a classic, traditional look, go with wood flooring throughout your house, extending into the kitchen as well. The look and feel is warmer than other flooring; however, it does scratch and ding easily. If Waymire 3you appreciate the look of aged wood, this may not be a deterrent for you. A good choice may be Bamboo (which technically isn’t wood-it’s grass); go with a moso bamboo known as the hardest and most durable choice.


Share your concerns with one of our designers, and we will help you choose the best looking flooring for the look you’re going for that will be just as friendly on your body as it is on your wallet.

Bathroom Flooring Trends For 2015

Bathroom Flooring Trends For 2015

Bathrooms used to be a second thought room-not much time is spent in there as is in the kitchen or living room, right? Well, think of the bathroom as the final frontier; the one room that has beenTile-pic-5 overlooked for many, many years that is experiencing a surge in design, space, and flooring options.


We are spending more time in the bathroom with all of the new, luxurious options that are out there. People are opting for clawed foot tubs, saunas, and even coffee bars (yes, it’s a real thing). With this much time being spent in the bathroom, designers are giving consumers more and more options to make the bathroom just as much of a show stopper as the living room or kitchen. Added bonus: updated bathrooms and kitchens have great resale value.


slider-kfHardwood floors are making a comeback to bathrooms in a big way. One would think with as many technological improvements we’ve made in the years, our bathrooms would reflect our modern world. Actually, many are moving towards vintage and classic looks, opting for warmth and natural textures, thinking beyond the floor and installing hardwood on walls; even ceilings! Warm wood is a great contrast to white sinks and tubs.  Adding wood against subway tiles and using vintage knobs will give your bathroom a great urban/industrial look.


One of the biggest trends in bathrooms right now is using patterned cement tiles on floors. If you like the Moroccan look or just enjoy a punch of color and pattern against an otherwise colorless bathroom, these graphic patterns will make your bathroom feel old world and handmade! Mix in hints of brass or gold to bring warmth and don’t be afraid of pattern!  Mixing up elements with a punch of color will tie the looks together-a great option for a guest bathroom or first floor powder room.


Although there is a movement towards adding natural elements and interest in bathrooms, there are also many who are pulling color out of the bathroom, opting for slick marble and minimal style. This ‘day spa’ approach is bringing luxury into an otherwise dull bathroom. If marble is beyond your budget, but you wish to have this look in your bathroom, there are other options; ceramic tile and even luxury vinyl tiles are available in a myriad of options, including the marble look, giving you the bathroom of your dreams!


If you’re considering updating your bathroom and aren’t sure what direction you want to go in (maybe you like and appreciate all styles! We do too!) Our designers will help you decide accordingForney tile 3 to your budget and your lifestyle. Give us a call and enjoy your morning routine or wind down after a long day in style!