Carpet Care for Pet Owners

Carpet Care for Pet Owners

Selecting flooring comes with a myriad of things to consider. From style to color, to coordination with your existing décor, you have a lot to think about! If carpeting is your choice, you must also consider what damage a pet could do. No one says you should replace Mr. Kitty, but knowing how to fix the issues that pets cause on a carpeted floor will keep everyone happier in the long run.

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We’ve put together a list of what we’ve come across with pet owners that seem to cause the most issues. If there are more you can add to our list, put them on our Facebook page, or add in the comments!


Pet Hair:


Hair can be a little difficult to get out of carpet, depending on the type of carpet you have. It’s a good habit to vacuum twice a week, and use a lint roller where possible. If twice a week vacuuming is more than you can do, try not to go more than a week before vacuuming, or else the hair will start to find its way deep into the fibers.


Pet Accidents:


A pet soiling your carpet is sometimes unavoidable. Dogs and cats can be well house-trained and still have an accident sometimes. The best way to clean or care for your carpet without making irreparable damage is to clean the area as soon as it happens. If you have enzyme treatments (of which you can get from any pet store) you can clean up urine and stains from solids quite easily. Keep your pet away from the area until the carpet is completely dry to avoid further damage.4 9 pic 7 e1491833085359 225x300 - Carpet Care for Pet Owners


Pet Odor:


Pet odors tend to happen from one of two problems: accidents, or excessive hair. If you’ve been cleaning the hair consistently and staying on top of accidents, and the carpet still smell, you can use an enzyme treatment with a carpet cleaner to help draw out the smell. There are also vinegar and baking soda treatments you can try, but first run them by us to make sure neither will do damage to the fibers.


Keeping the house clean is of course important for health reasons, both physical and mental, however, we know it can be difficult with pets and or a family that’s always on the go. If you have questions or concerns about your carpeting and how to maintain it and the relationship you have with your pet, set up an appointment with our designers. We want to make sure you, and Mr. Kitty are completely satisfied!


Creating The Ultimate ‘Puppy Pad’

Creating The Ultimate ‘Puppy Pad’

We all love our pets, don’t we? We would do anything for them, and they for us. There are arguably no more loyal pets than the family dog and giving him or her an ultimate space truly makes them feel at home and as part of the family. How do you incorporate your pet into your overall home design?


Nowadays, there are so many ways to cohesively design your dog’s area to seamlessly match a home’s décor, for example, selecting a dog bed in the same pattern, color, or fabric as your couch or your bed spread is a great way to add style and class to function. Finding a quiet, little used area to store your dog’s bed is another option if you don’t want the bed in view.


hutchison_pic_2There are some more clever ways to incorporate your pet as well, for example, a custom cabinet with a cut-out for your dog’s bed, and a few shelves for their toys and treats can be a standalone option that you can coordinate colors textures, fabrics and overall design with the rest of your décor.


Dogs may seem to only sleep but they have to get up to eat too! If you have an island in your kitchen, you can create a custom area for your pet’s dog food and water dishes.  If you don’t have that option, you can get your pet very stylish bowls to eat from that match your overall look-for example, if your home has a contemporary feel, then get funky bowls that portray that. If your style is more traditional, there are bowls that evoke that feel as well. Explore options and think outside the traditional dog food bowl. Any bowl can be eaten out of so get creative!


When it comes to décor and your dog, wood floors are always best. The sturdiness of wood floors makes them easy to clean with simple vacuuming or mopping. Remove dirt, dust, pet dander and other allergens fairly easily. Why wood over tile? Just as tile or hard surfaces can do a number on our knees, the same goes for dogs. Wood floors are easier on those paws of theirs, and warmer to the feel too in some cases.


Help your pup out and give them some of those creature comforts (pun intended!) that will make them feel like home. Schedule your appointment with one of our designers and let them know Ford pic 3what kind of dog you have and how many to create the ultimate in doggy décor for them that’s suitable to your lifestyle as well!

Spring Cleaning Floors

Spring Cleaning Floors

Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means? Spring cleaning time! It shouldn’t be a difficult chore or too time consuming to clean your floors if you’ve been maintaining them properly over the winter, but it is a good idea to give them a deep cleaning now that the threat of snow and ice are behind us (or, at least we think they are!) We know it can be overwhelming, but it’s important to break these tasks to manageable bites and try to do them over a couple of days to make the cleaning as stress-free as possible.


Here are the different types of flooring and the best ways to clean them.



Vaccuming and sweeping your floors are usually enough, but if you have stains or spills you may need to use a mop. Use a mild detergent mixed with a little bit of water. Don’t soak the floors; too much water can leak Weinberg pic 4between the planks and cause damage. Go over your floor with the mixture then finish by mopping with plain water to avoid leaving a film of detergent on the floors. If you worry about crawling babies or pets, you can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water. The vinegar may smell strong in the beginning, but the smell will dissipate quickly, leaving you with beautiful, shining floors!



You should always start with a good quality vacuum cleaner and keep the filter clean after every use. This makes all the difference when you’re cleaning the carpet. Spot clean by trying to remove the stain with water first and blot rather than rub to keep the stain from sinking in deeper.




This type of flooring is the easiest to keep clean, so sweep or vacuum regularly to keep it clean on a day-to-day basis. Mop with water mixed with a mild detergent for a deeper clean, but just as is the case with wood, don’t drench the floors. The moisture will dissolve the glue and warp the floors. If you want to maintain the shine of vinyl flooring, coat it with a thin coat of acrylic polish.




Daily maintenance is necessary to keep these tiles at their sparkly best, but if you don’t have the time for that, you can avoid the buildup of mildew and grime by cleaning with plain water or mixingtilesbgcrop a small amount of mild detergent with water and clean with a non-abrasive mop or fabric.


Do you have a special tip on how you do your best spring cleaning? Leave us a comment and share your tip here!

Common Laminate Flooring Issues

Common Laminate Flooring Issues

We speak quite highly of laminate flooring, and we stand behind this affordable option, but there are times when issues arise (as they do with all kinds of flooring) when a client has been directed towards a cheaper variety by a competitor, or been lured by a company that claims to be an expert in installation. It’s in these situations we say it pays to really know who your flooring specialist is! We take our time to inform our clients about flooring through our blog, our appointments and through consultations. We help you decide what is best for your home or room based on your daily life, how the room will be used, and whether moisture is a factor in that space. Of course, there are still times when flooring becomes problematic. Listed below are some of the most popular challenges we face with laminate flooring.


Laminate Flooring Water Damage - Common Laminate Flooring IssuesLaminate floors will sometimes peak when the boards push up against each other resulting in high points at the joints. This generally happens with there is a lack of expansion space between the laminate floor and thee walls around the perimeter of the installation or the moldings. This also happens when the moldings in the doorways or around the perimeter of the room have been nailed to the floor, preventing the floor from expanding. Laminate floors are not meant to be mailed down; these are floating floors and need space to expand and contract. Peaking also occurs when the area of flooring is too long and doesn’t have the center ‘T’ molding expansion.


We inquire what type of room your flooring will be going in because we know with laminate buckling and warping can be an issue. Excessive water or dampness leads to the edges or the center to rise up and separate from the subfloor. If your basement has high levels of humidity, or the room in which you would like the laminate installed has the potential of water damage, discuss that point with us for our designer to help navigate you away from this type of potential problem.


Another issue that arises with excessive water or high levels of humidity is mold and mildew. This has the potential of becoming a health hazard as well, one that owners of rental properties must take particular care of avoiding. Generally when there is a strong mold or mildew smell, it’s coming for the floors. 3 12 04 001 - Common Laminate Flooring Issues


Lastly, you may have taken all the necessary provisions, and we may have carefully assisted in choosing and designing your area, yet an issue still came to light. It is possible to come across manufacturer defects of which we take care of immediately. We want you to be happy with the floor you have; talk to our designers to learn how to choose the flooring that is best for you!

Wanderer pic 4Many of us look at our entry ways and wonder how anyone can get in or out with shoes, backpacks, and sports equipment laid out just inside the door! When you don’t have a transition room it can be frustrating to keep your home looking clean. Mudrooms are great additions to any home. Whether your home came ready with the space, or you need to create a mudroom with an addition or a space in your garage, you can easily turn it into a fully functional area!

When creating a mudroom, consider the needs of your family. Would they benefit from hooks to hang their coats, backpacks, and sports equipment or would shelves/cubbies serve them better? This is an area where function trumps style. Choose the look that makes the transition into the home the most efficient.

Use a bench with decorative pillows to bring some style to the space, however, if you do not have enough real estate for a bench, consider using a small stool instead.

Of course, one of the most important parts of creating a perfect mud room is the floors! Your choice should reflect the function of the room, and low overall maintenance. For example, natural stone gives you variation in Childs marble 3texture bringing style to the room, and is low maintenance. Wood floors will offer low maintenance as well, being an excellent choice for high maintenance rooms; however, wood floors will show wear and tear. For some this is a desired effect and for others it’s an eyesore.   Adding an indoor/outdoor rug will help protect the floor and add style as well.


Vinyl flooring will give you the look of wood without the hefty price, making it an excellent choice for mudrooms.  It’s not a lifetime guarantee however, so keep this in mind when making your selection.


One of our favorite looks for mudrooms (if feasible) is a herringbone or typical brick bond pattern using bricks. The ‘cobblestone’ look is one that brings a timeless look to your room, and certainly stands the test of time. If you’re not one to stick to a look for a very long time, however, this won’t work for you. Once the brick is laid, it’s difficult (and costly) to take out. Also, you can’t lay another flooring on top of it if necessary. Choosing brick is a permanent choice; choose wisely.


Let us see your space and help you design the perfect room with the best flooring option for your needs. Our designers bring years of knowledge to give you the most comprehensive experience!